Monday, 14 April 2014

mini fashion and beauty haul: wedding addition.

So like I've been documenting on my Instagram, some of you may know that I attended a wedding this weekend. And because I'm the most organised person in the world, I left it until the last minute to get all the finishing touches for my outfit. So this means crazy Dina coming out to rummage whatever the high street has to offer- which most of the time means that I never actually get what I initially wanted. However this time I've got to say, although it took me a whole day of panic and sweat to find, I'm pretty happy with purchases. So I thought I'd share my thoughts on my mini beauty and fashion haul. 

1) I don't know if anyone is having the same problem as me at the moment but I could not find any nude or tan heels. They are either pastel or have pink undertones. Any of the shoes I had in mind from New Look or Primark were on sale- and of course those that were left were not in my size. But luckily enough I managed to find these beauties from Dorothy Perkins for £25. When I go to a wedding or party I'm always on the move from morning to evening so my feet end up in agony. With these shoes though the chunky heel offers comfort, but the front gives the illusion that you are still wearing high heels! I was literally wearing these for 12 hours straight and it really did not hurt me at all. I was even told that they made me look taller. (the secret trick about wearing nude heels) If this is pricey for anyone ASDA actually offer a similar pair for £14 but they are a lighter cream with a black heel. 

2) I'm more of an extra large handbag type of girl, so it's understandable that my clutch collection is virtually non-existent. For my outfit I was in major need for a gold clutch with maybe a little feature of tan to pull in the colours of my shoes together. However I could not find anything! I was starting to think I was going to end up being a walking fifty shades of cream! I went around everywhere in town and was preparing to have to carry my phone and lipstick around all day with me. Then I remembered seeing a few cool seasonal stuff in ASDA so thought I'd try my luck. I managed to find this tan leather, metallic woven clutch for £8- a real bargain. It has more of a silver undertone so not really what I was hoping for but still great nonetheless. However what's great about this is that it actually fold out so it has double the amount of room than it looks. Also the material inside is the same as a wash bag, so if you end up getting it covered in makeup (like me) than its super easy to clean out. 

 3) I have now got all of the Katy Perry eyelashes and these did not disappoint. Personally I hate lases that almost touch your eyebrows nor do I like the ones where each of the lashes are spread too far apart. Obviously I don't want to look natural when I wear them, but that doesn't mean I have to completely swamp my eyes. They are meant to enhance! What I love about Katy's collection is that she offers a selection of small eyelashes (so no need to get the scissors out) that range from really thick to fine. These ones are probably down the thicker end of the choices, and are just enough for me. I find that these always stay in place. are so easy to apply and are completely reusable for a long time. I got these particular ones from Superdrug for just under £6. 

4) I've heard so much about this Maybelline Fit Me foundation from bbloggers and vloggers for a long time. And a while back I thought I'd give it a quick go on my face while I was out shopping. But at the time I just ruled it out because it tended to make my dry patches look worse. However this weekend I felt like getting a new foundation and wanted to give this one another go. I found that the more I blended this in with my buffing brush it actually looked really dewy and softened onto my skin quite nicely. They offer quite a good range of colours, my shade is 120 which was pretty spot on. I purchased this from Superdrug for £7.99 which isn't that bad but still probably not the greatest foundation ever.

5) I love these! I think they are so great that they can easily be compared to Mac paint pots. This is of course the Maybelline Color Tattoo eyeshadow pots. These make a great base for any eyeshadow or can be used alone. I knew that I'd be wearing a lot of gold eyeshadow for the wedding so I bought this in the shade On and on Bronze. Because it's slightly sticky when you first apply it, it can pick up all the pigments from the eyeshadow so I don't end up getting it all under my eyes. It dries after a few minutes and this can hold for a long, long time. So long that, although I'm ashamed to admit, there has been some times when I've fallen asleep with this still on and I've woken up to still in place. It's just a great makeup bag must! I got this from Superdrug, and although it's actually £4.99 they are actually doing an offer on selected items that if you buy one you get another product half price. Because I bought the foundation I actually got this for a lot cheaper! It's a total bargain anyway so to get this for half of that can make anyone want to buy them all. (don't miss out!)

6) My outfit was cream so I aimed to go for a dark lip for a more edgy look. I've got quite a few anyway but you can never have enough! I've bought these Topshop lip liners in the past and they are super creamy, so you can actually get away with just wearing this to achieve a matte look. I bought this for £5 in the shade Deception. It reminds me a lot of the Kate Moss 107 lipstick that I love in the sense that it's like a dark raspberry. What's great about this though that if you rub it with you finger you can actually achieve a much softer colour. Of course I slapped loads on because the darker it is, the more I love it. I just wish that they'd start making retractable ones soon though because it is rather hard to sharpen.

7) I know you're meant to save the best for last but I've got to say I was rather disappointed with this Topshop Glow Highlighter. There has been so much hype surrounding this product but I honestly think it could have been better. I bought the shade Polished, which is a white colour with a pinky, purple undertone. At first when I tried it on my hand in the shop I thought it was very creamy and gleamed a lot when the light hit it. I was really excited to use this on the day but it just did nothing for me. I don't know if it's down to my skin tone or the way I applied it but it didn't actually show up. I even applied quite a thick layer, but nope still no result. Also it has more of a mouse consistency I would say so anyone with really dry skin this probably won't work on you. It was £9, and although this is still quite pricey for what it is, I have to say I'd rather pay extra to get an amazing finish. 

So that was everything on my check-list that I purchased over the weekend. The best out of this all was probably the shoes as I know I'll be wearing them throughout the whole of spring and summer. However that glow pot was just a no no, so if anyone has any suggestions on how to make the best of it feel free to drop a comment!


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