Saturday, 29 November 2014

malibu kinda girl.

This is one for all those bronzing and contouring fanatics. A lot of beauty brands at the moment are bringing out their own contouring sticks and liquid shine boosters (but they unfortunately come with a hefty price tag)! So when I saw that Makeup Revolution were taking a go at the trend as well, I knew I had to finally test it out for myself- especially since they are doing it for a fraction of the price! But instead of just going for the one, I decided to go ahead and invest in the entire 'Malibu' shade collection. I have been testing this trio for the past few weeks now and I can definitely say they've been a staple in my makeup bag since! So read ahead to get all the details, purposes for each and swatches!
Sunday, 23 November 2014

some LUSH products.

As you may have noticed, I've delayed my blog posts for a while due to university commitments (3rd year student problems) and then I got quite ill for a few weeks. So after I handed in my first assignment (sigh, four more to go), I decided to do a bit of retail therapy to clear my head. However as I was on my way to the Mac Cosmetics store, there were some rather yummy smells coming from the LUSH shop. I've mentioned before on here how I've not been the company's biggest fan- ironically enough it was because of those smells that I've always stayed away. But on that particular day I was craving a relaxing bubble bath, and the LUSH Bath Bombs were smelling incredible! If anyone doesn't know what they are, Bath Bombs basically fizzle out as soon as it's in the water- which can give out some really nice scents too. So here are my top three picks...


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