Wednesday, 2 July 2014

*brow in the spotlight- june addition*

I've tried powder, wax and gel pots. Since my brows have been a little hard to tame this month, I decided to give this Benefit 'Gimme Brow' Gel a go.

This is described as a "brow-volumising fibre gel" that claims to be water resistant, long-wearing, natural looking and building. So pretty much most of the characteristics I look for when searching for the ultimate brow product. It costs £17.50, slightly pricey for such a tiny size, and comes in two shades. I chose the darker once just as I thought the other might be too light for my dark hairs. I think it's a bit strange to only offer two shades at it leaves a lot of people having to go for something that is slightly off. Again I just keep comparing this product to the Anastasia Beverly Hills line, but when they give an option of so many it is disappointing when Benefit offer so little. The sales assistant said that I could use this both on its own and on top of other products. But just for the sheer fact that she said I could wear it by itself made me want to experiment a bit more. Obviously this won't give the complete structure I'm used to but I'm always open to new styles. 

Something that instantly caught my attention was not only the size of the packaging but the actual wand itself. It's tiny so it makes it that much easier to apply. The gel isn't clumpy unless you put too much on the wand, so a tip would be just to brush of the context off first before you use it. What I liked about this was that once the formula dried on it did in fact stay into place. The only problem I found with this was that if you would want to use this alongside another problem, make sure you apply it last- when I was experimenting I found that this does tend to harden so if you apply a shadow after, your brows become very tough. Although the pigmentation is kind of strong, I did find the texture watery. However just as the packaging promises, it is buildable, but work fast otherwise like I stated before once dry it's hard to do anything else. I found that the inner parts of my brows definitely looked more thicker! So what I loved was that they didn't look so boxy but more natural. As much as it may have looked nice, I am a girl of structure- even Cara Delevingne has a bit of shape in her brows. So if you're like me you won't be using this on its own. 

For the fact that during the month I tended to use this as a bonus product to tame the ends of my brows I do think this is a little over-priced for what it is. I think the majority would agree with me. It's a lose/lose situation- if you are brow obsessed (like yours truly) you wouldn't use this benefit gel on its own, but then it works out quite expensive. But even for those people who aren't fussed on an OTT look would possibly still find this too expensive for just putting their brows into place. So maybe if the price was a little lower I would go back to this, but for the price and quantity you're getting I doubt I will once it has run out!

Colour Selection



Lasting Power


And the Brow's overall comment: 
"Any au natural crowds out there will love this, but not one for me"


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