Wednesday, 26 February 2014

be spring ready: on a budget.

I have yet to do a makeup look-book so I finally got round to it. As I explained in my 'skin so clear' post, my dry eye condition has got worse these past few weeks, and it was even difficult to get this done but I did it regardless. 

I have been in love with the runway makeup looks for spring/summer 2014. There's a few styles in there that wouldn't have been something I'd normally go for- like bright colours- but I thought I'd give it a go. I think what initially caught my eye though was how there seems to be a juxtaposition between the bold and graphic vs. bright and soft. I guess it gives a kind of girlie rocker edge- which I have been experimenting with a lot recently. Although the products used on the runway aren't out of reach, they're not the most affordable either- hence why with this look I've tried to stick with cheaper products. *bye bye Urban Decay and Nars* But that doesn't mean you are going to look a train wreck either! So here are the three chosen looks that I'm obsessed with...

1) The first is probably the kind of style I would go for normally but just with a heavier liner. Whereas I would normally go with a pencil liner to rim my eyes with, with this look you have to go with something with more depth- such as with a gel-liner or more preferably a liquid. The trick with the eye makeup is that its all about the graphics, so sharp lines and angles (which was quite hard to do when my eyes were constantly watering). So what you want to do is do a thin long wing, but the real magic with this is the dip within the tear duct area. Bring your liner all the way round, then drop just below to elongate the eye. To create this I used a product I've used since I was in secondary school- collection 2000 fast stroke eyeliner- just as it's really black and stays in place. Then I brushed lightly some NYX 'bronx' jumbo pencil on the edge of my lids and the bottom of my waterline to create a bit of glamour. To make this extra dramatic, I combined another must on the runway- the plum lip. I have invested in many shades of purple lippies at the moment, but this is my new favourite!! This lipstick has great instant colour, not too matte yet not to glossy and it stays in place! 'It must be expensive' I hear you say. Nope it was £2.99 and is part of collection 2000 gothic glam lipstick range (sums me up in one). If you take anything from any of these looks, I suggest it should be to get this lipstick SERIOUSLY! I have many other expensive ones and this competes hard! (If anybody is wondering, this is the lipstick I wore to the vintage fair)

2) Here was a style I wasn't expecting to like on myself- the reversed blue wing. This has been notorious on the Marc Jacobs runway so I thought I would give it a go. Although the Nars team completed this with very harsh lines I decided to blend mine out a bit. To do this I firstly applied a blue MUA liquid liner as the base then added the bourjois waterproof eyeliner in 'bleu neon'. I applied the eyeliner on the waterline, under my eyes and then created a bit of extra edge by bringing the eyeliner within my tear duct and smudging it on the outer corners.  Although the liquid liner might be seen as an unnecessary step, I think it actually really made the colour pop, as well as acting as a great outline for the rest of the makeup. To smudge it out further- as you know you can never smudge enough- I took my rimmel london scandal eyes liner in tempting turquoise on a blending brush to soften the lines (you don't have to, but I think it added a nice touch). I wanted a 'glow' to my eyes and complexion so I took two shades of gold from this handy Ebay palette and applied them not only on my lids, but around the bridge of my nose too. To finish it off I lightly applied a Topshop lip liner in nude and blended it out with my fingers as I almost wanted a natural, freshly applied lip-balm effect (if you know what I mean). For a look I wasn't expecting to like I've got to say I think it actually made my eye colour pop too and seem more vibrant. Definitely one for the summer parties!

3) THIS IS MY FAVOURITE BY FAR! A big no-no for my face is the fresh, eye liner free look as it just makes my eyes look so strange! And not only that but I tend to stay away from light colours, like white, on my lids as it just does nothing for me. But I was amazed. Unlike the other two looks where I used bronze colours for the base, here I applied a silvery white eyeshadow all across my lids and under my tear duct (from the same eBay palette). Then I added a really peachy orange from Look cosmetics right underneath my eyebrow. There's always a rule that you shouldn't apply too much white, but I actually got to the stage where the more was better. I would normally do this type of look on my friend as I think she has the colour complexion for it, so I avoid it. But actually I thought that this style was just so refreshing! The main attraction of this whole thing though has got to be the lip colour! I noticed that on the runway they chose to use really powdered orange tones. So to recreate a pastel shade, I put this GOSH lip liner on first and then blended it out with my trusty Rimmel London powder. This lip liner was an absolute bargain at £4.99 but to be honest even if it were a little more I would have still purchased it. This apparently contains vitamin E/ jojoba oil and is waterproof. From my experience it was so smooth and velvety to apply and stayed on for so long! Plus you don't need to apply lipstick on top as it's that good, but maybe a bit of gloss if you would prefer. It is going to be a staple in my makeup bag for this summer for sure! Also remember this look is all about the lashes not the liner (I say with annoyance). So I finished off with a pair of Primark lashes for £1- can't go wrong there really. 

So that was my favourite spring/ summer looks. I didn't talk much about my skin, but as a base I kept my skin really glowy and bronzed with my Garnier BB cream- this is my alternative I use if my nars one isn't within arms reach. Also one of the big trends at the moment is eyebrows- remember to keep the arch defined but rough as you get closer to the centre. It's the sort of wild look you're aiming for- which I love! So let me know which one you liked the most in the comments or if there was perhaps any other looks that I didn't cover that you are loving. If you take anything from this blog- the GOSH lip liner and collection 2000 gothic glam lipstick is something you all NEED! Not only is it amazing in value but it looks great too. Trust me you'll be back to stock up in no time! 


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