Sunday, 18 May 2014

big beauty haul part II: ELF.

Like I mentioned in Part I of this beauty haul, ELF was featuring a special deal at the time that when you spend over £20 you receive a free gift set worth £20. So I thought it was essential to share a sneak peek of what the gift set includes. From what I can remember there were 3 categories you could have chosen from: a pastel collection, a vibrant collection and then a neutral collection. None of them really took my fancy so I just went for the neutrals as that was the safest bet. In total they gave 6 different products- a duo eye shadow cream, 2 lip glosses, a lipstick, an eye shadow and an eye primer. They aren't doing this deal any more, but I'm sure it'll come in handy if they ever do!

1) Duo Eye Shadow Cream (£1.95)
I wouldn't describe this as a cream for of a gloss as it's so sheer. In the pictures below I had to put three or four layers before I got any clear results. I have a feeling that this won't be to many peoples taste, and normally not my own, however I have a few ideas how to make the most out of it. On the runway, the latest trend right now is glossy lids. Loads of Instagramers have been uploading some amazing pictures of their own recreations of these looks. I think I will definitely have to give it a go with this product because the colours are actually quite nice. I would describe it as a brown with a purple undertone and a lavender. So if you dare to do the same this is a great way to start- especially with how cheap it is!

2) Mineral Eyeshadow (£3)
This mineral eyeshadow pigment is super soft and there is just enough in the pot. This wouldn't be a shade I'de normally go for, as it's a super shimmery light pink, but I was fairly surprised. It is quite pigmented and you don't need to use that much to get good results. I think the glitter is a little thick though, so this wouldn't be something I would apply on the brow bone as it would look too obvious- which I hate. However this would be great for the centre of the lids or even the tear ducts. For the price, the pigmentation is quite amazing actually- I've used quite expensive mineral eyeshadows before and they've been absolutely rubbish. But if you're in to this sort of product then definitely invest in a few of these.

3) Primer Eyeshadow (£2.50)
So anyone who knows me knows that I cannot live without my primer eyeshadows! Not only do they enhance your eyeshadow, but it's great to use on its own too- which I regularly do! So I was so excited when I saw that they included something similar. I was still really excited when I saw the colour- a deep coco with a bronze undertone. And then I used it- it's safe to say my excitement went just as quick as it came. The primer isn't so bad when you first apply it, in fact the pigmentation is pretty strong, but it is very hard to use. As soon as I went to touch it, it totally peels off to the point where my skin colour is so evident against it. I just don't get it. Why make a product that you can't eve touch without it coming totally off. Absolute waste! So do not buy!

4/5) Mineral Lipstick (£5) and Mineral Lip Gloss (£5)
I teamed these two up together as they are from the same range and compliment each other in colour- which I'm assuming is what they were trying to achieve. So I'll start with the product that is less worse than the other- the lipstick. It's a satin finish so already not my cup of tea. But I've tried Mac satin finish lipsticks and they are way more pigmented than this ELF one. I know what you are thinking "There's like a £10 difference between the two". But some of my favourite lipsticks are less than £5 and give better results than this one. But just when I thought it couldn't get any worse for me, I then put the lip gloss on. Oh my isn't this something else. Anyone who likes this I apologise for my harshness but this is not a lip gloss. This is wax in a tube. Literally. I applied it on my hand and I could have easily used this to get those extra bits of hair off. It has the most awful honey like texture and doesn't even smell that nice. I thought gloss was meant to be really smooth, but this product was totally resisting my lips it just wouldn't go on. And then once it was I couldn't get it off! I might sound extreme here but I'm telling you now, when out of wax, just apply a good helping of this and you are good to go!

6) Shimmer Lip Gloss (£2.95)
I'm not really a gloss person, I love my matte lipsticks. So you'd think I'd be disappointed to receive two different lip glosses from them. And normally I would have been, however after the previous one I'm actually quite relieved! Unlike the mineral lip gloss, this one has a thinner consistency which makes it much easier to apply. The shimmer was surprisingly subtle actually, which I loved, and added just enough glow to catch in camera photos. Don't expect much colour from it though (I had to apply many layers) but it would be great over pink, nude and even red lipsticks. It has a peach tint to it, so if you'd prefer to use it on its own that would be totally fine as well. Comparing the two lip glosses, it just proves that money isn't everything- don't expect amazing results just because you spend more.

I wasn't a fan of free gift sets before this one and I certainly am no fan of them now. I just think that there is not point spending a little extra to get something free when they are going to be of no use to me anyway. Altogether this set is worth over £20 like they promised (40p to be exact) but it might as well have been less. I truly believe that the ELF workers just packed in as many of the least popular products in here just to get rid of them. Don't get me wrong there are some things that I'll use from it, plus it was all free, but the bad products were just really bad! I think I'm just shocked by the mineral lip gloss to be honest- but don't think I'll be throwing it out, it'll come in handy for those days when I haven't got any wax! Leave a comment if you've experienced something similar or even totally disagree with me!


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