Sunday, 14 September 2014

nail it this autumn.

Do excuse the cheesy pun | however autumn is here and so are my new collection of nail varnishes. I am not really one for summer colours so I always love when this time of year comes by. So as I was wondering around the shops last week, I happen to see some amazing new sets of nail varnishes that I knew I'd be rocking. Here are my top 5 to nail it this autumn

1) Scorched Copper.

Orange was HUGE this spring/summer, but that doesn't mean you have to stop there! This Collection cosmetics nail varnish is a perfect festival alternative to the colour that went big this year. It says scorched copper but I'd describe it as a burnt orange to be honest. It just reminds me of  crisp autumn leaves and pumpkins- so perhaps might be well suited for the Halloween season. It comes out a little watered-down at first, but after two layers (as you can see in my picture below) it came out very vivid and bold, The more you apply, the more you can see the tiny specks of metallic pigments, which shows amazingly in the light. What's even better is that it only cost me £1.99! I found that it did not chip at all and lasted quite long on too. So a total bargain for what you are getting!

2) Bullet.

I love this MUA varnish a lot for two reasons. Firstly it is a great colour- once you get past how awful it may seem when you apply the first coat. I was so disappointed and wondered why I just didn't spend a little more to get better results. It was very watery and streaky. However once it dried and I applied a second layer it worked like a charm! Which leads me to my next reason- it was only £1. Yep you read correctly, £1! So no need to spend any more, because trust me once you get the right consistency, you would never tell the difference between this and a £10 varnish. Just be sure to let it dry long enough to ensure that it will last longer.

3) Blue Flare.

This Avon one isn't actually available on the high-street but I couldn't resist adding it in this post. Blue (more specifically blueberry, cobalt and midnight) is the go to colour of fall/winter 2014. To make sure your nails are in on the trend to this varnish is perfect for it. It's a metallic dark navy, so very appropriate not only for daytime use but for those night-time occasions too. It's very glamorous but understated too. What I LOVE about Avon nail varnishes is that they are totally worth the money because of the fact that you only need one layer. Also I would definitely say from experience, they dry within two minutes or less- so for anyone who is in a rush but forgot to do their nails, this one is for you! They very between £6-£3, depending if you catch one of their sales. To get your hands on their products, head online or order your free catalogue now.

4) Mocha.

I've never tried a matte nail varnish, that is until this week. Barry M is a brand that always stocks great varnishes, and this one didn't fail to disappoint. For anyone who is a fellow newbie to this particular texture, you'll soon get use to the act that there's no shine to it (which I actually prefer now). This colour was the one I featured on my instagram yesterday, and it got a good response. It's so warm and yummy to look at, and I already know that it is going to be a great match with all my knits and sweaters. I was expecting it to be on the higher end of the scales, but shocked myself to realise that it was only £3.99- which I think is very reasonable. However it is a bit streaky at first, but I found that 2-3 layers done the trick! I personally love adding some bronze on the tips of my nails with this, to get the perfect festive look!

5) Hypnotic Red. 

And finally last, but certainly not least, is this one from L'Oreal to complete my autumn collection. Berry colours are also going to be big in the next few months, so this varnish covers that. I personally don't like purples or pinks so for me this is how I'll be filling in the berry criteria. It looks darker in the picture, but that is probably down to how many coats I applied (I think maybe two, so as you can see it's very pigmented). Hypnotic Red is a very deep and rich burgundy. I love this so much, and it seems my family do too as they keep stealing it from me! Although I do wish it didn't stain my nails as much as it does. So if you hate that aspect of varnishes you might not like this one. However it does last extremely well, for me anyway, so it's not totally disastrous! My friend always complains that her Mac varnishes chips within the first day, and as you may know they can be quite expensive too. So as this L'Oreal one is only £4.99 it's a win for me. 


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