Friday, 13 June 2014

matte effect.

Ever since trying out Lime Crime's Velvetines I have been obsessing over liquid lipsticks. Not only are they quicker to apply but they last all day long. So when I saw that Illamasqua came out with their own collection for summer 2014 I knew I had to test them out myself. I'm all for a bold lip!

These are part of their 'Matte Effect' summer line which is full of bright pinks and corals. They cost £18.50 (so a bit pricey) and have three different colours in the range. I purchased 'Exotic' and 'Surrender' but opted out of Forbidden. It was like a bubblegum pink so I knew this would be something that wouldn't suit my complexion. Exotic is a super bright deep orange whilst Surrender is a neon peach. The first thing that instantly caught my attention was how pigmented these are. The colour on this is so extreme- I don't even think my camera is illustrating this so much- that you'll be spotted from a mile away. So any summer parties, local or abroad, that you're attending this is absolutely perfect for them! I myself tend to stay clear of overly bright lipsticks but this is an exception. As soon as I put them on (and I hope my pictures showed this) I just feel like they brightened my complexion immensely. They made my big lips look even bigger, not like I'm complaining, so anyone with small lips this will be great for you! When they are applied though it can be a bit tricky because they tend to come across quite patchy instead of smooth. My tip to avoid this is to apply a thin layer first, wait for it to dry slightly and then apply another layer until you feel happy with the result.  

In terms of colour I would say Exotic is my favourite. It's exactly what it says on the tin- all tropical and exotic. This looks great with bronzed lids and cheeks like I've done here with my own look. Whereas I would probably wear this one more often, Surrender on the other hand really didn't flatter my lip shape. However the problem I found with it is how tacky in texture it is. In feels like it's never properly settled so I couldn't relax with it on. And I don't want to compare it with the Lime Crime ones but I can't help it! As soon as the Velvetines dry out (and that's within seconds) this takes like ten minutes in comparison. So if you want to apply another layer once it's totally dry, you can't because it just ends up going very flaky. And they can seem very confusing because the tackiness gives the impression that it hasn't dried but when you do dry and take it off it's like peeling off paint! Not the nicest sensation. However Surrender is a lot more smoother in texture and feels quite soft so I don't know why Exotic is such a disappointment. Again though it is still very tacky which can be quite off-putting. It almost reminds me of the same sensation as putting water over oil. Anyone with dry and cracked lips will find this quite daunting when wearing this- it shows every fine line.

I think the colour is exactly what is expected from Illamasqua- bold and full of pigmentation. It is just unbelievably vivid more so then anything I've ever worn before. Which is what makes this such a big shame. I just do not like the texture of it whatsoever so for £18.50 I don't think it is exactly the best value for that price. But I do want to give it another go so maybe I'll try it out with a bit of lip primer beforehand. 

Drop a comment if you've tried this yourself or if you have any questions about this product. 


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