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amrezy palette: review.

Even before I had an Instagram account, I would have @amrezy page saved onto my internet favourites! I actually cannot remember any MUAs I was obsessed with before her if I'm honest. Her makeup is always on point and she takes contouring to another level. And as you all know I'm kinda obsessed with Anastasia Beverly Hills products at the moment. So as soon as I found out the two were collaborating to make an eyeshadow palette, I ordered it!

I purchased my palette from the actual Anastasia Beverly Hills website, just becuase I wanted a few other products that weren't available in the UK. However for all you UK readers, you can buy this from Cult Beauty for just £24 (however I think it's currently sold out at the moment)! For me I think the price is very reasonable considering other cosmetic companies charge anywhere between £35+ for theirs. The cute leopard print palette includes a selection of 5 shimmery shadows and 5 matte ones. What I love about it is the versatility. There's a bit of everything- colour, neutrals, highlighters, tan, warm etc. As soon as it arrived I had about 4 different looks planned already! All the colours are super pigmented! The mattes are probably more than the shimmers but they are all equally buildable. And the texture is just soo creamy! I have to admit though when I first swatched them, I was qa little disappointed with the lighter shimmery shadows because they are so creamy it was hard to get any instant colour from them at first and they can seem a little loose. However the more I used it the easier I found to work with them- and I'm telling you once you crack this too, they will seem like little gems. My tip is to dab them in and not to rub, also putting a little water or fix plus on your brush. Needless to say, the mattes are my long lost loves. They are such a dream to use, it leaves me wondering where they've been all my life. What I love about them, which you will see in the pictures, is how PIGMENTED they are! Like I honestly haven't used anything as buttery yet still so strong as these shadows. You don't have to be too generous or heavy handed to get loads of colour from them. There is hardly any fallout from them, and from what I've experienced they last all day long. There are few that are my favourites more than others, but I'll leave that for my individual descriptions down below. 

The Shimmers

Legend: This is champagne highlighter with yellow undertones. I loved using this under the arch of my brows because when it hits the light it looks amazing. The glitter particles are so tiny that it doesn't look too heavy or cheap. I loved using this on a bride I recently did makeup on because it made her look so glowy.

Glisten: Don't expect this to be just an ordinary pink shadow- in fact it has a beautiful rose gold tint to it. I've used this on the centre of my lids just to give it a bit of a shine and slight colour. Very glamorous and very summer appropriate. It can have a slight fallout though so just make sure to tap and not rub.

Topaz: A bronzed brown that I think would look great for every skin tone! It's very rich in colour and texture, and will look great not only for summer nights but also to add some warmth in the summer. A bright red lip really sets this shadow off to give the perfect bronzed look. I've been doing this a lot recently!

Iridescent Purple: Iridescent it is, but I honestly think it looks brighter in the palette than it does on my skin. However to stop it looking dull and to bring out the colour even more I would consider wetting the brush first or using some kind of primer underneath before use.

Emerald: Exactly what it says on the tin. But you will find the same problems with this one as Iridescent Purple. You can follow the same instructions, however I felt that with really small motioned dabs it worked just as well. Don't be disheartened because as soon as you build the colour it is really pretty. Also I liked to use a lighter emerald kohl pencil underneath and discovered it made it just pop even more!

The Mattes

Vanilla: This reminds me of a paler version of 'Strange' from the Naked 3 Palette. It is a creamy cool vanilla colour. It's really nice as a lid base to build the rest of the colours up. Although this is a matte shade it does have really small glitter particles in it which gives a nice overall shine to it.

Caramel: Hands down one of my absolute favourite colours, not only from this palette but out of all my other shadows I own! I am in love. This is like a dark tanned orange and is AMAZING on the crease area! I don't own any colour like this so I'm glad I have now. Not to mention as well how easily blendable it was to work with. An ABSOLUTE must-have and essential not only for simple looks but also great for evening as well.

Morocco: For me this mahogany shadow takes ones like Caramel from day to night. It will transform your eyes and make them stand out even more. It is great for adding some depth when you don't want to use heavy dark colours to achieve this. Again very blendable and very very pigmented so don't be heavy handed when using it. The combination of this and Caramel are my new found loves!

Deep Plum: This is a gorgeous dark brown with purple undertones to it (hence the name of it). It is so vivid and you only need the slightest amount  to make a difference. Great with the previous two colours, however unlike them I found it hard to smudge. The more you use the harder it is to blend. So beware of this if you don't want to end up looking like you've been punched in the face.

LBD: I love the name of this and like the classic LBD this is an essential as well. I find that with a lot of my palettes the black shadows are not pigmented at all and are either very chalky or just too stiff. However Amrezy and Anastasia have mastered this one! It is very creamy yet pigmented. So not very much more to say about it!

I highly recommend this palette to everyone just because it has a bit of everything. Not only will makeup lovers want to use this endlessly, but this is great for beginners too. It is AMAZING for value, considering as it not only looks good but works like a dream. Every criteria box ticked for me! And FYI I've been using this constantly for all my recent Instagram pictures in case you were wondering.

no flash.


no flash.

I used Caramel on the lower lash line and in my crease area. I then applied some of Morocco on top of Caramel on the crease to give more depth, and blended it all out. Then I added some Deep Plum under my liquid liner and in the outer crease area. Then I finished off with Legend under my brow bone and Glisten and Vanilla in the centre of my lids.


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