Wednesday, 4 June 2014

a designer lift.

Recently I went to Selfridges in London in hope of possibly splurging out a bit. I have to say, considering I spent nearly three hours in there and only came out with one product, I was a little disappointed. I just feel like that is one of the places you have to go a few times to really get what you want- and luckily enough for me I'm going back again this Saturday. Anyway I entered the mayhem knowing that I wanted a good foundation. Lately I've been having a few troubles with my skin: the humidity of this lovely British weather means that my Illamasqua foundation is way to heavy but my drugstore ones aren't enough coverage. Last year I was obsessed with the Garnier BB Cream, but that has sadly left me becoming bored of it. So going back to my dilemma, I was looking for a foundation that gave a full coverage whilst still feeling light on the skin. So after much debate I settled on this Giorgio Armani Designer Lift Foundation.

I have to actually admit something- I'm actually an Armani virgin. I've just never felt the need to buy any of their products as they've never really appealed to me. However I wanted to get out of my comfort zone and try something a little new. Now I am every sales advisor's worst nightmare because when they try to help me at makeup counters I just like doing my own thing (not to mention they've given terrible advice in the past). I can be super picky and to be honest don't tend to agree with their choices. But seeing as I was out of my element in the Armani section I thought why not get a little assistance if they're offering it! I gave the lovely makeup artist the list of characteristics I desired and that's when she suggested the Designer Lift Foundation. As well as ticking all the above boxes, it also has SPF 20 and P+++ (which means that it is protecting me from the sun rays all summer). She recommended shade 4 for me and for once I actually agree with her. I would describe it as a fair shade with yellow undertones, so absolutely great for me. My complexion looked a lot brighter and my skin felt so smooth! I could tell that this would make an amazing base for makeup. The downfall to this product is that it's slightly on the pricey end at £41 for 30ml. However Selfriges are clever at placing bright lights all around the store so I had to see if this worked just as well in everyday settings. 

At Home...
There's always this feeling of secret worry if the product was just all an illusion. And yes I did notice a few negatives that I didn't in the store. But first I want to talk about the good before the ugly. Still my complexion looked much more brighter than before, and I love how this foundation enhances the yellow tone in my skin. A problem I find with dewiness in general is that sometimes that can translate to sticky instead. However this looks glowy, in particular my cheeks caught the light, whilst still maintaining a matte finish.  You'll notice this more if you let it dry a little, and once it sunk into my skin my god did it make me feel soft! Unbelievably soft! I have to warn you that it can look greasy at first but as soon as it sets in the skin it actually feels quite matte. Because of the great texture it made an amazing base for the rest of my makeup. This might be a little pricier than other foundations but I teamed up a cheap Rimmel London concealer with it and it worked really well- better than it ever looked before actually. So in that respect it kind of balances everything else out. This is a medium to full finish coverage, however that all depends how many layers you put. Personally I got the best results when I used two small pumps rather than one big one- this way you can build it up. But if you did want more of a sheer look one layer is totally enough. Also this foundation smells incredible! It has a citrus scent to it that reminds me a lot of an Aveda foundation I used to own a while back and loved at the time. The major problem I had with this though was that it didn't particularly work with the dry patches on my skin. I did make a point of telling the sales assistant that I suffered from combination skin, which she said would not be a problem. However I noticed the cracks in my skin slightly more than usual. Not that I want it to be a miracle worker, but for the price it should help my skin instead of creating issues that I would expect from drugstore ones. So anyone with dry or acne skin I would not recommend this if I'm honest. Which is disappointing really considering it does look great in pictures. 

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