Monday, 10 February 2014

what's in my bag?

I thought I'd share my holy grail items that have been stuck in my bag for the past month. I always try to change up the different brands that I use, but it's pretty much the same sort of thing regardless. These are all the type of necessities for me that I could NOT leave the house without. I swear any time I do forget one of them if I'm in a rush- which is very often- I feel like having a mini breakdown!

Anyone who knows me knows that I always have a certain black bag, that once I find the perfect one, it is my child for the next few months (until I find another one that is). I just think it's so easy to play around with different outfits if you have one trusted black bag (or in my case many). So like my makeup, I always try to change it up every now and then. I kinda wore out my beloved Topshop bag, so in the sales I happened to find this really cute one from NEXT. I can't remember the exact original price but it got reduced to £20, so that won my heart. Although it is not as structured and solid as I normally go for, it is so spacious and has so many different compartments inside- and a uni girl like me needs lots of room! 
1) I don't know about anyone else, but even when I prime the hell out of my eyes, I still get major grease smudges in my crease. Not only that, my dry skin patches start to come through after a few hours. So I always make sure I have two of my favourite brushes on stand by. The first one is the Mac 217 brush just to blend out the parts of my shadow that start to gather. And the other is the Real Techniques buffing brush just because of the fact that it makes the most difference to my face when applying foundation or concealer.

2) So just like my trusty brushes, I always carry a a few of the main cosmetics that I used for that day. It just so happens that this month I have been really into Urban Decay's NAKED 3 palette and Benefit's Boi-ing concealer. I received this naked palette for my birthday and I think it's something that everyone needs! I thought I would only really like the first one as shimmery colours aren't really my thing- but I am obsessed with this one as I think it has great tones for spring and summer. Also they all just make my hazel eyes pop! The concealer is actually just a travel size version as it came part of a Christmas gift set. I have to say I forgot how good this is. I used this years ago but wasn't really fond of it then, but I realised after using it this past month how much coverage it has. So any time my bags are showing I whip this out. 

3) I know I just mentioned some products that I like to carry with me, but there are three things that I will not ever change! I have combination skin type, making it really oily down my T-zone but I also have really dry cheeks. I had a major problem with powder as I couldn't find anything that wouldn't make my face look ashy. Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed powder is AMAZING though and I recommend it to anyone that can relate to my issues, seriously. Also it's handy to have a few lipsticks stuffed in your bag, you'know in case a change is in order. For anyone who believes that red doesn't suit them, go for Mac Rubywoo- trust me I was one of those people, but after discovering this some time ago I couldn't imagine ever wearing plain lipstick. I think it suits all skin tones as well. Also I have been getting loads of people asking me wear my deep burgundy colour is from that I constantly wear in my Instagram pictures- it is Avon's Temptress lipstick and is around £6 so a total bargain!

4) I have tried so many moistures, from the expensive to the cheap, but nothing works my face like this one does. The Garnier Moisture Ultra Hydrating Cream (dry to very dry skin) works wonders on my face- and I'm talking about overnight miracles. I just feel like it actually does something in the long run, as opposed to just for the day. Any time my dryness gets out of control I'll literally turn to this and by morning it's gone. Also if I use this under my makeup it'll soak in my skin quite quickly so I am not having to wait round for ages and ages.

5) I loathe strong smelling perfumes that goes straight to my nose- I think it's because I'm traumatised from the Arab women I've had to be around over the years who like to pour it on like there's no tomorrow. So I always try to stick to sweet, fruity smells that last long. My ultimate favourite is Prada Candy and I swear it'll last on my scarf for ages! But I was really recently drawn to the Nicki Minaj one purely for the packaging. And at first in the shop it sort of resembled the Prada one a lot, but the more and more I use it I see the differences- which I'm not sure if they are good or bad. The most noticeably thing is that after a while it starts to smell like bubble gum, which is very Nicki but less Dina. It isn't unbearable though so I'll keep using it, I just want something that lasts a little longer. 

6) I love this purse so I felt like I had to show everyone else. This heart embroidered leather purse is from Primark and was only like £6! I have bought ones from River Island for £18 and this has lasted just as long as those. I am mad about this burgundy colour and just the little bits of gold detail just makes it even more me. 

I know this was a lot of writing but I always get people looking into my bag and asking me "if I really need that much stuff" so I just wanted to explain a bit about each. When I am passionate about a product I can talk about it forever! Anyway I'll leave it there, but leave a comment below about the different things you keep in your bag. Stay tuned for my Wednesday post for Valentines day- and I'm warning you now, there's a lot of black! (think Adamms family)


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