Monday, 11 August 2014

*brow in the spotlight- july addition*

I'm backkkk! If anyone follows my instagram they would know how extremely busy I have been these past two weeks- hence why there has been a lack of posts recently. Nonetheless, I've turned to the high-street this month to find a product that'll do my brows justice. This was actually something I have used so long ago but decided to give it one last go. It is The Body Shop Brow Definer Pencil. For me brow pencils can either work two ways- it can shape them really naturally or can be too hard to control. So here are my opinions from the month of July.

Like I said, this is a product I owned way way in the past. When I first was getting into makeup, The Body Shop was a brand that I probably used a lot back then. So recently when my sister mentioned how she wanted to purchase the brow definer, I thought I'd revisit this old buy. I couldn't remember how well it worked, but the name itself 'definer' enticed me to see if it would do as it claimed! For £8 it's not expensive at all however they only offer three different colour types. Saying that though the tones are quite universal- so where they have one colour for blondes, redheads and possibly greys may get use out of it too. I chose the shade 'dark brown' which is the darkest out of all of them just because it looked more ashy but still with a warm edge to it, which is something I like. It reminds me of a darker version of one of my all time favourites, Mac Eye Brows in 'Lingering'. Brunette is too warm for me personally, but anyone who likes Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow Pomade in 'Chocolate' may be better suited for it. 

This brow pencil is really good for achieving the 'natural' look as well as a more stronger brow once you build it up. As long as you are light-handed with the strokes you can get a really feathery effect to it. So what I liked to do was try and replicate the hairs that were patchy within the centre, but go a bit more bolder once I got to the arch. Also this is extremely creamy to use but the actual pencil is still quite firm, so it's not hard to work with. What disappoints me with a lot of brow pencils is how stiff they are which makes it harder to use- so I'm always having to rub it a few times on the back of my arm to warm it up. However the texture of this brow pencil is far from that! But with that said, it meant that I found it hard to settle. So I wouldn't recommend it if your looking for something that will last the whole day because this tended to rub off quite easily. Another thing that is great for the price is how pigmented the colour is- whether you want to use this lightly or more heavily the colour comes off just as well on both. It's quite a good quality pencil as it doesn't take that much pressure to get some product onto the skin. 

With all that being said,  I found one thing really difficult to get my head round about this product- it's not 'defining at all'. I think the main reason for this is ironically because the texture is creamy, possibly too creamy. It provides you with the colour, but because it is really soft it makes it hard to shape the arch of the brows. This is so essential to me so it disappointment me quite a bit- especially when the name of it states that it will define your brows! If you still wish to purchase this one, I suggest using concealer to refine the edges. 

Colour Selection



Lasting Power


And the Brow's overall comment: 
"Doesn't really live up to the name!"

(Contrary to this image, I don't use fake tan, so I have no idea why my skin looks so patchy!)


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