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lady lavender: on a budget.

I did a 'be spring ready: on a budget' post on the most popular runway makeup looks for less. And as it seemed to go down quite with you all I thought I'd do another one- this time lavender. I've mentioned before that pastels are a huge trend for spring and summer but I'm yet to do a makeup look on them just as I don't think they really suit me. However I'm really loving pastel purple at the moment and it seems to be a new craze these past few months. Everyone has either got lavender hair, lavender nails, lavender clothes, lavender lips. So I've decided to do a pastel lavender eye makeup look- for less!

Instead of doing it on myself like I normally do, I've decided to use my best friend Jessica as my test model. Although I think this look can be adapted to any skin tone (which I'll talk about later) I just love how pale her skin is, so it'll make everything just pop. When I was initially discussing with her about what I wanted to achieve, the best way I could describe it was a 'prom queen from the future'- loves her pastels, covered in diamonds and just looks liked she's been brought down from space. Weird yes, but I knew it would work. So when I was scanning through the high street for products, in my head I was searching for things that I could either soften or build up in colour as well as some metallics. I've seen  some great colour selections in H&M and Boots, but the first shop I went to was Superdrug because they have a lot of low-based brands that are fairly cheap (but still good quality). 

The first thing I purchased was this Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR Cream Gel eye shadow in the shade 'Endless Purple'. This is only £4.99 and I think they are a makeup bag vital! I have them in so many different colours and they are so similar to Mac's paint pots- you can use them as a base, primer, or as I have just purely a shadow. They are so soft but as soon as they dry they last all day long without budging! After I found this I was quite open-minded as to what to buy next- lets just say that by the end of my day my hand was covered in a billion shades of purples. GOSH offer quite a few different types of eyeliners, even ones with a brush at the end. But I went with this Velvet Touch eyeliner in 'Temptation' for £4.99 because it's incredible if you want to smudge it out. Also it has a metallic finish, which makes it look more expensive than it actually is. That's pretty much it for the purples- might seem strange as my look is based on this but I felt that if I used too many products it would look overdone whereas I aimed for something more basic. The next two items was to make the eyes stand out a bit more. This MUA Intense Eye Liner Pencil in 'Snow White' is an absolute bargain and I know I'm going to end up buying them all! This was only £1 and it is absolutely great for the price and even comes with a built in sharpener (which actually works, unlike some other ones I've used). It is so creamy and so pigmented that I would even compare it to some expensive brands. Lastly I bought this 

Barry M Metallic liquid eyeliner in 'Silver' for £4.79. Although I don't think you necessarily need this for your own look, I decided it would finish everything off. However instead of using this in the usual way, I decided to do something a bit different with it. I couldn't find a good enough metallic eyeshadow so I thought I liquid liner has enough colour and stickiness to make a nice base. So that's all the purchases I bought for the eyes alone- it's important to note that everything else I used was a mixture of high and low brand items. The budget element was all about the eyes because I wanted to show you don't need to spend a lot to have a great party look.

So for Jess, I based my idea half on what I said before and also what I've seen on this years runway. I wanted an emphasis on the inner eye folds but wanted the lids and lash line to look fresh. So I put the the Color Tattoo on her eyes and blended it out with just my fingers- this way I would get a lot of colour on, but then can easily control how much I wanted to soften it. After I put the GOSH liner 2/3 on the her upper lash lines but winged it right out. Again I softened this out because I didn't want this to be too harsh- I was aiming for a really girly look. Once I had done this I could judge how much more colour I wanted to apply- so again I added more and more colour from the Color Tattoo and repeated the process of blending it out. The more you add the more dramatic it will be, so it's all about personal preference. You could easily leave it like this for an everyday look but I think this is more for a party. So I lined the whole off Jessica's eyes with the white eyeliner but as it's so creamy I actually applied it all on her bottom lashes and her tear duct area- this just makes the eyes look more awake. Then to finish this off I dabbed some of the silver liquid liner on the centre of her lids, and brought this slightly up towards the crease. I loved doing this because when she opened her eyes you could see it, so it just made everything even more glamorous.  

In terms of the rest of her face, I didn't want to add too much colour to Jessica's complexion except for the cheeks- I applied a Nars blush to give a rosey, glowy look. For the eyebrows you're aiming for a Cara Delevingne brow- so slightly bushy but quite dark as well. To recreate that I used the Anastasia Brow Wiz just because the brush is amazing for this. And then as you may have noticed, I love a dark lip. As a pale pink may have been a bit predictable, I chose a really dark brown- and if I'm honest I think it made the eyes stand out a lot more than it already did! Also it just makes it a bit edgy which is something I look for when doing makeup. 

So I hope you enjoyed this post- I know I loved doing this and Jessica looks great if I say so myself! I think not only did all the eye products work well together, I think they are great individually! (and great prices too). I think out of everything the biggest surprise was the MUA eyeliner as it was great for value but so easy to work with too. So I'll definitely be going back to get more soon. Let me know what you think in the comments and don't forget to follow! 


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