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lip lookbook.

I don't know if you've noticed but... I love my lipsticks! I think they just set your makeup perfectly. Even on those days when I'm in a rush and only have time to fill in my brows and wear a bit of foundation, lipstick is a vital. I know that it certainly stops me from looking absolutely dead at the best of times. And I get quite a lot of people asking where I get my lipsticks from, so I thought I'd showcase my top favourites that I could not live without. 

1) This one was featured on my 'be spring ready for less.' post and I've been in love ever since. This is from collections 2000's goth glam range in the shade scorned (2) and was only £2.99. It's a very dark purple and I would say is not quite matte but is possible if you add a little powder as a base. And lets be honest, at that price who cares! It's a beauty steal so go out and get it- enough said.

2) Right so this one I cannot believe I found. In my home town of Swindon, we have a discount House of Fraser. I'm not a huge fan of the shop but sometimes upstairs in the beauty section, amongst all the cheap piles of junk there can actually be some pretty cool finds. I got this lipstick as part of a buy 2 for £1 so I thought why not, and it actually turns out it's really quite amazing. So sorry to be unhelpful but I don't know what the brand is because it has rubbed off the packaging, all I know it's a cheap one obviously. It's just a really dark chocolate brown and has a satin finish. If I do happen to find out the name I'll update this post.

3) I say this quite a lot on here but Avon can have some really good lipsticks and some of my favourites are from Avon. I get asked about this one so much and it's the ultra colour rich lipstick in Temptress. I'm pretty sure it was around £8 so again really well priced. The colour is really true to it's name being very rich however as much as I love it, it does come with some problems. As it's thick when applied, the colour can tend to go on your teeth quite a bit. My tip to avoid it is apply powder beforehand and then just apply it to the bottom. If you do that and push your lips together to get it on the top (obviously putting a little bit more on the cupid's bow area) it's just staining your lips so it won't get as messy. This way it'll stick and last much longer.

4) How could you start about red lipsticks without discussing this one first. It is of course the Mac Ruby Woo lipstick and I think this is one for everybody! I truly believe whatever skin tone you are this will work for you- and trust me this is coming from a person that used to avoid red at all costs. However I just think at £15 it's well worth it. It is very matte though- which for my lips is an issue- so just maybe apply a thin layer on first just to allow it to move more smoothly on your lips.  

5) Again another Avon lipstick, except this one is from the Totally Kissable range. This is in the shade Racy Red and I think unlike the previous one it is more of a blood red tone. I think this is wearable for either day or night as it's not too in your face. I'll use this one if I want more of a subtle look for the day. I think it was something around £6 at the time, so cheaper than the other avon lipstick but probably does not have as much staying power.

6) I don't care what anybody says, but this Primark coral lipstick at £1 is a bargain. It is very bright but I think is great for spring/ summer time. I bought quite a few shades at the time just to try them out and I am definitely happy with them. Can't go wrong really.  

7) I'd never tried any lipsticks from Sleek before this one but after seeing a few reviews I thought I'd give it a go. This is in the colour Barely There, but let me tell you it makes such a difference to your face. It is a pinky nude and I think it brightened my face a lot- which is why I love wearing it in the summer. It was £4.99 so very inexpensive- not matte, but for the summer it just right. I've actually bought a few more different colours from the same range as I think they are just so great for the price.

8) At the time I bought this Revlon lipstick, I had Made in Chelsea in my head. When I saw all the female cast wearing a pale peach lipstick I was on a mission to find one for myself. Their complexion always looks so glowy with that shade of lipstick. I came across this one and was instantly happy. Like I said it is a very pale peachy tone and is quite matte without making your lips dry. It is part of the Super Lustrous range in the shade smoked peach. At £7.49 the price isn't bad but to be honest it doesn't last as long as I'd hoped. 

9) What a surprise, another Avon lipstick. This one is part of the Extra Lasting range in the shade Cappuccino. I can't remember how much but it must have been around £6. At the time I got this I found out that it might get discontinued so I purchased two. It is my go to nude lipsticks as it is just the perfect tone for my lip colour. I was so in love with it, that when they brought it out again I bought another two. Whenever I get people asking me what nude colour I think is the best I advise this one every time.

10) Last Avon lipstick I swear! (blame my mother's friend as she is an Avon rep and is always bringing round new products- and what can I say, lipsticks are my weakness and she knows it!) So not to say very much about this one as it's the same as the other one I featured in this range. The shade of this one is drawn to you and I would describe as a dark fuchsia. What I love about this one is that although it's not a matte finish it actually stains your lips. So I can wear this from 5am (when I have early starts) and it'll literally last until 2 in the afternoon!

11) I almost wanted to cry when I found this- sad but true. At the time I was desperate for the Mac Heroine lipstick but couldn't find it anywhere. This is actually a Topshop one in the shade Straight Ace but is probably more similar to Strong Woman. As soon as I got home I took loads of pictures and couldn't stop smiling. The only thing is though is at £9 I couldn't understand why they had priced their makeup range higher than I think it should be- but that's just my opinion of course. That being said, I'll still buy more of their lipsticks though as the colours are just perfect for me.

12) I've left my favourite one until last. So finally there is this Kate Moss Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick in 107. I get asked about this one every time I wear it and no wonder why because it is just the colour out of all colours. I would describe it as a dark berry tone- so great for this winter. I never used to try any of Kate's range but after seeing how great my friend's lipstick always was I decided to give in and get one myself. I actually bought this when I was doing a clients makeup for her wedding (and if I'm being honest) after I tried it on her, I went straight home and put it on myself. Since then I've managed to get others to buy this one, and I think you should too. At £5.49 I had to stop myself from getting all of the shades from this collection! However I did find this had the same problem as my Avon lipstick (from number 3) but just follow my steps from that one and you're good to go!

Woo, so that is all of them - I can now breathe. I have quite a few lipsticks and I really struggled to get it down to this last pick. What can I say, some people have children, others have dogs- well lipsticks are my babies. I would have liked to have done swatches but there were just so many to show that it would have been a little difficult. However, let me know which is your favourite in the comments and if I get a large response to a few of them, I'll do a more detailed review.


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