Thursday, 20 March 2014

what weather change?

This British weather has been more unpredictable than an episode of Towie and Made in Chelsea combined! One minute it's raining, so I'm getting my coat on. The next it's sunny so I'm stripping layers off. Then it deceives me by looking hot, when in actual fact it's very cold, and I've made the mistake of not bringing that coat with me! *note to self, always bring a jacket at all times*

My skin therefore tends to suffer as a result. As I've mentioned before I have combination skin type- so my cheeks tend to be quite dry but my nose will be very oily. It will start getting tighter and drier whilst my spots seem to increase (learn how I get rid of mine here). But thanks to a little experimenting over the years, I've found a few solutions that keeps me feeling and looking great all year round. 

1) I've gone through so many makeup wipes and lotions, and even if they claim to be for dry skin, I still don't believe they work. However Johnson's Makeup Be Gone Wipes have been my absolute favourite since my journey with makeup began. I just feel that without that much pressure they take off everything with one swift motion. Especially when the weather changes, my skin gets really tight- and often enough I think some wipes will make this worse. But where these wipes are quite moisture based, my face just feels so hydrated not just when I use them but continuing the feeling hours after. Therefore I only ever need to use one wipe at a time. You might have noticed that these are the 'normal skin' range. The reason why I don't use the 'dry skin' ones any more is because they tend to be too greasy, which won't be good if you suffer from acne. But trust me these work just as well. Another fault of Johnson's makeup wipes is that they average around £3.50 for one pack- which I don't think is the best value. However recently I've discovered an alternative in Aldi's own makeup wipe range- and as they are so similair, at £1 they are great!

2) I couldn't be happier that a friend of mine introduced this cream to me. At the time they were on special offer, so I thought why not give it a try. And I haven't used anything else since! Garnier came up with a Moisture Match moisturiser range that can help anyone to dry, normal, combination, and very dry skin. After giving them all a quick go on my hand I decided on the 'very dry' one because at the time my face was having its own issues! This is literally so rich and creamy that I could feel my skin improving within the first week. And that's the beauty with it- it doesn't just hydrate you in the moment but all day long too! I know my friend has since experimented with a few of them, but if you think you're similar to me just go straight for this one.

3) I was a bit reluctant to try this at first, just as I didn't know if it was going to be worth it. But you know you'll never know unless you try it. I'd heard quite a bit about this Moroccan Oil Treatment doing wonders for the likes of Rihanna in so many different magazine. So after giving it a months trial, I have to admit, I did see some major changes. Some people told me that it did nothing for them but I think it's all about personal preference. For me my hair can get very frizzy and my roots can get so dry and itchy. Especially wearing a scarf all day long, I just want to rip it off on some days (haram police, stay back, I don't actually do so) but I'll just be in such agony I feel like it needs some air. But after using this I noticed that that issue slowly stated to decrease and my curls were going so much tighter. Although it can be a little pricey for such a small bottle, you only need a drop to do the job- so it lasts for ages. *beware, if you use more than that it will get super stiff- this is coming from experience!*

4) I've never been one to use body scrubs- partly due to the fact that they tend to irritate my skin. Sometimes my skin gets so bad that I have to avoid most shower gels. However after trying so many diffferent products I thought I'd finally give into The Body Shop craze. My sister is seriously obsessed with 99.9% of their products so she'll always make us pop in there. I've always been a fan of their makeup so I gave this one a go (plus it was on offer for £5). This body scrub is the brazil nut flavour and oh my lord, I just want to eat myself after I use it- the smell is amazing! Plus I find that it makes my skin feel so much smoother than anything else- and guess what, it does this without causing a single sore. Obviously I wouldn't recommend using this on broken, damaged skin, but for everywhere else it works wonders! And as you can see I've nearly finished this pot, so onto the next one it is!

5) I've spoken so much about this Bio-Oil so much already, so I think I'll just write a list of the reasons why I keep this by my side at all times:

- It gets rid of scars and marks
- It sinks into my skin so quickly
- Preservative free
- Suitable for sensitive dry skin (yay!)
- Removes dry patches
- Makes skin feel super hydrated
- Cures stretch marks
- You can apply as much as you want on, as frequently as you desire
- It comes in a handy size (great for handbags)
- Improves uneven skin tone (one of my major problems)
- Not expensive!
- Makes you look younger
- Not just for the face, but also great for hands, feet and body too

... And breathe!

6) I used to have such major issues with my lips. They were so cracked and dry that it would make it difficult to apply my lipsticks- and anyone that reads my blog knows that my lipsticks are my life. I would try everything, from scrubbing my lips with a toothbrush (yeahh, never works!) to leaving overnight lip creams on it. Then one day this Carmex Lip Balm was on special offer in Superdrug so I just bought it spontaneously. To be honest, this was all by pure chance but I'm so happy I did buy it now! I've had this one for absolutely ages, and as you can see I've hardly used that much to make a difference. But a difference it has made! My lips have never felt any better, and I used this so long ago but my lips are still so smooth! I literally cannot remember a time when I had cracked lips actually. So any time they do start to play up, I'll just wack this on. 

7) So last, but certainly not least, is the amazing Herbal Essences Seductively Straight shampoo and conditioner. I will not use anything but this on my hair. My mother has got a bit of a thing for buying as many different hair products as possible, so I've tried my fair amount over the years! And most of them just make my hair feel horrible! You'll think it's all nice when you're in the shower but as soon as it dries, my hair will just shrivel up. Take L'Oreal shampoos and conditioners for example- one of the worst ever. My hair will become more dry than it was before I washed it. And don't get me even started on Head And Shoulders products- I swear this is the reason my roots got worse, which is ironic considering it is meant to demolish dandruff! However Herbal Essences just make my hair shine like no other. Which ever one of their ranges that I use, the results always outdo the last. This one in particular is my favourite as it specialises in super dry and fine hair like my own. Also it leaves a sweet, long-lasting smell too!

So although there are some other beauty products I use, these are my holy grail items that I could not live without. I've always said this, but I truly believe that you don't have to pay the most to get the best results. If anything, I actually think that the really high-end, expensive products are the ones with the most damaging chemicals in them. Obviously all the above are only really for those with the same issues as mine. But if you want some advice on really oily or normal skin just let me know! So, what are your must have items? 


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