Sunday, 1 June 2014

*brow in the spotlight- may addition*

If you read my Elf Haul post you would know that I went on a bit of a splurge on their website. And one of the products that caught my eye was their Elf Studio Eyebrow Kit. One of the reasons for this is the fact that it's an absolute bargain at £3.95 for a wax and powder set. Also I've never really use this type of brow product so I thought why not start at the lower end of the budget scale. So here are my swatches and impressions from the month I gave this a go.

What instantly drew me to this- apart from the price itself- was that the colours looked very cool toned which I love! I chose to go with something a little different and chose the darkest shade 'Dark'. I thought seeing as the powder looked quite ashy and then the wax offered a dark brown I was getting the best of both worlds. However looks can be very deceiving- they are actually very warm, in particular the powder. I wouldn't mind if it was maybe a chocolate brown but I found that it had an orange tinge to it. So much so that parts of my brows looked like a tan gone wrong! Not only that but I just found that the texture was very chalky. When I tried to apply the powder first it came on very patchy and the pigmentation wasn't great. I'm not sure what everybody else's preferences are regarding this kind of combo but with this one, if you choose to put on the powder then wax you don't really get the best out of either. So I played around a bit and found that by applying the wax first I was able to build up a nice colour and then the orange from the shadow showed much less.

In terms of how well it defined my eyebrows: yeahh pretty much non-existent really. It is quite thin so it's hard to get some kind of shade from it because the colour really isn't that pigmented or strong. So for anyone with patches or scarring round the brow area this really won't help at all. But at the same time I wouldn't even recommend this for a natural look because by the time you've applied layer after layer to get some kind of result you end up with over the top brows. For mine in particular it didn't blend in well which made the mistakes in my brows more obvious than before. Also the poor pigmentation meant that I was taking much longer to do my brows than normally, which isn't great for me personally because I don't get a lot of time. And like a knock on effect, this also meant that it really did not last that long once I got it looking good. However bad it was though, true to my word I did try and give this a go for the whole month- even if I was tempted a few times to turn back to my Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow. Another major problem with this is the brush applicator it comes with. Yes it is fantastic for them to include this but I found there to be no point really. It is a miniature one which is a plus, but it is such bad quality. The brush hairs are so fine that it makes it so difficult to use. So I ended up just having to use my Avon angled brush instead. 

What I did find great about this kit was the size. It is probably the length of my palm so super handy to just pop into my handbag if I'm in a rush. Another thing is that I was fairly surprised how much I loved the colour of the wax. There was times that I just used that instead of the powder as well. I think if I take anything away from this product is that I might start going for darker colours more often!  

Colour Selection



Lasting Power


And the Brow's overall comment: 
"The price might be right but if it isn't doing anything for the brows it's a no-go!"


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