Sunday, 8 June 2014

may favourites.

May has definitely been a month where I've revisited old loves rather than discovering new ones. This month the weather has been absolutely unpredictable in the UK- going cold one minute and then hot the next. So these favourites were all the tools I needed to deal with it...

1) These Heels are the Dorothy Perkins ones that I actually featured on the blog a while ago. But I have to admit as much as I loved them at the time I didn't get that much use out of them- until this month. The past three weeks I have literally been wearing these heels all the time! (hence the foot imprints) I just think because they are cream they can go with mostly anything. They have the element of comfort as well as glamour, turning a plain outfit into a chic one. And when I say comfortable- I honestly mean it. I went shopping in London with these babies and my feet were fine. Once I started uni, I ditched the heels for my Nikes but these have reinstalled my love in them. And it's a rule that tan heels give the illusion of longer legs, which is great for someone like me who is quite short!

2) I can't get enough of these Forever 21 sunnies! I normally go for boxy sunglasses with a thin frame because my cheeks are really chubby. So whenever I have tried a thicker frame my chubby cheeks always end up getting squashed. However these are my new favourites. They are a transparent cat-eye retro pair and they are just so stylish. Not only that, they also leave enough room for me to smile. I was always going to buy them but the price put it in concrete for me- they were only £4.50! So a total bargain! I highly suggest these for the summer.

3) I featured this Mac Lip liner in my 'latest lip combos' post. At the time I teamed this with up with Mac Diva Lipstick but since then I've used this with other lipsticks. It is a deep purple, so lovely on its own, but under different coloured lipsticks it adds another dimension. Lately on my Instagram I've been wearing this a lot and get people asking me about it. Not only is the colour edgy but it makes my lipsticks last for so much more longer. And even when it does start to fade, this still as a base means that you still have another layer of colour. If you want to find out more about this product, click on the link for more details. 

4) I reviewed this back in April and it's been an essential ever since! This Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade is a waterproof/ smudge proof brow cream formula. This does not budge at all! And since the sun has decided to come out my face grease has too. But thankfully this manages to keep everything in place even in the most humid times. My shade is 'Dark Brown' which is a cool toned brown. I love it because it's the only product that both shapes my brows as well as covering the patches and missing hairs. 

5) This is the Mac Paint Pot in the shade 'Quite Natural'. I actually purchased this years ago and was into it for a while and then just stopped. This past month I rediscovered it and have been wearing it whenever I want to achieve a quick smokey eye look. It's a warm brown and is highly pigmented. I wear it under eyeshadows as a base or even on its own if I'm in a rush. I am such a big fan of paint pot eyeshadows because they can really accentuate the colour. I love to use this and then pat on a bit of Smog from the Urban Decay Naked palette 1 for a hint of shimmer. It's just something I turn to for a glamorous evening look or even a daytime grunge. Plus it lasts through anything so you can wear it through day to night during the summer without feeling that its come off.   

6) Last but certainly not least is this t-shirt dress from Urban Outfitters. Because of my religion I have to cover so during those times of heat it can be unbearable! But I've been really digging t-shirt dresses. Normal t-shirts are way too short so the dress form helps to still cover certain areas. This one is just super easy to chuck on under a boyfriend denim coat and skinny jeans. I'll finish it off with my lovely cream Dorothy Perkins heels. That way I'm not having to wear a long sleeve top and I feel all nice and airy. The fabric is not super thin so it doesn't stick to any lumps and bumps whilst still giving a bit of structure- and I have many so thumbs up. This was £33 which I think is great considering I wear it constantly!  

So what has helped maintain you looking fresh in the summer heat so far?


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