Saturday, 1 March 2014

i'm so fancy.

As I was putting this outfit together I've had Iggy Azalea's song 'Fancy' in my head the whole time. So I suggest you play it out loud whilst scrolling down my pictures. 

t-shirt- H&M (£7.99)
trousers- H&M (£19.99)
shoes- Matalan (£6 on sale)
longline blazer- Debenhams (£10 on sale)
gold bangle- (belongs to my sister so I have no idea)
gold casio watch- ASOS (£50)

I am really into sports luxe type trends- which is big this spring/summer. So last week I kinda went on a H&M haul (my favourite shop of all time) and these two items were amongst the stuff I picked out. This t-shirt is actually part of the men's range as just for me personally I love tops to be oversized and longer than usual- and even women's large t-shirts can still be quite short hence the reason I had to turn to the opposite sex. These trousers though- they are great! I never really go for baggy trousers and stick to my skinnys just because it is not flattering for my shape. However these ones look good (if I say so myself) plus are super comfy as it has a bit of stretch in it- and for my chunky thighs I always need a bit of room to move. Also I think the dip in the bottom of the leg just gives it a bit of edge, instead of them just being a plain old pair of trousers. (just as a note, I actually sewed the dips as they were a little revealing for me but they are actually for of a U shape)

As far as the styling goes, I picked out another one of my mother dearest jackets. I have been looking for a longline black blazer for ages and the one from ASOS that I wanted is currently all sold out (sighh). But the other week I went into my mother's wardrobe, and what would you know- the sneaky devil had one all stored up and unused! These  nude shoes are my favourites at the moment as they're pointy (tick), comfy (tick), and you guessed it, they have an edge (tick tick tick). I don't think you can see it as well in the pictures but they actually have a metal thin heel, which can be tacky at times but these are totally classic. To finish off, I thought I had to go all gold out and gangster. The knot gold bangle was my sister's so I have no idea how much it was or where it's from as she got it ages ago! Then I placed this gold casio watch just so I had an accessory on each arm- I prefer when the end of sleeves are covered as I hate it when they are so obviously on show. 

I think this outfit screams 'I mean business'! I love that you can dress it up with heels and a blazer- like I did- or dress it down with some nikes and a leather jacket when you're on the go- as I will be doing. So what sporty looks will you be rocking when you want to look a bit fancy too?


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