Saturday, 8 February 2014


So after much disputed time I have finally got my vision up and running! My name is Dina Amawi and I am RESPECT THE BROWS. After sharing all my fashion and beauty wisdom with everyone I know, friends have encouraged me to put it all down on paper- honestly I think they were just getting tired with my constant attempts at giving advice! Moving on... I'm a little awkward with introductions so I prepared a little video of my favourite outfits for 2014 so far. 

My blog is all about fashion trends I'm feeling at that moment, and beauty products that I think you need to get or have to avoid! One thing about me is I am completely honest. If you're unsure about any of the latest makeup hypes, be sure to visit my blog to find out if they really are just overrated. (So make sure to leave a little comment below of any products you're unsure of- I will happily be your guinea pig).

And of course we can't forget my babies, the brows themselves. Look out for my monthly 'Brow Product of the Moment' post. At the end of each month I will give my verdict on the eyebrow product I have been trying for the past four weeks. The brows will then give their mark out of ten for it :D


(By the way guys, this was meant to be a cool video I prepared for you all. However for some annoying reason my computer had other ideas- hence the blurriness- I apologise. The original version is on my Instagram so check it out. If anyone can give suggestions to improve this for next time, it would be much appreciated!)


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