Wednesday, 11 June 2014

team ombré.

For me summer can be such a pain because if you haven't noticed already I love black. I've just never really been into bright colours and tend to go grunge rather than girly. However one thing I keep consistent throughout my style is a bold lip. No matter how plain my outfit is, a slick of lipstick always brings the whole look up. I've come up with a combination of my own trend and a big trend of the summer to get a fun result- ombré lips. Ombré is great during the warmer season because it just gives the illusion of those summer skies. Not only has it been popping up on this years runway but I've noticed it a lot on Instagram- whether that it is ombré hair, clothes, nails and indeed lips. It's all about creativity!

So I've decided to use a combination of burgundy and black. This way I'm incorporating a few different colours whilst maintaining the one I want to the most. To achieve this look you can use any type of lipstick, but I would recommend something with a satin finish. This way you can build up a strong colour but the glossy texture helps to blend it all in. I've decided to use three different coloured Lip Tars from the brand OCC. I think these are a must for blending or mixing up some of your own colours because the tube element of it works like paint. Also they come in a handy plastic case with a travel-size lip applicator- so perfect to put in your handbag. The shade I chose for the outer corners was Sebastian. This is described as a 'plum-toned taupe' with a matte finish (although I think it was quite glossy). The reason why I went for this rather than a classic nude or pink because I thought the purple undertones would compliment the red better. So next is Vintage which is a deep burgundy with also a matte finish. Then last but not least was Batty for the inner part of my mouth. This is a metallic black with silver sparkly pigments in it. Instead of just choosing a plain black I think this just makes the look a lot more fun as well as making it stand out more. Then the extra products I used for this look (not essential) was this light pink lip liner by Look Beauty called Toffee Cup, Benefit Boi-ing concealer and Creep eyeshadow from the Naked 1 palette

I started off applying the lip liner and some translucent powder as a base for the Lip Tar. This way everything will hopefully last longer as well as giving the colours an extra pop. Then I worked my way inwards first with Sebastian and then gradually adding Vintage and batty. You want to blend whilst your going along but I wouldn't worry about perfecting it until the end. Also try not to overload with them because it can tend to get very messy. Once you've finished to your satisfaction- I went in with a little bit of Creep over Batty just to get the look slightly more Matte- its then time to conceal round your lips to make everything a little more sharp. 

Let me know if you're going to try this lip look or work with ombré in other ways this summer. Have fun!


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