Wednesday, 10 September 2014

bedroom basics.

Operation 'redecorate room' has been one long journey for me. But at last the end is near. However throughout my personal struggles with it, I learnt to find peace within the process of shopping for new bedroom décor. It can be so much fun- perhaps I went a little too overboard at times! And along the way I have picked out some pretty good bargains (if I say so myself). Basic items can sometimes be the most effective..

that basket for all your junk. 

I happen to be quite the scarf collector. Sadly I had no place to put them- my clothing rack was too full and I didn't want to overcrowd my room with any other furniture. However I (actually my mother did) stumbled across this tweed looking fabric basic. It's from matalan and was only £6!! I bought two! It came in loads of other different colour combos but I liked how this one matched my walls. They are such a nice size- not too big or too small- and quite deep also. So I've managed to tuck them away nicely without it looking invisible. They can serve a purpose for storing so many other things like magazines, books, shoes and clothes. 

a trio of jars please. 
I hate just looking in the 'bedroom' section for bedroom things. A bit of unconventional thinking is always needed! So funnily enough whenever I need stuff for my room, the first place I head to is the Kitchen aisle. And the ikea one is my all time favourite! There are so many things there that are easily bedroom transferable. These jars were listed for spices and jellies, but as you can see I've found use for them for some of my extra beauty essentials. They aren't flimsy and have a good seal attached to them, but they were a steal at 80p. YES I SAID 80p! So as they say all good things come in threes, I picked myself up a nice trio. But feel free to pick up as many as your heart desires- it's not like they are going to break the bank now are you.

and more ikea.  

So whilst I was going down the escalators, ready to leave ikea with my 101 shopping bags, this bed throw caught my eye. I like to keep my room very organic looking and not to overcomplicated- hence why most of my furniture and bedding are all white. So I think this grey throw is a perfect way to spruce it up a little extra to avoiding making everything look totally flat. I love how it has a slight open weave to it and that it's not thick and suffocating. And if I am being honest maybe the £5.50 sign may have had something to do with why I ran back up like a maniac to pick one up. And you can too, without having to get all sweaty, right here

candles, candles and candle holders. 
Candles have got to be the most easiest and simplest way to add some much needed décor to any room! It's safe to say I have evolved this into an obsession- so much so that I have a drawer in my desk dedicated to them! Most of the time they can be really cheap and the added bonus of scented candles can make a room smell like anything these days! My favourites include basic candles from ikea, for as little as £1.75 for a pack of 100, that are mostly made up of fruit and floral fragrances if that's your style. But I have a weakness for jelly beans, so when I saw these jelly beans scented candles I snapped up a few of my favourite flavours. They afre £5.50 each but that's totally worth it considering as it's quite large. The Toasted Marshmallow one is absolutely incredible and yummy! You can light it for 30 minutes but the smell will last all day. The circular candle holders above did come in a set of three and were only like 75p on sale from matalan. I don't think they stock them anymore but matalan, ikea and primark are great for cheap candle holders, so just remember to look out for them!

what a lovely pair.  

And speaking of primark, this set of two pillows were reduced at £5.50! Yep I love a good old sale. I hate having to buy pillow and pillow cases separately, so not am I only getting them together but I am also getting two and they are super cheap. Normally one would be an average of like £9. So I was so happy to have found these. They look grey but actually have like a mauve tint to them- which I think is great to add many shades of the same colour rather than loads of different colours. They also come in black, blue and off-white so get yours too while the offer still stands. They are so so soft and I love the added texture too. 

jam jars anyone?
I use a lot of maison jars for my makeup brushes so I thought I'd switch it up with these jam ones. And how cute is the detail on them? They were from TK Maxx, which has got to be my favourite store to shop and get those things that are a little different. They were only £1 each too! If you would like this for your brushes too, they aren't big enough to hold big ones like facial brushes (contour, blush, foundation) but work for the ones on the smaller side. I love quirky objects like this as it just stands out so much. I put them on the front of my makeup storage display to make everything look pretty.

picture perfect.
MUJI has got to be the store that provides simplicity in it's best form. Since I discovered their website about a year ago, when I purchased my makeup storage box, I have become obsessed. I love acrylic furniture as it looks so clean and slick. So when I finally managed to visit their store in London I went so crazy for everything there. Scrap books, candles (obviously), glasses cases and more! I was just like a kid in Disneyland. This acrylic photo frame in particular caught my eye as it is a little different than most. It stand up with the help of these screws, which also hold the frame together in one piece. It comes in so many different shapes, but I purchased the 12x17cm one as it is the perfect size for my desk. It was £3.95, but increases depending on which size you select. So go buy yours now! And watch out, as I'll be featuring mine on a future post!


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