Sunday, 13 July 2014

super easy cheesecake ice pops.

I am majorly obsessed with anything chocolate or dessert related. But during the summer I tend to stay away from it because of the heat sweet things can be a bit extra sickly. However ever since my friend showed me an Instagram picture of this concoction I knew I had to make it! Not only do I love cheesecake, but the idea of "cheesecake popsicles" just seems so appropriate and a dream. So here are my cute DIY dessert ice pops. Enjoy!

What you'll need:

Ingredients for the Biscuit Base
Half a packet of ginger biscuits 
A few digestive biscuits
Two tablespoons of butter 

Ingredients for the Filling
Bar of white chocolate 
Soft cream cheese 
Full fat cream
Two punnets of raspberries 
Two teaspoons of sugar
Squeeze of lemon (optional)

And of course an ice-pop mold.

Now lets get started..

1) Start off by melting a whole bar of white chocolate- yes, trust me you'll need it- and then leave it aside to cool down. Whisk the cream until it gradually gets thick. With this there are two essential things to remember- you have to use full fat otherwise it won't whisk (I made the mistake myself of using single cream) and also don't bother giving yourself the hard duty of not using an electrical whisk (this is meant to be easy remember). Then once you've got the right consistency, fold in the cream cheese. At this point the melted chocolate should have cooled down enough to add in too, as well as the punnets of raspberries (I cut each in half to double the results). To finish it off I put some sugar and a squeeze of lemon- as stated, this is optional, but I just feel it gives it all an added kick!

 2) The biscuit base is always my personal fun part- the smashing! Add the two types of biscuits into two plastic bags, tie up, and then smash with a rolling pin. So any of that hidden anger you have stored up with be sorted by the end of the process. The reason I use the two types of biscuits is because the ginger tastes amazing with the white chocolate but can get a bit heavy. So the digestives are great for breaking that taste down. Then once you are happy with the texture (I like to leave a few chunky parts still in there) melt your butter and mix it in gradually. This way you can get an accurate idea if you need any more or less. The trick is that the base shouldn't be too oily but needs to be able to stick to the mold and filling well. 

3) All that's left to do is to layer the base and filling together. You can do this anyway you want, but I ditched the traditional route in favour of actually putting it into layer upon layer. That way it still tastes like cheesecake but it you get all the flavours together. I just want to point out that you'll have loads of mixture left as the molds aren't that dense, but I just used the rest to make one giant cheesecake- so you'll never run out! These molds are GREAT- they were only £2 for the whole thing from Ikea! (my love for the store continues to grow) So it's great that you get the stands with that price too. But yeah like I said they are only around 10cm long, but trust me that's all you need!

4) Leave it in there for around 3-4 hours or even all night. Before you eat it, soak the case in a cup of hot water for 20 minutes to get it out easier. And then, sit back, and indulge!

For me this was all about experiment, and as I've made cheesecake hundreds of times this is just my own personal way of making it. So feel free to follow other sites if you wish. But try these ingredients together because it's magic! These were so simple to make, and cheap too since I got my ingredients from good old Aldi. These are great for summer, and I think I'll be trying out other lolly pop mixtures soon.


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