Sunday, 23 February 2014

a bit of vintage.

I know I haven't been blogging as much as I would have liked, but uni deadlines call so I had to put my blog on hold. But I'm back and it feels so good! :)

So I thought what better way than to return with a vintage haul! I've been so ill this past week, so when my friend suggested to go to a vintage fair in Bath I wasn't quite sure at first. But after doing a bit of research I discovered how actually big this thing is. I'm not sure if anyone else has been or heard of them but it's called "Judy's Affordable Vintage Fair". The real beauty is in the name- 'affordable'- so you know, I'm there! I had a few things in mind that I'd hoped to get (full-length beige coat, brooch, jewellery and maybe a few neck scarves). But plans always go down the drain, or in my case straight to my bank! So here's a few pictures I took of the event (I really was spoilt for choice with pictures as I took some amazing shots)- my outfit of the day (I wish my outfit came out a bit better on camera), items that caught my eye and also my purchases.
coat- H&M (belongs to my mother so I have no idea how much it costs)
swing dress- Matalan (£12)
jeans- Topshop (£38)
shoes- Primark (£6 on sale)
necklace- Riverisland (£10 on sale)

and now for the best part...

The top faux mink cream scarf was the first thing I saw when I walked into the hall. Although it looks short in the picture its actually quite long- which is something I find difficult when purchasing scarves. It was only £8 and they mentioned that it's dated around the 1950's/60's which I thought was super cool. The second is actually something I have been in search for, for a while now. I keep seeing people in oversized tartan scarves and I can't seem to find them anywhere (well at least not the decently priced ones anyway). This one was only £5 and is really long, so I latched onto it straight away. The guy told me it was from the 1970's. I can't wait to style both- especially with this recent weather!

There was quite a few brooches to choose from, but as soon as I spotted this particular 1960's/70's one my friend said that she thought it was so me- and I so agree! It cost only £4 so it is really good considering that it is quite big. I am a little gutted though that there wasn't better jewellery but hopefully next time.

 I AM IN LOVE!   If you look at my instagram account, you'd have seen that I recently uploaded a picture of a similar coat that I purchased from ebay. Problem is as soon as I inspected it, I noticed a rip inside which made me want to cry- so sadly it had to be returned. Luckily I found this amazing one from the fair instead. It cost exactly the same as my ebay one, and at £30 it's an absolute bargain!! This one is from the 1970's so it made me really feel like one of the Charlie's Angles (my mother and I are huge fans of the old show btw). Funnily enough I noticed this just before I was about to leave which makes me even more happy about it- I'd like to think it as my miracle from heaven :)

Although I was ill I had an amazing day so I'm so glad I went. The atmosphere was great, the venue was so pretty and the food was yum! I had the red velvet cake, and normally I'll finish any dessert off but the portions were huge so not even I could! Also they even had a live jazz singer in the tearoom which I thought added a nice touch. I've done a bit of research and I've found out that there is one happening in London around August and it's basically a sale one which involves fillling a bag- and for every kilo you fill, you only have to pay £15!! So stay tuned for that one! Let me know in the comments what you liked most, or if you have ever been to anything similar.


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