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skin so clear.

So let me start off by saying- yes this post is a day late, and if you look at my Instagram you'll know that this isn't the post I said I'd be doing. I planned on showing three of my favourite makeup looks for s/s 2014 on a budget, which I still am doing, it is just going to be delayed for a week or so. Basically I have a condition called dry eye, which can be quite common but is a pain in the ass to deal with. On random occasions it will just water non-stop, be really itchy, and will overall be very sore. So when I tried to put on my makeup it just all ran down my face, and as I want these looks to be just as amazing as I imagined in my head- it will therefore have to wait. *rant over* Therefore instead I will be showing you guys how I keep my face all spot free and smooth all throughout the year!

I get told that my skin is so clear and there's no need to wear makeup, but the honest truth is that I have quite bad eczema (which will sometimes spread to my face when I'm stressed). Also I can get really sore spots that form under my skin- and I have to admit I get so frustrated that I'll end up picking at my skin until I can get to it. I WARN YOU NOW- you will get scars from this as I have. 

However I don't know what anybody else thinks, but spot products can be the worst. I remember my first experience using Clean & Clear face scrub,  I had more spots after than before. So after a combination of searching round, advice from family friends and trial/error I came up with this routine that I swear by. Not only does it help get rid of my breakouts within a couple of days, it will improve skin in the long run. So lets get started!

All you need is any type of honey that you can find in your kitchen- I just happened to have five jars of this pure honey in my cupboard. Also some children's Sudocrem *TIP try and get a tube rather than a jar as this is a lot more hygienic than constantly going inside of it*. Then to finish off I love to use my trusty bio-oil, but olive oil can work just as well. All these items are actually quite cheap and probably stored in your house without you even having knowledge of it.

So you want to start off by taking all of your makeup off and giving your skin a good old scrub down. Whilst doing this make sure all of your jewellery (rings in particular) are all off and your hands must be super clean as well. This might seem like common sense info but you'd be surprised at how many people forget these simple and initial steps that are so vital when handling your face. The aim is to prevent any bacteria from spreading round, not continuing it! 

Next you want to get your honey and melt it slightly in a bowl in the microwave- when I say heat I mean only 5-10 seconds as you don't want it to burn. Then just let it cool down before applying it to the face as you don't want to hurt your skin- always test on your hand just before to be sure. Now honey has SOOO many benefits; it acts as an antioxidant, it prevents wrinkles, it's safe for sensitive skin, retains moisture and hydration and can even brighten your complexion. But the reason why you need to apply honey on your skin before anything else is to get rid of the bacteria- there's no point in trying to get rid of the problem if there are bacteria infected areas still around your face. If this stage was avoided you may be at risk in just spreading the condition further, therefore making it much worse than needs be. So once you've smothered your face in it, just sit back and relax for around 15 minutes, until your skin has had the time to absorb it well. (and it never hurts to eat the trickles of honey that happen to run down your face)

After you've taken it all off, and yes that will be a long and sticky process, it's time to apply the Sudocrem. (Also just make sure to remove the honey with care as you don't want to irritate the skin even more so than it already is). I'm sure you've all heard of Sudocrem being used to treat baby rashes but there are so many more ways and reasons to use this. Why is it great for spots? What the ingredients of this cream does is to help minimize the effects of acne by drying it out. It can also be treated to aid any burns, so if your spots have already started to form sore marks on your face, just use this to cool it down. The one I have in particular is the Sudocrem Skin Care cream, which isn't any different from the original, apart from the fact that the ingredients have been increased to fight skin problems quicker. And lets be honest, the fact that it's in a tube makes it that much more easier to carry round in your bag, you know in case we are in need of a quick fix when out! Tubes like this normally average around £3 which makes it super affordable too! What I normally do is apply thin layers to the needed problem areas and leave it on to absorb overnight. Then it's just a waiting game from there- sometimes you'll see the spots fading within a few days, sometimes it might just even be one night. Depending on how bad it is just keep repeating the first few steps for a few days until it has near enough gone flat again.

So congratulations, you've made it to the final step. But the problem with using Sudocrem after a long time is that it can ironically start to dry the skin out- well in my cases it has- so this is the great time to introduce Bio-oil into your life. Like I have mentioned before, I can suffer from really bad eczema on my face and tend to get regular dry patches with sudden changes of whether (which can happen a lot in the UK). However when I started using this a few years ago I noticed huge transformations. Not only does it work wonders on the problems above but it also helped with issues that I didn't realise it would. And after doing a bit of research, I found out that this isn't just to help stretch marks pregnant women get but scars all over your body. Around my eyes I used to have really bad skin pigmentation marks and discolouration on my cheeks. It used to be quite annoying when people would try and wipe the 'eye liner smudges around my eyes' when they were actually just the natural marks of my skin. Then when I started to use this I noticed after a good month or so major changes- it still hasn't gone completely but it has helped massively regardless. So when it comes to my spots, I'll use to finish off around the places they once were to get rid of the scarring that can happen when spots or acne occur on your face. Although my dry patches can go within a couple of days within using this, don't expect the same results with the discolouration. (but just be patient because trust me it does help!!)

So there are some of my tips of what and why I use to get rid of those nightmare skin problems that can unexpectedly arise. I honestly swear by these three products because they actually help, are easy to access and are very cheap in comparison to overpriced 'designer' stuff. They really help get rid of not only the horrid pus-filled spots, but the ones under the skin too (which seem to be my main problem). Plus they will continue to improve your skin anyway. I hoped this was clear and will help any of you going through the same problem. I do want to make clear though that it won't help everyone, but it did help those I've already advised. If not, just keep trying until you find your own routine- because where there is a will there is a way! Also if you suffer from extreme cases I think it's best to go see a GP for help rather than anything like this, just to be safe. Leave a comment below if you want to know anything else, if this has actually worked for you, or if there is something different you try that you think can benefit all of us too!


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