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*brow in the spotlight- march addition* (part I)

This is a blog post that I want to make regular at the end of each month. If you come on my blog often, know me on a personal level or have just done the really smart thing and looked at my blog name, you'll know one thing for sure- I love my brows!  I love them so much that sometimes I refer to them like they're actually people. Ever since I started my quest with makeup, brows has been something I've constantly experimented with. Whether I'm going out in the evening, or just making a quick run to the shops, I have to do my brows. So it's fair to say that I go through quite a lot of brow products. And I always get people asking me what I use, how I use it or if products really are worth the hype. And like everything I've spoken about so far, I am completely honest. I love to try cheap makeup as well as the expensive stuff- a large price tag doesn't always mean it will be worth it trust me. So I really wanted to dedicate a blog post to my brows,  trying out the latest must haves and undiscovered products to give all of you the low down.

So let me just give you a little background info on how I prefer my brows- first off its all about the shape for me. I get so many people asking me why I make my eyebrows 'too big'- and honestly I don't know whether I should be offended or flattered. I do not colour my eyebrows to be any bigger than they already are, they really are that size guys! Anyway I love my big brows. And colour is so important. I went through a faze when I wanted them a chocolate brown, then I was really vibing the ashy look and now I've started going quite dark. One minute I want them to look fake and then the next minute I want the 'barely there' kind of look. It's just all about trial and error- whether that's watching a load of youtube videos or sitting in front of your mirror for hours until you realise it's 4am (like what I do most days).

The first one I'll be reviewing is the Nars Brow Perfector:

First off I want to say a reason why I love Nars so much- their colour palette. I think whether it's their foundations or concealers, they always do unusual colours. And the names are just as unusual as their unusual colours. And I love it! So I was pretty excited to try out their shades for the eyebrow perfector. And for me personally I wasn't disappointed. I chose to go with Caucase, which they decribe as 'brown' but I think is more of an ashy brown. Like I said, the colour for me was a plus with this product but I have a feeling it won't be for everyone. The problem is they have only 4 shades, so it's a hit and miss situation- you're either going to find your colour or you won't. 

Another plus with this product is that it lasted all day long without smudging too much. I would say it stayed in place for a good 5 hours before I noticed any change. For me I have such a busy schedule and I need my brows to stay put, which they did. I think the reason was because it has quite a waxy texture- again not for everyone's taste. But when I say waxy, it doesn't look waxy like some other products I've tried in the past. But it does have a slight shine to it that can tend to be waxy. Also this is a retractable pencil so no need to get out the sharpeners and get your hands all messy. As well the pencil itself has a very unusual oval shape to it which I think helped to define my brows in the places I needed it to.

What I think is always a good thing to do though is read what the brand is saying about the product first and then compare it to your own experience. Now I don't want to be super critical, but equally brands shouldn't set certain standards it won't meet. One of the interesting things I read on the Nars website was that this brow product was 'velvety'- it's anything but that! One of the first things I noticed when I used this was how stiff it was. Of course it could have been just because it was new so I gave it the benefit of the doubt. But nope it pretty much stayed like that the whole time I used it from that moment onwards. So for that reason it made it so hard to blend it out towards the centre of my brows, where I like it to look faded out. So a lot of pressure was needed to get it how I wanted it to. But the problem with that was that sometimes a little bit of pressure wouldn't get the colour out, but then with too much pressure I found it hard to blend out harsh lines. Also at the arch of my brow, I found that it made my shape very rounded, which I do not like. Again this is because of the consistency, it made it hard to do techniques with. So a tip would be to get a brush to smudge it all together- but I didn't want to do this at the time as I wanted too stay true to the product. If I were to use this again, I think I would have to have blend it out with a brush to get it to reach it's full potential. And then maybe finish it off with a bit of powder.

I think I should mention also that this is priced at £16.50 and I got mine from House of Fraser. Again this is all about personal preference, but I would spend a fortune on my brows if I knew it would look amazing. Some people have shoe obsessions, bag obsessions- mine is my brows. So price doesn't concern me. But in all honestly, this isn't particularly worth that much when I would have to use a second product for it to be looking good.

Colour Variety



Lasting Power


And the Brow's overall comment:
"Ahh it's alright, but definitely needs to work on that texture to be getting the overall experience up!"

(By the way guys, stay tuned for tomorrow because I will be doing another special Brow review)



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