Monday, 13 October 2014

(master-class series 1) how to: clean your makeup brushes.

Last week I stayed with my sister and realised, to my horror, that I forgot my contouring brush. I went to borrow hers (which I wouldn't normally do but she is my sister after all) but was shocked at the conditions of it. She hadn't washed it in a while and it made it soo hard for me to work with it. So in true Dina style, I gave her a little lecture about the importance of washing your makeup brushes regularly. Like I said, not only does it make it extremely hard to work with if they are all caked in products, but it's also very unhygienic! All that bacteria hiding away in your brushes are bound to spread onto your face too. So here are my tips on how to achieve clean and soft brushes! 
Start off by running your brushes under the tap, warm water, just so you can get all that initial makeup residue off. And then just give it a light squeeze. 

Soap it up.
I then like to squirt some of my favourite shampoo on the brushes- at the moment it's Herbal Essence. I know there's a lot of makeup brush cleansers and cleaners available by top brands right now- but honestly I avoid them all. Not only can they be very overpriced, but most of the time they do the exact same job shampoo would do. And if it's good enough for my own hair then it's good enough for my makeup brushes too! Plus it makes them smell amazing after they are dry! So make sure the shampoo has really got into the brush hairs.

I grab one of my glass bowls from the kitchen- clean obviously- and fill it up with some warm water again. I also like to add a bit more of shampoo in there too for some extra oomph! I put a few brushes in at a time, and then just let them soak for about 10 minutes.

After the 10 minutes is up a I like to get each brush and swirl it into the palm of my hand. This is so I can see how much product still remains on the brushes. You could just use the bowl, but I think the contact of my hand gets the product out a lot more sufficiently. But remember don't be too forceful! You don't want to distress the brush too much otherwise the hairs are more likely to fall out. (and yes I am aware I sound like I'm talking about human-beings and not brushes, but they are my babies!)

And then repeat the first 3 steps until there is no more product left on the brushes. Don't be afraid to sing Pheobe Buffay's 'Lather, Rinse, Repeat' song while you are at it (*cough* *cough* Friends reference for all you fellow Friends fans out there).

Once you are confident the brushes are clean enough, get a small towel and pat the bristles dry. At this point I like to reshape them as I go, so that once they are dry the shape remains the same. Then set all the brushes on the towel, and allow them to dry thoroughly overnight!

That is it and I hope that it has helped some of you! I will be continouing this master-class series of 'How To'. So if you need any quick and basic tips on anything beauty or fashion related, leave a comment down below!


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