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bridal look one: a pop of colour.

I posted a picture of the makeup I did for a friend and it got such a huge response, I thought it was only appropriate to share the details on it! This was for her henna/mehndi party- for anyone who doesn't know what that is, it is basically a pre-wedding party that is thrown as a sign of blessing. This is the time when all the vibrant and bold colours are used most. So I came up with a concept of incorporating the green that was featured on her outfit into the eye makeup to give a slight pop of colour. Then for an extra add of glamour, a touch of sparkle and glitter was needed. So click the button below to get the specifics...

The Makeup.

Do not look at this and be fazed by the list. Because once you start using them trust me it does not seem like that many products. Thabina had extremely dehydrated skin prior to this so I made sure she had got into a regime of facial scrubs and oil a month before her wedding. And then on the day I used some Garnier moisture Match Ultra Hydrating Cream beforehand and let it soak into her skin for about 10 minutes- this way it's not too oily. So beginning with my favourite part- the brows- I just lightly shaped the brows with my fave thing of all, and then just cleaned up with a bit of concealer. My tip is to start with the arch because that's where you want most of the product to go- I personally hate when people have a squared centre (but you'know each to their own). 

Then for eyes, start off with a primer base so everything lasts longer. With an event like this, it's important that the makeup doesn't smudge or wear off. To create a natural base setting I just dusted over a bit of the strange shadow all over. Then to I started to build up the natural crease with a mixture of Limit and Nooner (you could just use Nooner if you wish but I like both together). Morocco eyeshadow is a great way to add some warmth- I blended this all into the crease but gave some extra attention to the outer corners and above the tear duct (just underneath the centre brow). I love doing this as I think it adds some real depth to the eyes- and with this tan shade it's almost natural but still stands out. Then I firstly applied a small amount of Deep Plum all over the crease and then LBD just on the outer corners of the lid in a V shape. Again this is adding depth whilst elongating the eye shape- something that I needed to do with Thabina's eyes especially as they are naturally very rounded. All these eye shadow steps may seem unnecessary but I think by building up the colours like this it blends in more nicely. All that's left to do is to do the lids. I sprayed a bit of Fix Plus spray onto my brush to apply trick to create a foiled effect. Then I used the glitter glue for the pigment and the glitter. The reason I used a pigment as well as a glitter is because I personally think glitter on it's own is too harsh and messy. To finish off I used Emerald on the low lash line- something I forgot to add to the list was that I used an emerald green kohl pencil before so that the colour would look more vibrant. This green was the perfect match with the bridal outfit so it really stood out in comparison to the the other bronzey shades. All that's left was the liquid liner, lashes and mascara. The fuller the better- just to emphasise night time glamour just a tad more!

For the face I spritz some Fix Plus onto the face before anything else just so that her face would be extra hydrated! This facial primer is really great because it has a luminous tint to it to give a bronzed bonus under the foundation. As I wanted to go a little heavier on the contour and highlighter, Nars Sheer Glow is light enough for a well base but it still has a medium coverage. My tip for the concealer is to use your concealer before the highlighter, so it has something to soak into. And then blend the highlighter out with small quick motions, otherwise it can look cakey. Then add the colour back into your face with a contour colour that has a warmth undertone and then a shimmery blusher like this one. If you have very dry skin, like Thabina, it can be hard to find a good powder to set the makeup. But I think this benefit one is a safe bet as it's not too heavy.

And finally for the lips. We tried, burgundy, red, pink and even a plum. However a neutral worked best because it made the eye makeup stand out even more! But a nude lip still doesn't mean it has to be invisible. My favourite combo right now are the products listed above. The lip liner makes a nice base as well as making your lips seem more fuller- which was much needed for my friend. As much as I love the colour of this liquid lipstick, it can seem a little dry after a while. So just to blend the centre of lip (where the MUA product is) and the lip liner together, I put a bit of Velvet Teddy all over. You can even add some gloss, but I personally prefer the matte look. 

Hope this hasn't overwhelmed you! But just check out the results below..

The Look.


Look two will be coming soon!

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  1. Hey Dina, I'm following you on IG and I decided to check out your blog and I'm so glad I did, I love it! I wanted to ask you the details of this face scrubs and oil regime you mentionned in this post. Can you write one about skin hydration? Lots of love x Rabia



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