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I never thought I'd be one to do a "woman crush wednesday", but if I was it had to be Kylie Jenner. I have been in love with her makeup and styling now for a good few months. I think ever since she chopped her hair off a while back, it set some kind of motion in place. Now her combination of 90's punk outfits and bed hair makes it look so effortless. I think she stands out against the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan by far! But what has gotten Kylie some extra attention has got to be her lips and lashes. Everyone is trying to recreate the 'Kylie Lip' lately- so naturally I had to give this a go myself! So here's my Kylie Jenner makeup and outfit inspired look.

The Makeup.

I decided to set out the details of my makeup a little differently as it is quite a long list- but don't be overwhelmed by it because in fact it is not that much when you use it. In fact I think this is probably one of the most simple looks I have done. To break it up to you, the main parts of the makeup it made up from 3 eye shadows, lipstick, lip liner, blush, liquid liner and mascara. Yes there are some extra products I added into the mix but it's optional. 

There's three factors that's important with Kylie's makeup: the eye makeup, lips and contouring on the face. I started off building up the eye makeup by applying the Mac Paint Pot all over my eyes- this will not only make it last longer, but will also make the shadows stand out more. Speaking of eye shadows, it is soo simple. Kylie's makeup is a perfect mixture of minimal 90's so I didn't want to overdo the eyes with too many products. I put 'strange' all over my lid to create the base for everything else. Then applied 'brains & brawn' all on the crease- this is part of a discontinued palette but any cool taupe colour will do. And then I warmed up the rest of my eyes by blending out the taupe with 'morocco'- you'd think the two contrasting colours wouldn't work but I think it helps to achieve her look quite well. You can skip the liquid liner and just put lashes, as she does sometimes, but I decided to include it because I like how Kylie's looks. I first applied the Benefit one as it's thicker in texture so easier to blend out- which I did with the help of a little of 'black magique'. Then I went in with the Mac liquid liner to recreate the more precise areas (such as the flick and inner tear duct), as it has a thinner tip. I took a bit more of the 'black magique' to smudge on the lower lash line with the Rimmel London kohl pencil. The reason for this is because Kylie doesn't tend to wear eyeliner on waterline- so by accentuating the lower lash line it makes the waterline look more neutral. You could add a white/beige eyeliner but I think it's too harsh for my eyes personally. Then you just have to add the lashes and top it off with lots and lots of mascara to achieve that full look like she does! The ones I used were on offer for 50p but were later discontinued. But they are very similar to the Eylure ones, so those are your best bet.

For the face you want a medium to heavy coverage. I chose the Illamasqua foundation as you only need the tiniest bit to make a difference (plus it's pretty spot on to my natural colour). Then I highlighted my under eyes with the Bourjois concealer and a touch of the Mac Prep+Prime. I love love this concealer because when it sets into the skin, it dries quite powdery whilst still maintaining a dewy affect. Kylie sometimes goes a little OTT with the contouring for me, so I just went with a a subtle version with the help of this ELF contouring duo kit. If you like the look of Nars Orgasm and Laguna blush but hate the price tag, get this in the shade stated above as it is a perfect dupe. *Tip* contour just under you lips to make them appear more bigger. You don't want to go too heavy on brows but just lightly shape them- I actually brushed upwards to get a closer match to Kylie's (of course I had thicker and larger ones though!). 

Then finish off with the lips- the most important thing of all! Not going to lie, I purchased the Mac 'Whirl' lip liner as soon as I read an interview somewhere that Kylie uses this herself. I put this all over my lips to make my lipstick last longer and to create a more matte effect. Then I applied some of the 'Velvet Teddy' lipstick all over that. This is my perfect natural lip combo at the moment and I've been posting it all over my instagram. Then just to make the centre seem to appear more lighter, I dotted a tiny bit of concealer on top.

The Outfit.
I decided to go for a Kylie casual daytime look as opposed to a night look because I just prefer it more. This is something I wear on a daily basis if I'm honest, as I'm always up for a bit of a grunge, punk, 90's vibe wherever possible! I went a bit H&M overload I must admit, but I think their clothes are so affordable and really like this style. So the checked shirt, Nirvana tee (big fan), gold-rimmed sunglasses and leather biker jacket are all from that store. Checkered flannel shirts are not only popular with Kylie but also for this season- so stock up. I then chose to wear my trusty Topshop black jeans. You could always wear ripped boyfriend jeans or denim shorts, but for obvious reasons I can't. The Zara bag is a perfect size because it's not too oversized but big enough to make a statement. These pointed chelsea boots are from a shut-down shop but you can get similar ones from Ebay. And then I finished off the look with this skull ring from House of Frazer- I have had this for years and will continue to love it until the end of time! Kylie's raven hair is an accessory in itself, so of course I had to rock out my black scarf. 

The Final Look.


  1. I love this look Dina! The outfit especially! H&M for the win. 'High Five'

    1. Thanks! :) haha I know right, H&M is probably my store of the moment right now!

  2. Wow! This look is amazing mashAllah, I love it. :)

    1. Aw well thank you so much for reading! :D x



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