Monday, 31 March 2014

*brow in the spotlight- march addition* (part II)

So this is the second instalment of my brow review of the month. Like I said there is normally only one product featured, but as I missed last month, there are two. Now this product has been raved about so much these past few months and I really wanted to see if it was all the hype made it out to be. However I have to admit, this was meant initially on the DipBrow Pomade but my shade was all sold out! Since then though I managed to track it down- so it will be coming up next month so stay tuned.

But for now I will be reviewing the notorious Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. 

I purchased mine in the shade 'medium ash' from Cult Beauty for £15.50, which isn't bad at all. The colour selection is probably the first thing I noticed- it's just amazing. Anastasia has covered every person, from the auburns, blonde, brunettes, darks, greys, fairs- EVERYTHING! And as I've mentioned previously, I am crazy about brow shades. So when it first came through my post I literally just tore it open, I just couldn't wait to give it a go! But sometimes when you build up so much hope it doesn't turn out like you expected which can be a major let down. (well that's what I thought anyway)

I should probably mention that the pencil is so fine that some people, like myself, may think they have to be extra careful. Anyone who has used the Mac's eye brow they'll know that with the slightest pressure it snaps straight off, which can be really really really irritating. So naturally I assumed this would be the same. There I was trying to be extra careful, and that's when I nearly had a breakdown. The colour just wouldn't show up on my brows. It wouldn't shape properly. And my arch was looking really rough. So for someone who is obsessed with brows as much as me, I just couldn't understand why it wasn't working for me. What was I doing wrong? But that's the thing. I kept comparing it with the Mac one. So the next time I gave it a go, I put a little more pressure. And then a little more. And then a lot more and I realised that this pencil was pretty amazing. Don't let appearances deceive you. I was literally putting so much pressure that it could hurt my skin and it didn't break one little bit! 

And the colour is just great too. When I said I used to go for ashy shades, this is exactly what I was talking about. However with this one it's slightly warmer than what I'm used to but it just gave it a more naturally look which is always a plus. Also the texture of it is not waxy at all which gives the allusion that there is nothing there. But with it doesn't mean they didn't hold in place because it did- all day in fact without budging.The wonder with this is that you can be gentle with it to get an everyday type of look, but with a little more force the colour looks great for an evening look with a heavier eye (like I've done in these pictures). The beauty of this product needs major recognition- the brush. Without it I feel it wouldn't have worked as well enough because it just blended everything out so well. The fibres are so tight and small that it gave the gradient brow look that I just LOVE! I think I'm going to have to purchase the brush on it's own because now I've used it I feel like there's no going back!

I think there is one downside, but it's more of a personal thing. When I used it on myself it did take me longer than I normally am to do my brows. And I have quite a busy schedule so I probably won't be able to use this on my uni days. However I did give it a go on my sister and completed this literally in like 2 minutes, so again it's just a personal problem. But I do have a feeling though that the DipBrow Pomade will work better for me.

Colour Variety



Lasting Power


And the Brow's overall comment:
"The product is great, but the real winner is the brush- can not live without!"

No Flash

Sunday, 30 March 2014

*brow in the spotlight- march addition* (part I)

This is a blog post that I want to make regular at the end of each month. If you come on my blog often, know me on a personal level or have just done the really smart thing and looked at my blog name, you'll know one thing for sure- I love my brows!  I love them so much that sometimes I refer to them like they're actually people. Ever since I started my quest with makeup, brows has been something I've constantly experimented with. Whether I'm going out in the evening, or just making a quick run to the shops, I have to do my brows. So it's fair to say that I go through quite a lot of brow products. And I always get people asking me what I use, how I use it or if products really are worth the hype. And like everything I've spoken about so far, I am completely honest. I love to try cheap makeup as well as the expensive stuff- a large price tag doesn't always mean it will be worth it trust me. So I really wanted to dedicate a blog post to my brows,  trying out the latest must haves and undiscovered products to give all of you the low down.

So let me just give you a little background info on how I prefer my brows- first off its all about the shape for me. I get so many people asking me why I make my eyebrows 'too big'- and honestly I don't know whether I should be offended or flattered. I do not colour my eyebrows to be any bigger than they already are, they really are that size guys! Anyway I love my big brows. And colour is so important. I went through a faze when I wanted them a chocolate brown, then I was really vibing the ashy look and now I've started going quite dark. One minute I want them to look fake and then the next minute I want the 'barely there' kind of look. It's just all about trial and error- whether that's watching a load of youtube videos or sitting in front of your mirror for hours until you realise it's 4am (like what I do most days).

The first one I'll be reviewing is the Nars Brow Perfector:

First off I want to say a reason why I love Nars so much- their colour palette. I think whether it's their foundations or concealers, they always do unusual colours. And the names are just as unusual as their unusual colours. And I love it! So I was pretty excited to try out their shades for the eyebrow perfector. And for me personally I wasn't disappointed. I chose to go with Caucase, which they decribe as 'brown' but I think is more of an ashy brown. Like I said, the colour for me was a plus with this product but I have a feeling it won't be for everyone. The problem is they have only 4 shades, so it's a hit and miss situation- you're either going to find your colour or you won't. 

Another plus with this product is that it lasted all day long without smudging too much. I would say it stayed in place for a good 5 hours before I noticed any change. For me I have such a busy schedule and I need my brows to stay put, which they did. I think the reason was because it has quite a waxy texture- again not for everyone's taste. But when I say waxy, it doesn't look waxy like some other products I've tried in the past. But it does have a slight shine to it that can tend to be waxy. Also this is a retractable pencil so no need to get out the sharpeners and get your hands all messy. As well the pencil itself has a very unusual oval shape to it which I think helped to define my brows in the places I needed it to.

What I think is always a good thing to do though is read what the brand is saying about the product first and then compare it to your own experience. Now I don't want to be super critical, but equally brands shouldn't set certain standards it won't meet. One of the interesting things I read on the Nars website was that this brow product was 'velvety'- it's anything but that! One of the first things I noticed when I used this was how stiff it was. Of course it could have been just because it was new so I gave it the benefit of the doubt. But nope it pretty much stayed like that the whole time I used it from that moment onwards. So for that reason it made it so hard to blend it out towards the centre of my brows, where I like it to look faded out. So a lot of pressure was needed to get it how I wanted it to. But the problem with that was that sometimes a little bit of pressure wouldn't get the colour out, but then with too much pressure I found it hard to blend out harsh lines. Also at the arch of my brow, I found that it made my shape very rounded, which I do not like. Again this is because of the consistency, it made it hard to do techniques with. So a tip would be to get a brush to smudge it all together- but I didn't want to do this at the time as I wanted too stay true to the product. If I were to use this again, I think I would have to have blend it out with a brush to get it to reach it's full potential. And then maybe finish it off with a bit of powder.

I think I should mention also that this is priced at £16.50 and I got mine from House of Fraser. Again this is all about personal preference, but I would spend a fortune on my brows if I knew it would look amazing. Some people have shoe obsessions, bag obsessions- mine is my brows. So price doesn't concern me. But in all honestly, this isn't particularly worth that much when I would have to use a second product for it to be looking good.

Colour Variety



Lasting Power


And the Brow's overall comment:
"Ahh it's alright, but definitely needs to work on that texture to be getting the overall experience up!"

(By the way guys, stay tuned for tomorrow because I will be doing another special Brow review)


Thursday, 20 March 2014

what weather change?

This British weather has been more unpredictable than an episode of Towie and Made in Chelsea combined! One minute it's raining, so I'm getting my coat on. The next it's sunny so I'm stripping layers off. Then it deceives me by looking hot, when in actual fact it's very cold, and I've made the mistake of not bringing that coat with me! *note to self, always bring a jacket at all times*

My skin therefore tends to suffer as a result. As I've mentioned before I have combination skin type- so my cheeks tend to be quite dry but my nose will be very oily. It will start getting tighter and drier whilst my spots seem to increase (learn how I get rid of mine here). But thanks to a little experimenting over the years, I've found a few solutions that keeps me feeling and looking great all year round. 

1) I've gone through so many makeup wipes and lotions, and even if they claim to be for dry skin, I still don't believe they work. However Johnson's Makeup Be Gone Wipes have been my absolute favourite since my journey with makeup began. I just feel that without that much pressure they take off everything with one swift motion. Especially when the weather changes, my skin gets really tight- and often enough I think some wipes will make this worse. But where these wipes are quite moisture based, my face just feels so hydrated not just when I use them but continuing the feeling hours after. Therefore I only ever need to use one wipe at a time. You might have noticed that these are the 'normal skin' range. The reason why I don't use the 'dry skin' ones any more is because they tend to be too greasy, which won't be good if you suffer from acne. But trust me these work just as well. Another fault of Johnson's makeup wipes is that they average around £3.50 for one pack- which I don't think is the best value. However recently I've discovered an alternative in Aldi's own makeup wipe range- and as they are so similair, at £1 they are great!

2) I couldn't be happier that a friend of mine introduced this cream to me. At the time they were on special offer, so I thought why not give it a try. And I haven't used anything else since! Garnier came up with a Moisture Match moisturiser range that can help anyone to dry, normal, combination, and very dry skin. After giving them all a quick go on my hand I decided on the 'very dry' one because at the time my face was having its own issues! This is literally so rich and creamy that I could feel my skin improving within the first week. And that's the beauty with it- it doesn't just hydrate you in the moment but all day long too! I know my friend has since experimented with a few of them, but if you think you're similar to me just go straight for this one.

3) I was a bit reluctant to try this at first, just as I didn't know if it was going to be worth it. But you know you'll never know unless you try it. I'd heard quite a bit about this Moroccan Oil Treatment doing wonders for the likes of Rihanna in so many different magazine. So after giving it a months trial, I have to admit, I did see some major changes. Some people told me that it did nothing for them but I think it's all about personal preference. For me my hair can get very frizzy and my roots can get so dry and itchy. Especially wearing a scarf all day long, I just want to rip it off on some days (haram police, stay back, I don't actually do so) but I'll just be in such agony I feel like it needs some air. But after using this I noticed that that issue slowly stated to decrease and my curls were going so much tighter. Although it can be a little pricey for such a small bottle, you only need a drop to do the job- so it lasts for ages. *beware, if you use more than that it will get super stiff- this is coming from experience!*

4) I've never been one to use body scrubs- partly due to the fact that they tend to irritate my skin. Sometimes my skin gets so bad that I have to avoid most shower gels. However after trying so many diffferent products I thought I'd finally give into The Body Shop craze. My sister is seriously obsessed with 99.9% of their products so she'll always make us pop in there. I've always been a fan of their makeup so I gave this one a go (plus it was on offer for £5). This body scrub is the brazil nut flavour and oh my lord, I just want to eat myself after I use it- the smell is amazing! Plus I find that it makes my skin feel so much smoother than anything else- and guess what, it does this without causing a single sore. Obviously I wouldn't recommend using this on broken, damaged skin, but for everywhere else it works wonders! And as you can see I've nearly finished this pot, so onto the next one it is!

5) I've spoken so much about this Bio-Oil so much already, so I think I'll just write a list of the reasons why I keep this by my side at all times:

- It gets rid of scars and marks
- It sinks into my skin so quickly
- Preservative free
- Suitable for sensitive dry skin (yay!)
- Removes dry patches
- Makes skin feel super hydrated
- Cures stretch marks
- You can apply as much as you want on, as frequently as you desire
- It comes in a handy size (great for handbags)
- Improves uneven skin tone (one of my major problems)
- Not expensive!
- Makes you look younger
- Not just for the face, but also great for hands, feet and body too

... And breathe!

6) I used to have such major issues with my lips. They were so cracked and dry that it would make it difficult to apply my lipsticks- and anyone that reads my blog knows that my lipsticks are my life. I would try everything, from scrubbing my lips with a toothbrush (yeahh, never works!) to leaving overnight lip creams on it. Then one day this Carmex Lip Balm was on special offer in Superdrug so I just bought it spontaneously. To be honest, this was all by pure chance but I'm so happy I did buy it now! I've had this one for absolutely ages, and as you can see I've hardly used that much to make a difference. But a difference it has made! My lips have never felt any better, and I used this so long ago but my lips are still so smooth! I literally cannot remember a time when I had cracked lips actually. So any time they do start to play up, I'll just wack this on. 

7) So last, but certainly not least, is the amazing Herbal Essences Seductively Straight shampoo and conditioner. I will not use anything but this on my hair. My mother has got a bit of a thing for buying as many different hair products as possible, so I've tried my fair amount over the years! And most of them just make my hair feel horrible! You'll think it's all nice when you're in the shower but as soon as it dries, my hair will just shrivel up. Take L'Oreal shampoos and conditioners for example- one of the worst ever. My hair will become more dry than it was before I washed it. And don't get me even started on Head And Shoulders products- I swear this is the reason my roots got worse, which is ironic considering it is meant to demolish dandruff! However Herbal Essences just make my hair shine like no other. Which ever one of their ranges that I use, the results always outdo the last. This one in particular is my favourite as it specialises in super dry and fine hair like my own. Also it leaves a sweet, long-lasting smell too!

So although there are some other beauty products I use, these are my holy grail items that I could not live without. I've always said this, but I truly believe that you don't have to pay the most to get the best results. If anything, I actually think that the really high-end, expensive products are the ones with the most damaging chemicals in them. Obviously all the above are only really for those with the same issues as mine. But if you want some advice on really oily or normal skin just let me know! So, what are your must have items? 
Friday, 14 March 2014

from AM. to PM. in ten minutes.

This post was meant to come out a few days ago, but coursework calls I'm afraid. But after the next few weeks hopefully I'll be able to get more posts up frequently. Anyway speaking of rushed lifestyles, I thought this would be a good opportunity to share how I handle my makeup regime on my long full work days. There'll be days when I have very early starts to go to university, but instead of coming home and relaxing, I have to go straight out after.  But obviously being up for the past 10 hours, makeup can start to look a little dull. But it's not like I have the time in the world to redo my whole look. So what's the best way to transition from day to night when you only have 10 minutes?

AM. When I go to university, I have to get up at around 5 in the morning. So I think it's understandable that I don't want to be caked in products that so early on. Therefore my look usually consists of just lipstick, eyebrows and a foundation. With that being said, as you don't have eye makeup to take the focus off the flaws of your face, you want to have a good base. I always love using Benefit The Porefessional Primer to make sure everything lasts a bit longer. Other than this one, I had only really liked Smashbox primers as I felt they helped a lot with the dry patches under my eyes. But after reading loads of good reviews I tried a travel size version as part of a gift set. I definitely think I'll be purchasing the full sized one though as I think it makes such a difference to my makeup. I don't always think primer is necessary but with this one, it is almost like another layer on the skin whilst still feeling really light and silky. So this is a must have!  Again like I said, I don't like to be caked in makeup. Instead of having BB cream and concealer or foundation and concealer I prefer just to use one product. A favourite of mine is Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation (my shade is 6) as it has such good coverage it acts as a two in one. Again to seal all the products, I think I say this enough already, but my holy grail item is Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder. With a look like this it is so bare, so just to prevent me from looking like a corpse, three elements are essential- contouring, blush, and lips. With my early morning looks I always go for dark lipsticks- whether that's brown or purple- just because the eyes are so bare you can get away with it without looking over the top. This one is one of the lipsticks featured on my lipstick lookbook post- but as mentioned there, I couldn't find the brand name (to get more info on my top lipsticks visit my lipstick lookbook post).

PM. At this point when I arrive home, my family call for the 10 minute signal- and for anyone who knows me, that is an impossible task for me! So the goal is to keep it simple. My favourite eyeshadow at the moment is Nooner from the Naked palette 3. Its like an ash purple colour and I think its just enough to make my eyes pop. As you can see in the previous picture, I have quite small rounded eyes, so a trick I do elongate them is to emphasis above my crease on the outer parts and my tear duct area. Again its all about keeping the job real quick and simple, so all I would do next is add some eyeliner all inside my eyes and on the top- my all time favourite is Rimmel London Scandaleyes (in black) as its super dark, easy to smudge and most importantly very affordable. Don't worry if you can't get a slick wing because I really think it looks more sultry to blend it out with some black eyeshadow. The one I used here was from the original Sleek palette as its highly pigmented and has a slight shimmer to it, making it great for the evening. Then just to make the tones in Nooner to stand out more, and to add further glamour, I love to add a burnt orange to my centre lash line- it is spring afterall. (this is just one from an ebay palette). To finish the look off I'll add concealer, as at this point my eyes are probably looking a lot tired. So one I always recommend is Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer. This is honestly a product I'll continue to buy, as not only is it £4.19, the coverage is AMAZING. Then unlike the mornings, the evenings is a time a when I'll get out my pink toned lipsticks just as it compliments the eyes a lot better than a dark lipstick would. Here I'm using Avons Temptress- I've spoken so much about this one that it is not needed again. But if your new to my page just check out the lipstick lookbook for a detailed description of it.

So as this is about achieving a new look in ten minutes, I wouldn't really wear mascara or liquid liner. Equally I don't normally have time to change my whole outfit, so what I usually do is put on some high heels and a different accessory- don't underestimate this as it can really make a huge difference. Here as you can see with my daytime look I started off by wearing a spiked necklace from Ebay. I can't believe it was only £2.99 the only problem is though is that the colour will fade- as mine has. *TIP before you use it coat it in a layer of clear nail varnish to prevent it from happening*. And then the second necklace was purchased from New Look and in fact went down in the sale to £10 which is a total bargain! My scarf is covering a lot of detail but it's actually larger than what the picture is giving away so again great for the price. 

So how do you like to go from day to night with no time to spare?

Sunday, 9 March 2014

food glorious food.

So I have those days- weeks really- sometimes when workload just becomes too much. And how's the best way I like to de-stress? Well food of course. I don't know if my Instagram has given it away, but I kinda have an unhealthy appreciation of food (if it looks good to me I need to share it with everyone else). And the other day, it called for one of those times again which made me turn to my favourite place- Chiquito.

 For anyone who doesn't know it's a Mexican restaurant with great presentation as well as food. I don't think it's the most amazing place, but for someone who has to eat from the vegetarian menu when they go out like me, Chiquitos is better than any other place I know. I literally could not stand veggie burgers, they just always taste so disgusting. But this restaurant converted me and I always end up craving for it. Plus they do a decent mocktail too! So check out my pictures of the nights events, starring my gorgeous mother and sister. (and be prepared- your mouth will water). 

white shirt- H&M (£24.99)
cropped jumper- Tesco (£16)
jeans- Topshop (£38)
shoes- Next (on sale £12)
triple chain necklace- Matalan (on sale £2)
gold necklace- Topshop (on sale £1.50)

lace top- Primark (£6)
statement link necklace- Wallis (on sale £10)

sweater- Urban Outfitters (on sale £20)
skirt- H&M (£11.99)
red shoes- Asos (£25)

 In terms of my outfit, I wanted something that looked like I had made an effort but still felt relaxed. So I went with a bit of a white and black combo, accessorized with some gold jewellery. I just want to take a moment to talk about these shoes. Whilst I was working at Next during the boxing day sales, I spotted these sandals and at the time wasn't sure if I really wanted them. But as the weeks went by, they were still there- and for a Next sale that's a big deal if anything is left at all! So I couldn't let them slip away and thank god I didn't! Not only do they look really retro but they're bang on trend now. One thing is though after a while, my toes were absolutely killing! Plus my mum has got the black version and she felt exactly the same way. But for the price they were an absolute bargain.

Anyway for someone like me, an occasional break from work is seriously needed- otherwise I go slightly crazy. And anyone who knows me well knows that, without me having to say, Chiquito is my all time favourite. So where's your favourite place to go when you need to get away from the stress?
Thursday, 6 March 2014

lip lookbook.

I don't know if you've noticed but... I love my lipsticks! I think they just set your makeup perfectly. Even on those days when I'm in a rush and only have time to fill in my brows and wear a bit of foundation, lipstick is a vital. I know that it certainly stops me from looking absolutely dead at the best of times. And I get quite a lot of people asking where I get my lipsticks from, so I thought I'd showcase my top favourites that I could not live without. 

1) This one was featured on my 'be spring ready for less.' post and I've been in love ever since. This is from collections 2000's goth glam range in the shade scorned (2) and was only £2.99. It's a very dark purple and I would say is not quite matte but is possible if you add a little powder as a base. And lets be honest, at that price who cares! It's a beauty steal so go out and get it- enough said.

2) Right so this one I cannot believe I found. In my home town of Swindon, we have a discount House of Fraser. I'm not a huge fan of the shop but sometimes upstairs in the beauty section, amongst all the cheap piles of junk there can actually be some pretty cool finds. I got this lipstick as part of a buy 2 for £1 so I thought why not, and it actually turns out it's really quite amazing. So sorry to be unhelpful but I don't know what the brand is because it has rubbed off the packaging, all I know it's a cheap one obviously. It's just a really dark chocolate brown and has a satin finish. If I do happen to find out the name I'll update this post.

3) I say this quite a lot on here but Avon can have some really good lipsticks and some of my favourites are from Avon. I get asked about this one so much and it's the ultra colour rich lipstick in Temptress. I'm pretty sure it was around £8 so again really well priced. The colour is really true to it's name being very rich however as much as I love it, it does come with some problems. As it's thick when applied, the colour can tend to go on your teeth quite a bit. My tip to avoid it is apply powder beforehand and then just apply it to the bottom. If you do that and push your lips together to get it on the top (obviously putting a little bit more on the cupid's bow area) it's just staining your lips so it won't get as messy. This way it'll stick and last much longer.

4) How could you start about red lipsticks without discussing this one first. It is of course the Mac Ruby Woo lipstick and I think this is one for everybody! I truly believe whatever skin tone you are this will work for you- and trust me this is coming from a person that used to avoid red at all costs. However I just think at £15 it's well worth it. It is very matte though- which for my lips is an issue- so just maybe apply a thin layer on first just to allow it to move more smoothly on your lips.  

5) Again another Avon lipstick, except this one is from the Totally Kissable range. This is in the shade Racy Red and I think unlike the previous one it is more of a blood red tone. I think this is wearable for either day or night as it's not too in your face. I'll use this one if I want more of a subtle look for the day. I think it was something around £6 at the time, so cheaper than the other avon lipstick but probably does not have as much staying power.

6) I don't care what anybody says, but this Primark coral lipstick at £1 is a bargain. It is very bright but I think is great for spring/ summer time. I bought quite a few shades at the time just to try them out and I am definitely happy with them. Can't go wrong really.  

7) I'd never tried any lipsticks from Sleek before this one but after seeing a few reviews I thought I'd give it a go. This is in the colour Barely There, but let me tell you it makes such a difference to your face. It is a pinky nude and I think it brightened my face a lot- which is why I love wearing it in the summer. It was £4.99 so very inexpensive- not matte, but for the summer it just right. I've actually bought a few more different colours from the same range as I think they are just so great for the price.

8) At the time I bought this Revlon lipstick, I had Made in Chelsea in my head. When I saw all the female cast wearing a pale peach lipstick I was on a mission to find one for myself. Their complexion always looks so glowy with that shade of lipstick. I came across this one and was instantly happy. Like I said it is a very pale peachy tone and is quite matte without making your lips dry. It is part of the Super Lustrous range in the shade smoked peach. At £7.49 the price isn't bad but to be honest it doesn't last as long as I'd hoped. 

9) What a surprise, another Avon lipstick. This one is part of the Extra Lasting range in the shade Cappuccino. I can't remember how much but it must have been around £6. At the time I got this I found out that it might get discontinued so I purchased two. It is my go to nude lipsticks as it is just the perfect tone for my lip colour. I was so in love with it, that when they brought it out again I bought another two. Whenever I get people asking me what nude colour I think is the best I advise this one every time.

10) Last Avon lipstick I swear! (blame my mother's friend as she is an Avon rep and is always bringing round new products- and what can I say, lipsticks are my weakness and she knows it!) So not to say very much about this one as it's the same as the other one I featured in this range. The shade of this one is drawn to you and I would describe as a dark fuchsia. What I love about this one is that although it's not a matte finish it actually stains your lips. So I can wear this from 5am (when I have early starts) and it'll literally last until 2 in the afternoon!

11) I almost wanted to cry when I found this- sad but true. At the time I was desperate for the Mac Heroine lipstick but couldn't find it anywhere. This is actually a Topshop one in the shade Straight Ace but is probably more similar to Strong Woman. As soon as I got home I took loads of pictures and couldn't stop smiling. The only thing is though is at £9 I couldn't understand why they had priced their makeup range higher than I think it should be- but that's just my opinion of course. That being said, I'll still buy more of their lipsticks though as the colours are just perfect for me.

12) I've left my favourite one until last. So finally there is this Kate Moss Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick in 107. I get asked about this one every time I wear it and no wonder why because it is just the colour out of all colours. I would describe it as a dark berry tone- so great for this winter. I never used to try any of Kate's range but after seeing how great my friend's lipstick always was I decided to give in and get one myself. I actually bought this when I was doing a clients makeup for her wedding (and if I'm being honest) after I tried it on her, I went straight home and put it on myself. Since then I've managed to get others to buy this one, and I think you should too. At £5.49 I had to stop myself from getting all of the shades from this collection! However I did find this had the same problem as my Avon lipstick (from number 3) but just follow my steps from that one and you're good to go!

Woo, so that is all of them - I can now breathe. I have quite a few lipsticks and I really struggled to get it down to this last pick. What can I say, some people have children, others have dogs- well lipsticks are my babies. I would have liked to have done swatches but there were just so many to show that it would have been a little difficult. However, let me know which is your favourite in the comments and if I get a large response to a few of them, I'll do a more detailed review.
Saturday, 1 March 2014

i'm so fancy.

As I was putting this outfit together I've had Iggy Azalea's song 'Fancy' in my head the whole time. So I suggest you play it out loud whilst scrolling down my pictures. 

t-shirt- H&M (£7.99)
trousers- H&M (£19.99)
shoes- Matalan (£6 on sale)
longline blazer- Debenhams (£10 on sale)
gold bangle- (belongs to my sister so I have no idea)
gold casio watch- ASOS (£50)

I am really into sports luxe type trends- which is big this spring/summer. So last week I kinda went on a H&M haul (my favourite shop of all time) and these two items were amongst the stuff I picked out. This t-shirt is actually part of the men's range as just for me personally I love tops to be oversized and longer than usual- and even women's large t-shirts can still be quite short hence the reason I had to turn to the opposite sex. These trousers though- they are great! I never really go for baggy trousers and stick to my skinnys just because it is not flattering for my shape. However these ones look good (if I say so myself) plus are super comfy as it has a bit of stretch in it- and for my chunky thighs I always need a bit of room to move. Also I think the dip in the bottom of the leg just gives it a bit of edge, instead of them just being a plain old pair of trousers. (just as a note, I actually sewed the dips as they were a little revealing for me but they are actually for of a U shape)

As far as the styling goes, I picked out another one of my mother dearest jackets. I have been looking for a longline black blazer for ages and the one from ASOS that I wanted is currently all sold out (sighh). But the other week I went into my mother's wardrobe, and what would you know- the sneaky devil had one all stored up and unused! These  nude shoes are my favourites at the moment as they're pointy (tick), comfy (tick), and you guessed it, they have an edge (tick tick tick). I don't think you can see it as well in the pictures but they actually have a metal thin heel, which can be tacky at times but these are totally classic. To finish off, I thought I had to go all gold out and gangster. The knot gold bangle was my sister's so I have no idea how much it was or where it's from as she got it ages ago! Then I placed this gold casio watch just so I had an accessory on each arm- I prefer when the end of sleeves are covered as I hate it when they are so obviously on show. 

I think this outfit screams 'I mean business'! I love that you can dress it up with heels and a blazer- like I did- or dress it down with some nikes and a leather jacket when you're on the go- as I will be doing. So what sporty looks will you be rocking when you want to look a bit fancy too?


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