Sunday, 23 November 2014

some LUSH products.

As you may have noticed, I've delayed my blog posts for a while due to university commitments (3rd year student problems) and then I got quite ill for a few weeks. So after I handed in my first assignment (sigh, four more to go), I decided to do a bit of retail therapy to clear my head. However as I was on my way to the Mac Cosmetics store, there were some rather yummy smells coming from the LUSH shop. I've mentioned before on here how I've not been the company's biggest fan- ironically enough it was because of those smells that I've always stayed away. But on that particular day I was craving a relaxing bubble bath, and the LUSH Bath Bombs were smelling incredible! If anyone doesn't know what they are, Bath Bombs basically fizzle out as soon as it's in the water- which can give out some really nice scents too. So here are my top three picks...

1) Space Girl
I got this for a friend earlier this year and feel instantly in love, so I was so happy to see it in stores again. It is shaped as a planet (of course) and has a two-tone colour to it. The smell reminds me of a really tangy, sweet sherbet sort of smell. I love just breathing this in, it is soo yummy. I've had this in my bag for a few days and not only has it infused my bag with it's fruity scent, but you can smell it from miles away- to the point where my sister was asking what she could smell... and my bag was all the way in the hallway downstairs! This has probably got to be one of my favourites from LUSH because of it's smell. It is sweet yet not sickly, so perfect for my weak nostrils. It is such a bargain at £2.35 considering it's the size of my palm! The best bit is when you pop it in the bath, the water turns from red to blue to a bright blueberry colour- and the smell does not disappoint! Apparently the use of grapefruit oil and bergamot oil used in this is meant to 'uplift' your mood. And you know what, it made me feel bloody fantastic! I highly recommend this if you need to de-stress!

2) Butterbear.
I was looking through their latest festive collection and stumbled everything from glittery baubles and even Santa himself! But I either didn't like any of the smells or the fact that the overkill glitter was getting all over my clothes was putting me off. That's when I came across this little guy- and from the moment I gently placed him onto my hands and gave him a sniff (in an uncreepy way) I couldn't put him down. He smells just like his name- all buttery and sweet. It reminds me a lot like a vanilla candy. But beware his creaminess comes at a price, because he'll crumble in your hands if you put too much pressure on him- hence why my little guy seems to be missing an ear and what seems to be his eye. When you put the product in the bath he dissolves instantly. And what's really interesting is that it leaves behind specks of like a grainy stone like powder. I read that this had (organic) cocoa butter in the ingredients, and you can tell as my skin felt really soft after I got out. The only thing is I feel like the smell was quite disappointing when it was in the water because along with the bear itself, the smell dissolved along with it too. It wasn't as strong as it was when the product was in the original form. So I was really gutted because I was hoping the scent would rub off on my skin, which it didn't. But in all fairness it wasn't that bad and it only cost me £1.95

3) Avobath
The name of this should kinda give away what this one is all about- yep avocado. Ever since I've started my fitness regime I've been obsessed with avocados, so it was only appropriate to get it in the form of a bath bomb! As well as the avocado, the lemongrass oil within this gives it a heavy (but not sickly) zesty smell. So this is a very refreshing one, probably more than Space Girl. This only was £3.35, and although it's more than the other two products, the size makes up for it. It is absolute humongous!! Like it took up more than the space of my palm! So I actually didn't use it all at once and just ended up breaking it in half.  Your water will turn as bright as the colour of this bath bomb too (the picture really does not do justice to the colour). And I found that it left little bits of yellow/gold glitter but not in a bad way. It just meant that it gave a nice little glow to my skin, which I liked. I was told that all the ingredients in this (avocado, lemongrass oil, bergamot oil and extra virgin olive oil to name a few) was all meant to dehydrate the skin. Mine in particular can feel really dry, especially after I've had a bath or shower. So it was nice to find that my skin felt a lot more softer after this! This is definitely my new favourite. 


  1. Butterbear is AMAZING! Leaves my skin feeling so so smooth and smells delicious. Space girl is also another favourite of mine ;) Can we just live in LUSH please?

  2. Haha yeah I saw your blog post on the Butterbear and thought we need to make a club of appreciation for him!

    Dina x



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