Sunday, 9 March 2014

food glorious food.

So I have those days- weeks really- sometimes when workload just becomes too much. And how's the best way I like to de-stress? Well food of course. I don't know if my Instagram has given it away, but I kinda have an unhealthy appreciation of food (if it looks good to me I need to share it with everyone else). And the other day, it called for one of those times again which made me turn to my favourite place- Chiquito.

 For anyone who doesn't know it's a Mexican restaurant with great presentation as well as food. I don't think it's the most amazing place, but for someone who has to eat from the vegetarian menu when they go out like me, Chiquitos is better than any other place I know. I literally could not stand veggie burgers, they just always taste so disgusting. But this restaurant converted me and I always end up craving for it. Plus they do a decent mocktail too! So check out my pictures of the nights events, starring my gorgeous mother and sister. (and be prepared- your mouth will water). 

white shirt- H&M (£24.99)
cropped jumper- Tesco (£16)
jeans- Topshop (£38)
shoes- Next (on sale £12)
triple chain necklace- Matalan (on sale £2)
gold necklace- Topshop (on sale £1.50)

lace top- Primark (£6)
statement link necklace- Wallis (on sale £10)

sweater- Urban Outfitters (on sale £20)
skirt- H&M (£11.99)
red shoes- Asos (£25)

 In terms of my outfit, I wanted something that looked like I had made an effort but still felt relaxed. So I went with a bit of a white and black combo, accessorized with some gold jewellery. I just want to take a moment to talk about these shoes. Whilst I was working at Next during the boxing day sales, I spotted these sandals and at the time wasn't sure if I really wanted them. But as the weeks went by, they were still there- and for a Next sale that's a big deal if anything is left at all! So I couldn't let them slip away and thank god I didn't! Not only do they look really retro but they're bang on trend now. One thing is though after a while, my toes were absolutely killing! Plus my mum has got the black version and she felt exactly the same way. But for the price they were an absolute bargain.

Anyway for someone like me, an occasional break from work is seriously needed- otherwise I go slightly crazy. And anyone who knows me well knows that, without me having to say, Chiquito is my all time favourite. So where's your favourite place to go when you need to get away from the stress?


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