Tuesday, 29 April 2014

witchy business: Lime Crime Velvetines Review.

Today's review is on the Lime Crime Velvetines. Anyone who hasn't heard of this brand, they are all about the extreme lips, whether that means extra dark or extra light: think bold! What caught my attention was their Velvetine range. It looks like lip gloss, can be applied like lip gloss but dries completely matte! So I knew I had to get my hands on these babies, especially when I saw the colour range. Grunge, grunge and more grunge.
They claim that they last for 10 hours and are totally kiss and smudge free. So I obviously wanted to put them through my test. 
I didn't purchase mine from the actual website, as I obviously didn't want to pay for the shipping, but luckily enough for me I found some great websites that are selling it within the UK. I was originally going to get them from CutECOsmetics (http://www.cutecosmetics.co.uk/lime-crime-90-c.asp) because I heard such great reviews about the website, but they were all sold out. So I ended up turning to Cocktail Cosmetics (http://www.cocktailcosmetics.co.uk/brand/lime-crime). They are priced for £13.50 and shipping costs around £2.50- might sound like a lot but they are super fast! I bought them in the shades Wicked, Salem and Black Velvet. So that's the general points, now lets get down to business.
(There was no flash used in any of the pictures below. However the lighting varies depending on the light in my room so apologies if it looks different in some of them)

This is a vintage looking dark burgundy. I knew I would love this because this is such a classic red, so this will probably be the one everyone goes to the most. If you are not feeling too adventurous this is the shade for you. 'Wicked' really made my complexion look a lot brighter than it is which is a plus for me. I was so excited to try it and my first impressions did not leave me disappointed. I intentionally thought that I would have to use one of my own applicators as I'm personally not a fan of lip gloss brushes. However the brush for this is quite small so super easy to get into all of the details of your mouth. It dried on within I would say a good minute- however I would still give it another 30 before you get too crazy. The trick is that the more layers you put on the longer it takes to dry. So my tip is to do one thin layer, let it dry, and then apply some more until you are happy. Also I expected the colour to look dull once it dries, and although the colour does fade slightly, it was still very vibrant.

So after it ticked all the first few boxes, I left it for half an hour and then did a kiss test (see picture below) and this one was pretty good at not leaving anything on the paper. The only part that showed was the outline of my bottom lip, but that's just where I applied the most on. However I did find that when I ate and drank it tended to wear off in the middle, but still excellent and far better than any other lip products!

This is milk chocolate shade- rich and creamy. I have to admit, I honestly did not think I was going to like this one that much because pictures I've seen haven't done it justice (even my own pictures aren't showing it off as well as it looks in person)! But as soon as I put it on 'Salem' gave me a real 90's vibe, which is obviously very current at the moment. Although 'Wicked' wasn't patchy that much, I think out of the three this one was best in terms of layers. You only need to apply one to get a good effect. When it comes to texture and lasting wise, I had this on all day and it did not budge at all!
This had the exact same results as the previous Velvetine- after 30 minutes it left a slight mark on from the bottom lip outline but that is all! And you should take note that I was pressing pretty hard on the paper so the results are amazing.

Black Velvet
I'm not going to lie, when I bought this range this was the one I was dying to try- for all the right and wrong reasons. Yes this is for the daring kind, but I was feeling particularly brave when I purchased them. This is 'Black Velvet', which of course is black. I have never worn something like this before but I've always wanted to try it. The problem is the ones that are out there can be a little too much of a satin finish. So when I found this I was so excited to start using it. Out of the three it was the most patchiest, so a good few layers are needed to really get the colour going. I don't know why on my skin it looked either blue or green but I promise you it is black. It can look a little flat though so my tip would be to get a little black or clear gloss and to put this in the centre. Plus I found that the texture of this 'Black Velvet' felt a little more flaky, but I guess it just takes some time getting used to such a matte lip gloss.
In regards to the final kiss test, it was pretty much the same but a little off the top came onto the paper. The fact that it is hard to notice in the pictures proves how well this is. The tiniest bit that comes off does not compare to normal lip products, so it really does say what it does on the tin.

Overall I would say the Velvetines are an absolute must have! They have not let me down in comparison to some other makeup products (that receive too much hype). So I am desperate to invest many more items in the Lime Crime collection. There are more shades in the Velvetine range but they were sold out- so as soon as I can get my hands on them I will. I think it's fair too say that I too want to become a member of their unicorn, pretty pastel tribe. Which ones are your favourite? 


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  2. These look amazing on you, especially the Wicked one! I think I'm definitely getting myself a tube of that :-)


  3. So glad I just came across this blog! I am in love, you are so on point! xxx




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