Thursday, 3 July 2014

reactions in pictures.

I've seen this being done so much on YouTube, that I couldn't help but do it myself! This is of course the Bean Boozled Jelly Belly Challenge. But instead of doing a vlog post on it (and the fact that I don't have a youtube account) I decided to show the reactions in pictures. So get prepared for a load of sick faces, laughter and shocks! (p.s watch out for the out-takes on my instagram)...

Last week I dragged my little cousin (yes he is five years younger than me, regardless of the fact that he is 6"2 in height) to my house for the challenge as no one else would! I guess the fear was all too much for some people- you know who you are. Anyway for those who aren't familiar with this, basically the Jelly Belly beans brought out a limited addition range a while back and this particular one is the 3rd in the line. What they've done is include around 8 of their original flavours- but for every one yummy flavour, there is a disgusting flavour in disguise! So for example if we take their buttered popcorn one, they've featured a bean that looks exactly the same as it except it actually tastes like rotten egg. Yes, I did say it would be disgusting. 

I can safely say that the three flavours I was dreading the most was rotten egg, vomit and stinky socks. What I found really great about the pack was that they didn't just include two of each colour but about three, four or even five- so you have a good few chances to either get a good or bad flavour. So here are the results, and instead of telling you who got what, I'll let you all guess for yourselves. I highly recommend you all do this at home with your friends and family!

1) Lime or Lawn Clippings.
"this might not seem like the worst, but the flavour will stay in your mouth all day long!"

2) Juicy Pear or Booger. 
"extremely saltly!"

3) Berry Blue or Toothpaste.
"I wouldn't want to brush my teeth with this each morning!"

4) Tutti-Fruitti or Stinky Socks.
"super cheesy and super revolting!"

5) Coconut or Baby Wipes.
"I would actually want baby wipes as a normal flavour- does that make me weird?"

6) Buttered Popcorn or Rotten Egg.
"Lets just say one of use spat it out on my new flooring!"

7) Peach or Vomit.
"Yeah now I guess two of us had to spit it out onto my new flooring- it happens."

8) Chocolate Pudding or Canned Dog Food.
"For a chocolate lover I have to say they were equally disgusting."


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