Friday, 11 July 2014

festival vibes: on a budget.

Summer is all about the sun (if we actually manage to get any in the uk), bbqs and festivals. I've noticed a constant style for festivals this year has been a mix of eastern influences and brights. So as part of my 'on a budget' series I've come up with three festival inspired looks, that will get you noticed, without breaking the bank!

1) "The Lily Allen."
Whenever she does her concerts or festival performances I think her makeup looks are always the ones that stands out the most. Lily Allen always packs on the bright pigments and glitter eye shadows to the max. So I thought I'd use the aspect of this with a mixture of the 60's cut crease eye makeup. Although some people might find this look really intimidating it's actually so easy to create. I started off by creating this shape with the teal Rimmel London jumbo pencil- I think I probably have most of the colours now just because it's easy to apply and super pigmented. Once I was happy with it I softened the edges with my finger, re-applied it, and then repeated the process again just so I could build up the colour to the max. Then I patted on this silver glitter by 2True. Some people might want to use a glitter glue to seal it more, but I did want to keep the look affordable, and to be honest I didn't get hardly any fallout- which I think was probably down to the help of the jumbo pencil. Then to finish off the eyes, I put some white eyeliner on my waterline to make everything pop and outlined the shape with this black liquid eyeliner. I just want to share my love for this liquid eyeliner with you all for a moment. I've been searching high and low for a liquid eyeliner pen, that not only can achieve thin lines but isn't bendy like some of them can be. This has the combination of both and for the price the amount of formula that comes out is amazing! I love it! But continuing on, I whipped this soft lilac Look lipstick and lip gloss combo on. This isn't the most pigmented lipstick ever and has a very satin finish, but for the price you are getting a lipstick AND lip gloss so you can't go wrong really. Plus it is very buildable. This headpiece was something I purchased last year for my sisters wedding for £15. Funnily enough I didn't think I would get any wear out of it, but this is perfect for a festival or even any weddings you have coming up. You can find a similar one from ebay. 

2) "Glossy Girl."
Glossy eyes has been huge on instgram at the moment, so I wanted to base this second look on the trend. Remember the ELF mineral lip gloss I hated because it was so sticky it was hard to apply? Well this came in handy for this one. I took three of my favourite pigments and created almost this splattered effect. Yes, I may look slightly like a clown (which my little cousin was happy to tell me) but I love how its fun and very festival appropriate. The Bronze, Cherry Red and Emerald Barry M pigments are available online. I always stock up on these, because either dry or wet, they always brighten up makeup. Once I was happy with the look I complimented it with this coral jumbo stick from Miss Sporty cosmetics. Again not that pigmented but I think the glossy lip was only appropriate for glossy eyes. Also to make it stand out a little extra, I applied an orange GOSH lipliner first. This is a must have for summer parties because the retractable bottom means that you don't have to waste time sharpening it. To keep up with the eastern theme I used this coral bindi, which you can get again from Ebay for like £1 for a pack of ten. This cute daisy chain headpiece can be purchased from Claire's Accessories. I think this is personally better than other ones as it is wired all the way round as opposed to an elastic back- so your hair, or in my case scarf, doesn't feel like its being pushed down.

3) "Outer Space."
Finally it is my absolute favourite look out of the three. I love love love this one! Forget festivals, I want to wear this to go shopping, to the bank (although they might not even let me in) and even to my local Aldi! I started off with the eyes then went kind of crazy from there. One of my friends compared this look to Katy Perry in her E.T song- totally unintentional. I used the bronze and neutrals from this Makeup Revolution Iconic 1 Palette- I would describe this as a Naked Palette copy. The colours are very similar but obviously you are paying less than a quarter of the price! The only thing is that it has a lot of fallout, so I recommend using the shadows wet. Then again I used my new favourite liquid liner to created a futuristic cat eye shape- the trick is for it to look ordinary when you open your eyes, but if you see the shots when I close my eyes you'll see that it actually cuts in a graphic way. To do this I shaped the liquid liner like I normally would, then I brought the liner up in a straight line when I closed my eye. I brought it in all the way into my tear duct area, but left my lower lash line free of product to create more impact. My new favourite lip combo is this GOSH bright purple lipliner and this Makeup Revolution "Black Heart" lipstick. This lipstick is only £1 and is so pigmented! The purpose of the lipliner was to make it look metallic (which you can see better on my instagram). I love this so much that words can't describe! Then to really go all out, I finished off with more bindis and this headpiece. This isn't actually what it looks like- I bought each individual flower clip for £1 from Claire's Accessories and then pinned it onto my scarf. I think if you want to create major impact, don't be afraid to try this one out!


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