Tuesday, 6 December 2016

black friday: the haul.

It was black friday, and I bought a whole load more black stuff... obviously.

Ughh the sales was good this year! Well I don't know if it was that great, or if it was just the solution to all my problems at the moment. Either way, I bought a whole load of stuff I've been eyeing a while but didn't want to fork out the cash - just my luck they were all in the sale then!

Fishnet socks
I've seen these everywhere on instagram, so finally decided to take the plunge when an extra 25% off was on offer. Unlike some of the others I've seen out there, these ones from asos are a little higher up the leg, and have a thick elastic fabric at the top. One of my worst pet peeves ever is when socks slip down, which is why I love the design of these in particular because it ensures they absolutely stay in place!

Geek glasses.
I laughed at my grandad when he owned a pair of these 20 years ago, I laughed at my uncle's pair way back 10 years ago, and even had a further giggle at my sister who bought some last month... now I own some geek specs of my own! If you can't beat them, join them I say! These metal oversized glasses are really in at the moment, so I had to give it a go myself. I like to think myself a little outside the box though, so instead of purchasing the same ones as everybody else, these glasses have a hexagon-ish shaped bottoms. And I have to admit, I'm really channelling a bit of barbs (any stranger things fans out there too?) in them. If you want to buy these ones too, I have to warn you they are massive - and this is coming from a girl with a very round and chubby face. So if you naturally have a narrow face, these may just swarm you.

Studded harness.
I've been dying to try either a harness or corset type belt for a while. They just add such a cool rocker vibe when paired with any everyday tee or woolly jumper. Some people (*cough cough, mother this one is aimed at you*), may deem this a little 'inappropriate' for a hijabi, but it honestly just looks like a waist belt and backpack straps. Anyway I don't care, because I am in love with it, and no one will wrestle this bad boy from my grasps. If I was an accessories type of gal, this would defiantly be my favourite. I am really going to have fun experimenting with this one for sure! If this is a little too out there for you, prettylittlething.com have loads of others for you to choose from.

The midi/maxi lovechild.
There was the skort, the lob, and now there's a new hybrid in town folks.. the midaxi? A cross between a midi and maxi of course (the hell?). Yeah confusing to me too, however a great thing for short arses like me, it just ends up being a regular full-length! Hooray! One of the reasons I don't tend to wear maxi skirts, is because designers have this thing where they create this really amazing one, then decide to add an unnecessary split at the back. So when I spotted this midaxi (starting to flow off the tongue now, midaxi midaxi midaxi...) I loved how there wasn't a single split, tear, slash insight. Unlike the model, it comes up a little longer on me, sitting bang on my ankles. I took a risk with the colour, and just as I'd anticipated it is see through (sigh). But I think I'll just pair it with a thick knit jumper to disguise any knicker lines.

Lace-up joggers.
Lately I have really been gravitating towards loungewear a lot more. Dress it up, and you get them added bonus of feeling all homely still. I noticed these joggers before the sales started, and actually had it constantly open on my desktop at work. Then black friday dropped, and I was reminded why I loved missguided.com.. everything was bloody 50% off, and I mean EVERYTHING. None of this up to 50% bogus crap, missguided really pulled through this year when they were offering a discount of half off for anything on their website. I couldn't click the basket button any faster if I tried. They are so understated, yet so beautiful. The lace up detail on the sides is on top of the fabric, so no legs on show don't worry guys. The waist also has a slight high-rise fit to it, adding to element of comfort. I'll probably style these with a cropped sweater and combat boots for the ultimate 'don't bother or mess with me' look.

So were you guys black friday converts like me this year too?


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