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malibu kinda girl.

This is one for all those bronzing and contouring fanatics. A lot of beauty brands at the moment are bringing out their own contouring sticks and liquid shine boosters (but they unfortunately come with a hefty price tag)! So when I saw that Makeup Revolution were taking a go at the trend as well, I knew I had to finally test it out for myself- especially since they are doing it for a fraction of the price! But instead of just going for the one, I decided to go ahead and invest in the entire 'Malibu' shade collection. I have been testing this trio for the past few weeks now and I can definitely say they've been a staple in my makeup bag since! So read ahead to get all the details, purposes for each and swatches!

1) The Contour.
This is the one I had my eyes set on buying as soon as I saw it on Makeup Revolution's instagram page. It's a jumbo blush stick, called 'The One Blush Stick', that is like Nars' The Multiple Blush Stick's twin sister (only she costs a lot less!). This colour is called Matte Malibu, so there's no shine to it which makes it great to give an extra bit of definition to your face! I really did not want to be disappointed by this- and to be honest it only cost me £5.00 so it wouldn't be like I totally broke the bank anyway- but I still wanted it to work. And you know what, it totally excelled my expectations! This is so thick and creamy but as you rub it in it feels so velvety. Not only that, but the pigmentation is I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E!! You only need a tiny bit to make a huge difference (which is something I harshly learnt as I slabbed this on my nose). I found that it lasted on me all day long, so although I would keep it in my bag just in case, I never had to reapply. I would even go as far to say that this could be compared with Bobbi Brown's Foundation Stick. A lot of star makeup artists use that to contour, but this one by Makeup Revolution works just as well. The only thing I'd say about this is that it can tend to look a little orangey. However if you want to get that 'natural' contour look as opposed to 'fake tan gone wrong' then my tip would be to apply this on the areas you want to shade first. Then go in with a bit more detail with a cool toned blusher. I have a greyish type one by MUA cosmetics and it honestly looks like I've got some kind of cheekbones amongst the chubbiness of my face! However the reason I would recommend putting this stick blush underneath as a base first is so that your makeup lasts longer. The last thing you want is contour by morning, then for it to have disappeared within an hour- that would be sort of embarrassing! This is seriously a makeup bag staple!
Malibu Matte

2) The Bronzer.
This is the other shade of Malibu in the One Blush Stick, but this is the shimmer version (it's just named Malibu on their website). I would say this one is like a bronzer in stick form. It has little specks of gold glitter in it, and I mean very little- so don't think of it as awfully huge dots of bright glitter. It's enough to give a nice glow to the skin. This shade is near enough the same as the matte one, expect it's a lot lighter and probably slightly warmer too. Nonetheless everything from the other blush stick still applies to this one. The pigmentation, lasting time, texture is all on point and is at such a high standard! However where this one has the shimmery to it and is softer in colour, I think it makes an excellent bronzer. When I don't want to use blusher, I like to put it on the apples of my cheeks just to give it that glow. This gives such a beachy fresh-faced look. And I repeat, for £5.00, you're getting a real bargain! Down below, I've posted a picture of the two Malibu Blush Sticks together, so you can get an exact comparison of them next to each other. 
Malibu (Shimmer) 

Matte Malibu is on the left and Malibu (Shimmer) is on the right

3) The Glow.
Although this next product is part of the Malibu shades, it's in a fluid form rather than a blush stick (hence why it's rightly named 'The One Fluid Blusher' Anyway it reminds me of a light tan that is great for a light glow (and I mean really light). Don't be fazed by the colour in the picture, because when you blend this in it just leaves a hint of a nice warm glow. This reminds me a lot of Mac Skin and Body Foundation- so with that in mind I applied this sometimes underneath my foundation, to create a warm base. And then other times I applied it after foundation, in the areas where I would normally contour. This is for those times when you don't want that heavy contouring but don't want your face to look totally flat- so basically for a bit of subtle shading. For me personally, sometimes I tend to look really washed out or greyish when I apply my foundation and concealer. But this helped to give a bit of colour to the much needed areas (like the sides of my forehead, cheeks, nose and under my chin. It's just great for that effortless, sun-kissed look. Also the tiny (tiny tiny) specks of gold pigments in this done the same job as the Malibu shimmer Blush Stick, so again just adding shine. What I LOVED about this was the texture. Oh my gosh it's ridiculously velvety, it literally melted in my skin in the most perfect way! It didn't go into any unwanted cracks or wrinkles, but just sat nicely on top whilst still feeling like my skin absorbed it. I was actually really nervous how this product would turn out, so you could say this was the little surprise out of the three. However I wouldn't say this was completely 'water-resistant' like the website claims, but it does last a long time. However I totally agree with them that this achieved a 'radiant' and 'illuminating' finish! So for £3, you can't go wrong really- and I know I'll be buying this again.

All the products together: (from left) The One Fluid Blush in Malibu, The One Blush Stick in Malibu and The One Blush Stick in Matte Malibu! These are the products in a natural light with no flash.


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