Monday, 30 June 2014

feeling breezy.

It feels like forever since I've done a fashion post but the truth is my bedroom is currently under construction so it's been a bit difficult. Nonetheless the sun has really started to come out to play, so with that in mind, I've had to adapt my wardrobe for it. It's all about the mixed denim and ombré for my latest street style. 

Anyone who knows me, realises that I tend to stick to black throughout the whole year- even in these scorching, humid conditions. However with the help of my new found love in ombre scarves, I can manage to keep up with the brighter trends without giving up the colour totally. I just think for anyone who wants to add a bit of colour to their look without being extreme this is just a perfect solution. So when I went to London recently I decided to stock up on a few of these scarves that I thought I could work most- including a grey and black mix as well as a two toned burgundy. I think I'm relying on ombre so much recently it's literally taken over me- I've even started trying to give the ombre lip trend a bit of a go too! It's just so much fun. As for the rest of my ensemble I've really struggled this summer to find outfits that both look good, is my style and keeps me cool. So lately I have invested in some really baggy t-shirts- this one is from Urban Outfitters and was reduced to £12 in the sale so I couldn't say no. It's super soft, comfy and looks great with short jackets. I think by teaming the two I am not so hot but still covered. I've never really been into denim jackets but I am in love with this boyfriend fit on from ASOS. I got it for £45 but since then it has gone down to £22 in the sale so grab it now before it goes. This jacket is so much better in person than in the photos because the quality is just so amazing. It seems so vintage as it's not at all flimsy but thick and just the right cut. I teamed up this all up with my trusty Topshop Leigh skinny jeans and Asda black heeled sandals. 

To finish off added some eastern-influenced jewellery. This Primark necklace caught so much attention on my instagram and rightly so! Silver stacked necklaces are quite big on the high-street right now so when I saw this one for £6 I grabbed at the chance. It's not a solid colour but instead a mixture of silver and grey which I think makes it look more authentic. Then for my arm candy I teamed up with some jewelled costume bangles that I got last year for my sister's wedding and this Miss Selfridge gold bracelet that also went down to £1.50 (I know, I love a bargain!!). I love mixing up different metallics rather than just sticking to one. This bag needs a round of applause on it's own! It's from Tesco and was £14. Anyone who thinks supermarkets only have food to offer are wrong! When I went searching for a new black bag I wanted something a little smaller than my usual oversized ones, but bigger than a side bag. This has a perfect balance of both elements- and looks a bit like something Kylie Jenner would wear just without the ridiculous price tag. And a summer look wouldn't be complete without sunglasses. Mine were £4.50 from Forever 21 and are different than some of my others. They are a cat-eye shape but are a transparent grey, so totally bringing back the 90's. 

What is everyone else wearing this summer?


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