Thursday, 21 August 2014

and these are a few of my favourite things.

Summer 2014 has been a good one! Now I know I didn't do a July Favourites, but I decided to do a general post of stuff that I have genuinely been loving not only just last month, but right now and for a while now. There's been a few things that have definitely been a staple in my wardrobe and beauty regime. So here is a mixture of a few of my favourite things- and maybe yours after this!

1) Overnight Facial Serum.
My beauty regime last month got a little horrendous, I must admit! So decided to indulge in a few new products at The Body Shop. I managed to find this little gem, which the sales assistant informed me has been one of their fastest selling products. I've never really been into serums in general, but this was only £12 so I thought seeing as it's on the lower end of the scale in terms of pricing for something like this, I wanted to give it a try. It's important to note that my face, especially around my nose and cheeks, has been cracking and peeling. I had a wedding to attend to like a month after I purchased this, so it gave me just enough time to improve my skin. Vitamin E is a great antioxidant that aims to help repair and protect your skin cells from any damage. This serum is an overnight one- I was advised to either use it after or mix it in with some of their Vitamin E Night Cream, and that should do the trick. I've been using it for a solid month and a half and I love it. The only thing similar that I've used is probably bio oil- and anyone who knows me knows how much I love the stuff- but I would go as far to say that I am liking this one a little more to be honest. I feel that it actually sinks into the skin instantly whilst leaving a silky finish (bio oil can tend to be a bit greasy and takes a while to absorb). I'm not sure if I'm meant to, but I even use this a little during the day about 15 minutes before I put on my makeup, if my skin is really playing up. And I seriously think it works wonders!

2) Glitter Glue.
If you've visited my instagram lately you would know that I did a friends wedding makeup. For one of the pre-wedding parties we were thinking to do a glitter look. The only problem was I HATED working with glitters and loose pigments for the precise reason that it gets EXTREMELY messy. And on the day neither of us wanted to be stressed! So after doing some research I found that this Too Faced Glitter Glue was meant to be one of the best. However with the hefty £17 price tag for a little tube of the stuff I was slightly wary if I should buy it or not- but I needn't have to. This is AMAZINGGG (with three G's). For any of you who think they'd rather just use some standard eyelash glue don't be so foolish! It will only peel off and make everything look 10 times more worse. This however applies on like an absolute dream. You only need the tiniest dot to make a difference, and boy does the product cling onto it for dear life! I used this not only for the glitter, but for loose pigments, shimmery eyeshadows and anything else that needed a little handy grasp. It allows the products to stay in for ages and has been a staple in my makeup bag ever since!

3) Highlighter. 
I actually tried this Mac Prep+Prime highlighter a while ago but hated it! But again, I thought I'd see how it would work on my friend for her wedding. I bought it and now I finally get the craze behind it all. This is nice and thick in consistency, but still light enough that it won't feel cakey. The shade I purchased was in 'light boost' which was a perfect shade for me to brighten areas as it has a light yellow tone to it. I think the reason why it failed me in the past was how I was applying it. This needs to be dabbed with short quick motions as opposed to heavy- fingers is fine, but to get that clean finish I love using this highlighter with a damp beauty blender (trust me it's a perfect technique). It lasted for quite a while and just gave a needed radiance to my skin. My new go-to. 

4) Eastern Inspired Necklace.
This had to be included in this post. I have never been attached to an item of jewellery like I am to this Primark necklace. I wear it as much as I can, with whatever I can! I've only ever been into gold jewellery if I'm honest, so it was refreshing to like the dusty silver and grey type. I think what attracted me to it was the ethnic eastern influence to it- which is obviously really relevant for this summer. But I know this will work great for the winter too- I'm thinking grunge warrior. I even wore this for my 'feeling breezy' post (which got featured on asos #asseenonme), as well as a gazillion instagram pictures too! And not to mention that it was only £6.00 too! Total bargain for such a treasure!

5) The Eyeshadow Palette For Everything.
I honestly don't think I've worn much else since I purchased this eyeshadow palette by Amrezy for Anastasia Beverly Hills. I actually did a whole review on this, so click here for more info- because if I get into it, I'm afraid I won't be able to shut my mouth. All you need to know that it is, and will be forever more, my favourite palette for every look (which I will be demonstrating in a few blog posts to come).

6) Most Worn Shirt.
There is a running joke that surrounds me, with the people that are close to me, that there is always one time of clothing a month that I constantly wear- and when I say constantly, I mean just that. It almost becomes a security blanket. Last month it was my Sons of Anarchy tee, and the time before that it was my silk oversized blouse. So this month it's safe to say I have had an unhealthy relationship with this H&M shirt. I wanted an oversized flannel shirt for so long but haven't had any luck. Then ironically just as I was leaving the shop, my friend spotted it out for me. H&M is exactly my taste in clothes and is so affordable too! This shirt in particular was only £12.99. I wore it for my Kylie Jenner inspired outfit too because it reminds me of something she has worn herself- obviously just less expensive! It's a perfect fit for me, not only in length but because I'm curvy these type of shirts tend to be too snug around my hips- however this doesn't pull at all and sits really flatteringly. I've dressed it both up and down, weather that be with biker boots or long macs, I just am in love. And best of all I've recently spotted the exact shirt but in green. So I shall be stopping by H&M very shortly! (and mum don't get too crazy that I've failed to iron this- I guess I just can't squash the habit)


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