Tuesday, 22 July 2014

NEW hair miracle?

Today I wanted to share my thoughts on this Lush Cosmetics 'New' shampoo bar that claims to "stimulate hair growth". I'm not going to lie, but I'm not entirely a regular shopper at the store. Although their fresh and rustic style can be tempting, the shop's overly fragrant smell often has me running back in the other direction! My sister however is a major junkie for their products, so after going in and out for so long, I thought I'll try out a few things for myself. I actually bought this just over 2 months ago but obviously had to wait a while for a review so I could see the results. So the question is - did it or did it not work?

For anyone who isn't familiar with Lush Cosmetics, they are a beauty company that encourage "fighting against animal testing" as well as using "100% vegetarian handmade" products. They specialise in skin, hair and makeup- including treatments for targeting problematic issues. So with the stress of exams and job interviews, my hair is one of areas that has taken its toll as a result of this. 

After explaining my concerns of my dry scalp and how my hair has become quite weak, the lovely sales assistant at Lush recommended this shampoo balm called 'New' to me. She gave me a brief idea of what was in it and the benefits but I'll give you a lowdown on the facts I've found from their website- so the four most important factors of this balm is cinnamon, clove, peppermint and rosemary. What's great above these particular ingredients is that they all stimulate and boost the hair follicles to produce more thicker and healthier hair. As well as this, the rosemary also acts as a calmer for the scalp- which is what I am in serious need of! So even after the sales assistant told me all this I was still a bit hesitant. She must have sensed this because then she started telling me some 'miracle' stories that they've received back about this product. One of the ones that stuck in my mind is supposedly a wife came in to the shop for something to treat her bald husband. Give or take a few months and she returned to praise them because her totally bald husband began to grow a little hair back again! Yeah I wasn't so sure either but hey ho I thought why not give it a go. It's not expensive at £5.50 a pop and you get a fairly good amount- it says 55g which I would say probably the size of my palm. She then talked me into getting a little handy tin to go with it- I say handy when in fact it's the worst mistake you can make! Trust me when I say stick with the paper bag because you'll be wasting £3.50 on something that will not open at times and totally sticks to the bar (hence why it is in the case in the photos below)!

Before saying the results, I should start off by describing my hair type. I would say my scalp can get really irritated at times, while the rest of it can get quite dry. So I am always in search for a product that like I said before can strengthen it, as well as giving it an added shine. It was recommended to me that I use this shampoo bar instead of liquid shampoo, and then just follow up with some conditioner as usual. I was instructed to take a bit at each time and then message it into my scalp only. So there I went doing this for the past few months. Two of the things you will notice straight away about this product is both the strong smell of cinnamon as well as it's vivid colour. Although you can't smell it in my pictures, I would say the smell is as bold an bright as the colour in my pictures. I know some people I know didn't really like it but I didn't find it unpleasant at all. But word for warning it is very very very strong! Anyway I have to say instantly I saw my hair becoming so much more volumised! Like even the tiny strands of hair that normally I would get really annoyed by started to have an added umpth to it! Not only did I notice this but so did everyone around me. My hair can be soo flat, that even when I try and style it, it will all fall loose within 10 minutes. However this gave my hair the texture I needed to keep it in place. So I was ecstatic that I no longer needed that good lashing of hairspray! Also I definitely felt my hair becoming stronger very early on in the process. Even if I gave my hair a good pull, I wasn't struck with the worry that I would get some hair falling out onto my hair anymore (okay slight exaggeration, as my hair wouldn't 'fall' out in heaps, but it does constantly come out). Also this will take every bit of grease off your head!

I was quite surprised at how quickly on all these benefits started to work it's magic onto my hair. So naturally I found myself gradually becoming more and more attached to it. However with all this good feeling coming so fast, I then began to see a few downfalls too. I am going to start of by saying- as much as I try and convince myself- I really don't think it made that much difference to my hair growth. This is disappointment as it is the main concept of this shampoo bar, to stimulate hair growth. Why would it work for a bald man who was struggling more, but not for me when I am a lot more blessed in that department. Also it completely dried my hair out as time went on. I didn't notice this at first, then suddenly the dry areas on my scalp was so much more worse. I tried out using less to see if that made a difference, but it didn't. Again this annoyed me because I asked the sales assistant specifically if the dryness of my hair would be affected, but she said it wouldn't. Well that was a little white lie there!

Overall this does have AMAZING results, but comes with a few downfalls too. It does definitely stimulate my hair in the sense that it has become a lot more voluminous and textured- but not in growth I'm afraid. Anyone with majorly dry hair I would say stay clear from as it will only make it worse. But for those of you with oily hair or even normal hair type, I would say go for it because it may possibly work wonders for you! My tip would be to even use this on the day of a night-out as it will make it much easier to style and work with- and will possibly make your hair bigger than the girls in Liverpool and Essex combined! 

(Due to religious reasons I can't actually show you my personal results. So you'll have to take my word for it!)


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