Wednesday, 30 April 2014

*brow in the spotlight- april addition*

It's the end of the month so there's only one thing left to do- give details of my brows latest gift they received from their mother. If you read my last *brow in the spotlight* post, you'll already know that there was a certain product that I wanted to buy but was out of stock. However my wish was granted because I managed to finally get hold of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade. For anyone who doesn't know what it is (and you should all know by now because Queen Anastasia is the provider of all things brow and beauty) the Dipbrow Pomade is a cream formula that claims to be 'smudge and water proof'. So obviously, with the help of my beautiful brows, I had to try out these theories out. 

I bought mine from Net-A-Porter, as they were the only one at the time who still had 'Dark Brown' at the time (I think they are now completely sold out). It cost me £15 for the actual thing but then altogether with postage it was £20 so not the cheapest brow product. I have to make note about the shipping process- for free they'll wrap your delivery. So I thought why not make my purchase look pretty. But I think we all should just appreciate how slick and beautiful the detailing is- they even throw in a free measuring tape! (not going to lie, I've since kept the box)

After doing a bit of research on the different shades, I thought that 'Dark Brown' was probably my safest bet. It is described as a cool brown and I love grey, ashy tones for my brows. Just like the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz, the Dipbrow has an equally wide variety of colours so no need to panic. So thoughts on the colour: both pigmented and exact match of the description. I was so happy because this is the exact colour that I would go for when using Mac brow pencils. In terms of texture, it is very creamy when you first apply it but then after it sets it is completely dries in place. I liked to apply concealer around my brows a little after the gel was a bit more solid just so it wasn't smudging everywhere. Another tip is that only a little is needed! I am all for brow creativity, but beware that the more heavy handed you are it will just look very cakey. Think less pressure and more gentle strokes (handle with care). When I was applying this, it glided on so smoothly and was super easy. Even my sister, who is an absolute walking disaster, managed to crack it. So for all of you beginners out there, this is definitely a great way to start on your road to the perfect arch.

Also my predictions were totally on point, this was much easier to gain a sharper shape with this than the Brow Wiz (or any other pencil for that matter). I've watched loads of tutorials of this on people with problematic eyebrows. I had the perfect shape I could ever wish for- that was until a few months ago when I got a little wax happy and took a whole chunk out of my right brow. However this managed to cover it up like no other! To prove this further I tried it on my sister (the walking disaster), who lets just say isn't blessed in the brows department (cough cough, I blame that on my mother's genes). However I managed to achieve a miracle that even Queen Anastasia would be proud of! So any of you who's scars have left gaps in their brows or maybe with patchy areas, this is a great solution.

Now in terms of it being 'smudge free and waterproof' I would say that it is correct in both departments. For example when I was using it I would sometimes dab some of the excess from my brush onto my hand. And I could not get it off even when I would scrub my hand really hard with water and soap. First tick is checked off. And throughout a very busy day, not even the sweat on my stressed forehead would get this stuff to budge. So when I'm running around my university library, I don't have to worry that my brows are looking rough. Second tick checked off.

To achieve the kind of look I get in my pictures, I used an avon small angled brush and then cleaned it up with some Benefit concealer. However over time I realised it worked better with a liquid concealer so I then reverted back to my Rimmel London Wake Me Up concealer. But I have to admit that I often turned back to my Brow Wiz brush to help soften the inner corners. So I think I might invest in the Brush that is available in the Anastasia Beverly Hills range. 

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  1. Hey Dina! I recently started following your blog and instagram and i believe you followed me back as well... haha random. I've been wanting to start up my blog for 3 years now and you really inspired me to kick things into gear. Thank you so much for all of your hard work. {love the brows} kisses!

    1. Hey Sami I thought I recognised the name! Thank you so much that means a lot! It definitely took me a while myself so the fact that I inspired someone else makes me so happy.

      Dina xx

  2. I have yet to try Anastasia Beverly Hills products but they look great!

    1. You have to try this one it is amazing! Could not live without it



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