Monday, 8 September 2014

*brow in the spotlight- august addition*

I can't believe it's September already! That only means a few things to me: autumn, university and lots of added stress! But before I worry about those things, I'll go back to last month in which I explored Eylure's eyebrow range. For anyone who doesn't know the brand, they specialise in fake eyelashes- so when I was shopping for eyelashes a while back, to my surprise I saw they had a whole brow section too! I personally love a good old brow pencil, as it enables you to gain a little more control and definition. So I picked up one and gave it ago. Here's what I went through..

The range has a selection of three shades: Blonde, Mid Brown and Dark Brown. Although I don't typically go for dark colours, in this case I chose Dark Brown over the Mid Brown one as it has more of a cool tone to it. Also I found it that the more I built up the colour the darker it got. So this could vary for black hair as well as brunettes. Mid Brown is very warm- so not only great for brunettes but possibly for redheads too. The Blonde coloured pencil is very ashy too. There was also a choice between two types of brow pencil- a traditional form or a retractable one. Obviously I decided for the retractable type as I think they are so much more convenient- no sharpening needed! This cost me £6.45, so quite reasonable I would say, considering it is a good size. For any UK viewers, this can be purchased from any local Boots or Superdrug, but also available on their website. 

I've tried this on it's own as well as with other products. I think I preferred using it as an additional product to be honest. What I mean by this is that I would apply this very lightly to build up a colour first, and then use a brow gel to form a shape on my arch. This way I felt it gave those hairs in the centre a very natural look to it so that it didn't give you a squared off look. However when I used it solely by itself (which is what it looks like in the pictures below) I encountered a few issued. The tip is very round. Therefore trying to create detail can be an issue, as it kind of just slides off into different directions. If it were angled I think it would have been a different case. However I think the texture is partly to blame too. I like that it's quite hard and sturdy but the more you use it, it becomes waxy. So that on those occasions I was in a rush and just trying to get my brows done, the pencil would sort of resist them if that makes sense. It was like oil to water- on the surface but not totally on properly! Then that brings further problems- you would press harder to get it to work but then you get in return very harsh lines that becomes difficult to blend in (again because it's waxy). So if you look at the last image below, you can kind of see the line on the top of my arch area, although I did brush it out several times. For those reasons I think someone with problematic eyebrows that needs a little extra definition and detail than most, this will occur for you most. 

So I returned to trying it alongside other products and actually began to love it. Like I saide before, I really appreciate how this gave the centre of my brows just the little colour it needed, whilst still letting the odd hair stick out- yes, I love them wild. I am a person who likes to have a faded effect towards the middle part of my brows, so this worked perfectly for that. Also it lasted on basically all day long and didn't budge at all. This can be difficult to look for in pencils as they have the tendency to wear off quickly. However this did it's job great! Thus if you're like me and have thicker brows but is looking for just an added colour and not too much definition, then this is for you! 

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Lasting Power


And the Brow's overall comment: 
"Not one for the shapeless brows!"


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