Monday, 31 March 2014

*brow in the spotlight- march addition* (part II)

So this is the second instalment of my brow review of the month. Like I said there is normally only one product featured, but as I missed last month, there are two. Now this product has been raved about so much these past few months and I really wanted to see if it was all the hype made it out to be. However I have to admit, this was meant initially on the DipBrow Pomade but my shade was all sold out! Since then though I managed to track it down- so it will be coming up next month so stay tuned.

But for now I will be reviewing the notorious Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz. 

I purchased mine in the shade 'medium ash' from Cult Beauty for £15.50, which isn't bad at all. The colour selection is probably the first thing I noticed- it's just amazing. Anastasia has covered every person, from the auburns, blonde, brunettes, darks, greys, fairs- EVERYTHING! And as I've mentioned previously, I am crazy about brow shades. So when it first came through my post I literally just tore it open, I just couldn't wait to give it a go! But sometimes when you build up so much hope it doesn't turn out like you expected which can be a major let down. (well that's what I thought anyway)

I should probably mention that the pencil is so fine that some people, like myself, may think they have to be extra careful. Anyone who has used the Mac's eye brow they'll know that with the slightest pressure it snaps straight off, which can be really really really irritating. So naturally I assumed this would be the same. There I was trying to be extra careful, and that's when I nearly had a breakdown. The colour just wouldn't show up on my brows. It wouldn't shape properly. And my arch was looking really rough. So for someone who is obsessed with brows as much as me, I just couldn't understand why it wasn't working for me. What was I doing wrong? But that's the thing. I kept comparing it with the Mac one. So the next time I gave it a go, I put a little more pressure. And then a little more. And then a lot more and I realised that this pencil was pretty amazing. Don't let appearances deceive you. I was literally putting so much pressure that it could hurt my skin and it didn't break one little bit! 

And the colour is just great too. When I said I used to go for ashy shades, this is exactly what I was talking about. However with this one it's slightly warmer than what I'm used to but it just gave it a more naturally look which is always a plus. Also the texture of it is not waxy at all which gives the allusion that there is nothing there. But with it doesn't mean they didn't hold in place because it did- all day in fact without budging.The wonder with this is that you can be gentle with it to get an everyday type of look, but with a little more force the colour looks great for an evening look with a heavier eye (like I've done in these pictures). The beauty of this product needs major recognition- the brush. Without it I feel it wouldn't have worked as well enough because it just blended everything out so well. The fibres are so tight and small that it gave the gradient brow look that I just LOVE! I think I'm going to have to purchase the brush on it's own because now I've used it I feel like there's no going back!

I think there is one downside, but it's more of a personal thing. When I used it on myself it did take me longer than I normally am to do my brows. And I have quite a busy schedule so I probably won't be able to use this on my uni days. However I did give it a go on my sister and completed this literally in like 2 minutes, so again it's just a personal problem. But I do have a feeling though that the DipBrow Pomade will work better for me.

Colour Variety



Lasting Power


And the Brow's overall comment:
"The product is great, but the real winner is the brush- can not live without!"

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  1. Your eyebrows are always on point! I really need to get my hands on this, waiting for dip brow to come back in stock first! However after reading your post I might just have to make this purchase!

  2. Thanks :) if you are finding it hard to track it down, I recently just got mine from and it came within 2 days! So I'll be reviewing that at the end of April x



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