Friday, 22 August 2014

jane of the jungle.

So after a few manic weeks, a friend (Jessica Hughes) and I decided it was time that we needed to de-stress immediately! But I'm not talking about days out to the movies or spas, instead we booked ourselves in for an activity filled day! But we are not talking on ground.Basically Jungle Parc is an adventure park in my home town that involves lots of zip-wiring and obstacle courses, but the trick is that it's all in the trees... 

Don't worry, you are attached to a harness. The activities include 'cargo nets, Tarzan swings, flying trapeze, suspending logs and wobbly bridges' (which Jess slipped off herself- the highlight of my day). I've done another type of thing like this, but this one was certainly more of a struggle- but just as fun! Some people might find this an odd way to relax, but for me personally it's a great way to kick the anxieties out of my head (it's not like I can worry about other things when the possibility of dropping down). The prices are fairly cheap, at £21 per adult and £16 per child (over the age of 10). And plus it's guaranteed to give you a great laugh! The workers train you for the first 10 minutes on a separate course, and then once they're confident with you you're all set on your own! The whole process should take you around 1 and a half hours to 2 hours- or in our case 2 and a half hours, which the workers found very amusing! So take a look of my pictures from the day- as I was taking the pictures (with one hand may I add) you will be getting the pleasure of seeing Jessica wobbling her way through the course! I just want to mention that these pictures do not do justice how high it really was- and fyi the first picture is just the initial training part of it all. 



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