Thursday, 2 October 2014

berry beautiful.

The weather will soon be getting colder and the sky will be getting dark- which only means one thing. No more bright lips, but many many berry shades instead! For me personally, this time of year usually means I'm going back to university (or any other educational institute). And when I'm getting up super early, loading on the makeup (especially eye makeup), is the absolute last thing on my mind. That's when these lipsticks come in handy. Because the barer the rest of my face is, the bolder my lips are!

1) Schiap.
This Nars lipstick is a fairly quite bright pink- hot hot pink to be exact. But I think it's one of those shades that translates really well in the winter, especially for those with a darker skin complexion. It's not the cheapest choice, at £19.50 a pop, but the finish is probably my most favourite out of them all. It is described as a "semi-matte" finish. So basically although it looks quite matte, it feels so velvety on the lips. I find that with some matte lipstick- Mac ones comes to mind- they can get chapped as the day goes by, which can feel awful. But this one remains soft throughout the day and the pigmentation is awesome! 

2) Raspberry Pie.
Mmmm, hand me a piece of this pie any day! I would like to start off by saying this would not be a lipstick shade or texture I'd normally go for. It has a very thick, and pigmented glossy finish- like super pigmented. And it's a bright berry. However I actually really love this Revlon one a lot. I think I just love how much colour it will give from the lightest application. There are quite a lot of lip butter lipsticks available but I find that it's not the least bit pigmented, so a waste of money and time in my book. However this one not only knocks those out of the park, but a lot of normal top-brand lipsticks too! I think this one would be great for all skin tones. The downside is that it applies quite thickly, so it may be wise to use a lip brush instead of direct use. Also I found that it tends to wear off quite quickly. But still for £7.99 it's not bad at all! Plus the vivid colour is bound to get you noticed on those dark days!

3) Kate Moss 107
I honestly can't think of one lipstick lover who hasn't got this shade yet! And if you don't own this Rimmel London lipstick then run to your nearest beauty store and buy this classic! I didn't really want to include any lipsticks that I've spoken about, but there's something about this one that I can't help but continuing to go back to. Last autumn I came across it and used it religiously from there! It has a semi matte/ satin finish to it, which I think is the perfect combo. If you apply it from the morning I guarantee it'll last you all day long! The shade is not quite a berry but not quite a red. And the tone is not dark but not light. It's just amazing! Not just this shade but I am obsessed with all of Kate Moss' lipstick range with Rimmel. You'd thick it would be expensive, but nope, it only costs £5.99.  

4) Diva
I heard so much about this one that I had to see it for myself! This Mac lipstick is a deep burgundy with berry undertones. It is described as a 'matte' finish and although this is right, its not quite as drying as some of their other matte lipsticks. This is the lipstick I turn to when I'm having one of those days where I can't be bothered to wear any eye makeup. I think if you have fair to olive skin (like me) this would look great if you want to leave your eyes totally untouched. Equally though if you have darker skin, you can be a bit more bold and try out either a gold or shimmery teal pigment- as I think they'd make great pairings with this lipstick shade. £15.50 may be a little pricey for some people but trust me it is totally worth it. I haven't stopped wearing this since I purchased it a few months ago. And I find that I'm always getting people stopping me to ask which lipstick I'm wearing!

5) Smoked Purple
And next in line for my lipstick installment is another from Mac. When I saw this at my local discount shop (sadly it's still full price at £15.50 on Mac's website) I wanted to scream in the shop. It's described as a 'deep eggplant purple' but I don't think it's as vibrant as that. I think more it's more dark dark violet. I love it though! It is very very matte, possibly too much. So the texture can be a little strange at times, making it quite difficult to apply at times. Applying this with a lip brush will make it a lot easier though. This is the go-to colour for fall/winter 2014 so be sure to be in with the trends with this lipstick. I style it with an exaggerated cat flick and a touch of grey shadow!

6) Black Heart
Do not look at this next one and run for the hills! Don't be fulled by the name because it is not black (although that wouldn't be a bad thing in my books). This Makeup Revolution lipstick was an absolute bargain at £1.00 and the results are just as top quality as the more expensive brands too! I use this to achieve the full on vampy look that I just love to do. It's a deep purple and looks a lot lighter on than how it does in the packaging. I love personally hate it looking too defined thought and prefer smudging this out so it doesn't look so harsh (a lot like how I did in my last post, click here). Plus it comes in perfecting timing for Halloween! But don't think you have to wear this to scare people, this looks great for a night time look with bronzed eyes! It's cheap yet still very pigmented, with a satin finish. Just go for it!


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