Friday, 14 March 2014

from AM. to PM. in ten minutes.

This post was meant to come out a few days ago, but coursework calls I'm afraid. But after the next few weeks hopefully I'll be able to get more posts up frequently. Anyway speaking of rushed lifestyles, I thought this would be a good opportunity to share how I handle my makeup regime on my long full work days. There'll be days when I have very early starts to go to university, but instead of coming home and relaxing, I have to go straight out after.  But obviously being up for the past 10 hours, makeup can start to look a little dull. But it's not like I have the time in the world to redo my whole look. So what's the best way to transition from day to night when you only have 10 minutes?

AM. When I go to university, I have to get up at around 5 in the morning. So I think it's understandable that I don't want to be caked in products that so early on. Therefore my look usually consists of just lipstick, eyebrows and a foundation. With that being said, as you don't have eye makeup to take the focus off the flaws of your face, you want to have a good base. I always love using Benefit The Porefessional Primer to make sure everything lasts a bit longer. Other than this one, I had only really liked Smashbox primers as I felt they helped a lot with the dry patches under my eyes. But after reading loads of good reviews I tried a travel size version as part of a gift set. I definitely think I'll be purchasing the full sized one though as I think it makes such a difference to my makeup. I don't always think primer is necessary but with this one, it is almost like another layer on the skin whilst still feeling really light and silky. So this is a must have!  Again like I said, I don't like to be caked in makeup. Instead of having BB cream and concealer or foundation and concealer I prefer just to use one product. A favourite of mine is Illamasqua Skin Base Foundation (my shade is 6) as it has such good coverage it acts as a two in one. Again to seal all the products, I think I say this enough already, but my holy grail item is Rimmel London Stay Matte Powder. With a look like this it is so bare, so just to prevent me from looking like a corpse, three elements are essential- contouring, blush, and lips. With my early morning looks I always go for dark lipsticks- whether that's brown or purple- just because the eyes are so bare you can get away with it without looking over the top. This one is one of the lipsticks featured on my lipstick lookbook post- but as mentioned there, I couldn't find the brand name (to get more info on my top lipsticks visit my lipstick lookbook post).

PM. At this point when I arrive home, my family call for the 10 minute signal- and for anyone who knows me, that is an impossible task for me! So the goal is to keep it simple. My favourite eyeshadow at the moment is Nooner from the Naked palette 3. Its like an ash purple colour and I think its just enough to make my eyes pop. As you can see in the previous picture, I have quite small rounded eyes, so a trick I do elongate them is to emphasis above my crease on the outer parts and my tear duct area. Again its all about keeping the job real quick and simple, so all I would do next is add some eyeliner all inside my eyes and on the top- my all time favourite is Rimmel London Scandaleyes (in black) as its super dark, easy to smudge and most importantly very affordable. Don't worry if you can't get a slick wing because I really think it looks more sultry to blend it out with some black eyeshadow. The one I used here was from the original Sleek palette as its highly pigmented and has a slight shimmer to it, making it great for the evening. Then just to make the tones in Nooner to stand out more, and to add further glamour, I love to add a burnt orange to my centre lash line- it is spring afterall. (this is just one from an ebay palette). To finish the look off I'll add concealer, as at this point my eyes are probably looking a lot tired. So one I always recommend is Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer. This is honestly a product I'll continue to buy, as not only is it £4.19, the coverage is AMAZING. Then unlike the mornings, the evenings is a time a when I'll get out my pink toned lipsticks just as it compliments the eyes a lot better than a dark lipstick would. Here I'm using Avons Temptress- I've spoken so much about this one that it is not needed again. But if your new to my page just check out the lipstick lookbook for a detailed description of it.

So as this is about achieving a new look in ten minutes, I wouldn't really wear mascara or liquid liner. Equally I don't normally have time to change my whole outfit, so what I usually do is put on some high heels and a different accessory- don't underestimate this as it can really make a huge difference. Here as you can see with my daytime look I started off by wearing a spiked necklace from Ebay. I can't believe it was only £2.99 the only problem is though is that the colour will fade- as mine has. *TIP before you use it coat it in a layer of clear nail varnish to prevent it from happening*. And then the second necklace was purchased from New Look and in fact went down in the sale to £10 which is a total bargain! My scarf is covering a lot of detail but it's actually larger than what the picture is giving away so again great for the price. 

So how do you like to go from day to night with no time to spare?


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