Wednesday, 24 September 2014

a messy romance.

Fall 2014-2015 on the runway was probably my favourite so far, as it incorporates all the things that I love most. Yes the bold lips, brows and smokey eye are all back- but not so much in the prim and proper way that is expected. It's all about that almost messy but very much still effortless finish. 

This for me is such a cool play on the grungey romantic look that I love so much. Skin's got to be looking more Cara Delevingne and less Kim K! Bare, bare, bare it all. Fresh and clean is what we're aiming for this autumn- so let all them imperfections show through. And of course that allows the spotlight to be on the rest of the makeup. For the eyes I took a little inspiration from the fall 2015 runway shows from Derek Lam and Rodarte. I am a huge fan of blending eye shadow right up to the centre of the bushy brows. I think it gives it a real authentic warrior look- which is a cool twist on the traditional smokey eye. Then for the lips it's all about channelling your inner vampire. Lipstick isn't about those refined edges any more, instead achieve that bitten-lip effect. Full of colour in the middle, but faded into a barely existent blush. If you have no idea what I'm rambling on about, just check out Jonathan Saunders' fall makeup. You still want the berry lips, just not as bold and full-on as the wine or crimson shades . So let's begin..

You want to keep face to a minimum. Like I said it's all about those imperfections- so in my case my under eye bags, pigmentation and beauty spots. Of course if you are desperate to cover some more serious issues then by all means, but don't go overboard. Again I repeat, we are all avoiding that famous Kim K look. I think less the better as it gives off a cleaner finish overall. So what I did was made sure my face was thoroughly moisturised with my Garnier Moisture Match in Ultra Dry. As I didn't want something with a heavy coverage, I decided to go with a tinted-moisturiser over a standard foundation. I used my Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer in the shade Alaska. It gives the perfect natural dewy look without being greasy. And I think it's a perfect colour match for my skin tone. Then I used some Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer lightly under the eyes, centre of the forehead and chin. This is just to ensure those areas will stand out once it hits the light. This is a great and affordable concealer for everyday as it's not heavy at all- which is a factor that can sometimes grate on me during the day, if I can feel the texture of the concealer getting all cakey. Then I just finished off with contouring with my trusty ELF contouring duo palette. When I say contouring, I don't mean sculpting new definitions. Find those natural curves in your face and accentuate them. I didn't want to overdo it on the blush either as I wanted my face looking as natural as can be. So I took a bit of the pink shade from the ELF palette and dusted over the apples of my cheeks. You can even use a bit of pink lipstick to get an added dewiness. And that's it really- simple. For those with an oilier complexion, you might want to add some powder into the mix. I highly recommend the Benefit Hello Flawless! powder because, not to sound cheesy, it really does give a flawless finish without leaving cracks. 

Brows are key for this particular look. You may not want to got for the bold brow yourself, but I say embrace it! As mine are quite naturally thick as it is, I decided to opt out of my usual Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade, and just went straight for the Brow Wiz instead. I didn't include it in the picture below, but click here for a full description and review of the product. I didn't outline my brows like I normally do. Instead I just brushed a few strokes of colour to mimick my natural structure. And then I even brushed some Rimmel clear brow gel through them too. Not only does this get rid of excess product, but it also gives a bit of the texture that Cara achieves with her own. I didn't bother cleaning around 
my brows with concealer as I usually would, as it would just make it look too precise. 

I started off by putting a bit of the same concealer onto my lids, just to give a base for the eye shadows. I have to say this Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette is my new favourite! It's got such a variety of coco coloured shades, with a few added extras of purples and golds. I love it. So much in fact that this is the one I purchased my sister for her birthday, I have now kept for myself. You can do so many looks with it and I thought it was so appropriate for this. I applied the NYX Jumble Pencil in Bronze all over my lids. I did this as I knew one of the eye shadows, that I will later use on the lids, would compliment it perfectly. So I just smudged the pencil out with my finger. Then to add some depth, I mixed together 'salted caramel' and 'semi-sweet' together and blending that into the crease and then upwards towards the brows. You don't want to add too much onto the brush as it's meant to be really well blended- which will be easier to achieve if you build up the colour as opposed to putting loads on straight away. I used those colours as a transition from the jumbo pencil to the crease. Once the base was done, I then patted down a mixture of 'cherry cordial' and 'black forest truffle' on top of the lids. (Don't all the names make you want dessert!) Like I said before, the specks of copper from the jumbo pencil really bring out the copper pigments from 'cherry cordial'. Use the transition colours to blend everything again, but this time blend outwards- this will elongate your eyes. Then I rimmed my waterline with this Avon gel pencil in 'blackberry' as well as adding it on the outer corners of my lower and upper lash line. If you are finding this difficult, just draw a sidewards V shape where the two meet. And then smoke this out with 'triple fudge' from the palette. I chose this colour over black as I find it a lot less harsh. Then all that's left to do is apply that mascara. I use this Benefit 'They're Real!' one as it makes every lash seem longer and thicker without being clumpy. Fake lashes may be nice for a night time look, but I wanted to just enhance what I have already. But I think a few individual ones would probably make the eyes pop more. Anyway this may all seem like a lot of steps, but trust me when you actually do it, it will be a piece of cake in no time!

I just used two products to create this ombre effect on my lips. I took a clear Mac lip gloss- but to be honest any other lip gloss or even lip balm would work just as well- and coated that all over my lips. You don't want it to shine but it needs you need that glossy texture to help you fade the rest of the colour. Once you've done that, the trick is to take a lip liner or lip gloss and apply that to the centre of the lips. Smudge outwards, and then repeat the process. I used this Topshop lip liner in Red, firstly because when blended it ends up turning into a nice shade of rosy pink. And secondly I chose a lip liner over a lipstick, otherwise it would be too glossy for me personally.

So That's it!


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