Friday, 10 October 2014

Are you a #NARSissist too?

BECAUSE I AM. Yes, I got sent this cute little package from Nars filled with two nail varnishes from their latest collection. I was happy enough when I saw that they started following me on instagram, as I've always been a huge huge fan of the brand. Then I got a private message from them directly, and I could have screamed! So I thought I'd show a few swatches for you all and give my opinion on each of the colours. 

I received two nail polishes- one called Zakynthos and the other called Milos. They are £15 each, so not the cheapest ones you can buy, but nonetheless they are great quality. I myself have never brought nail polishes from Nars. I've always loved loved loved Avon ones as they dry super fast, don't chip that often and not that expensive. So I was excited to see how these would compare to my usual favourites. Before I applied each one, I made sure I put a base coat under first just so the finish would be a lot cleaner. So let's get down to details..

This is described as a 'beige', and for me personally it's the perfect nude for my skin tone! I've been searching for that nude colour for ages, but they've either been too pink or taupe, so I was super had to see the results for this ones! It has a (very) slight pink undertone to it which gives it a real warm feeling- so great for an understated autumn/winter look. And what I found about it was how highly pigmented it was with just one coat! You could probably do without the undercoat either to be honest it's that good! I did go for a second coat, just to see if it would have any effect on it, but it just added to it's greatness. But like I said, you could just settle for the one coat if you're in a rush because the impact of the colour is amazing. However I don't think this nail varnish is one to wear during a rush anyway because it can take a while to dry. I waited around 10 minuted before I felt confident to touch it, because any time before that and I found that it was still quite wet. But don't worry because once it is fully dry, this stuff does not budge or chip at all! Overall definitely one everyone needs in their nail collection!

This looked magical in and out of the packaging. It's so bright and sparkly and just screams 'festive', don't you think? The colour caught my attention instantly. It's sort of a gold but with a tinge of soft olive- it's so rich! I love it. Again very pigmented, yet it wasn't tacky. I hate when gold nail varnishes have huge specks of glitter in them. But this one isn't like that at all. And the more layers you the apply the more opaque and vivid it becomes. So more is most definitely best with this product! However what I didn't like about this was the fact that it took AGES to dry. And when I say ages, I mean like 24 hours. It just kept peeling off which was so disappointing because the colour is nothing like I've seen before. But my tip is to finish with a clear top coat to seal everything in. On the upside though, this did not leave any messy pigments or stained my nails once I took it off. So a crisp finish can be achievable with this!


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