Thursday, 4 December 2014

my lips landed me on MTV!

Yes you read that right! Little old me and my big lips have made it onto (in a good way of course)...

This week I've been so ill and just before I saw this I was living off of like 3 hours of sleep a night- big university presentations and essays have been keeping me up! So when I finally managed to get a good nights rest, I woke up to like 40 new instagram followers. I was slightly confused, but then I noticed that one of my favourite fashion bloggers @Fashionwithfaith started following me back. She has a huge fan-base so I assumed it must have been her followers that were new to my page. I literally left my phone for like 10 minutes and when I came back I had another 50 followers and loads of comments- one of which that read "MTV lead me to your page". I was like okayy dude you are getting deleted for clearly getting me mixed up with someone else, and just in that moment I received a text from someone about me being on with a link. And there I was number 7! The article was on the notorious Kylie Jenner Lip Look and out of hundreds of thousands of people they picked my picture as one of their Favourites! I literally screamed and text as many people I could with the link to it so they could see for themselves. My dear old mother took a bit of convincing, as she thought it might have been a hoax (cheers mum!). Haha but once she saw the article in all it's glory she was so excited for me. This is such a big deal because it means a lot more coverage for my instagram and blog! And clearly it was working because I got just over 300 followers throughout the day! SO THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT, old and new. And now I saw that it's trending number 1 on MTV's news page!

One thing I noticed in regards to the comments on MTV though was about how all us girls they featured had big lips already. So that we, along with Kylie Jenner herself (rumour has it that she's had lip injections), ere giving young girls with thin lips false hope. I think this is so ridiculous because the article had nothing to do with 'look at how these girls made their small lips look so big'! My blog post for this look in particular was about achieving the Kylie Lip- which was all about the 90's retro dark nude lip trend. Nothing to do with making my lips seem bigger than they were. So just to prove all these negative people wrong, I shall be dedicating one of my 'How To..' series on how to fake a big lip (for those with thin ones). As a matter of fact, I won't be doing this on myself- as I was so kindly pointed out that I'm giving false hope as it is- but I'll be using my friend as a model instead. And lets just say hers are considerably thinner than mine (don't kill me jess if you read that bit!). However I want to get two things clear- this does not mean you will suddenly look like you've had fillers done without all the pain. Lets be real here, that's ridiculous as you won't get that particular puffed out look unless you do go for the real thing. And secondly, I don't want any of you thinking that I will make her look like she's got jam all round the sides of her mouth or that she is taking up a job as a clown. I want to make this look, dare I say, as natural as possible (but not like you have no makeup on at all otherwise we are back to square one). 

Anyway I want to end my Oscar Speech/Rant to Chrissy Mahlmeister for featuring me in her great article for And I'll link it in right HERE for you guys to see for yourselves, if you haven't already of course (or if you would just like to see my face again). Like I said I am number 7, that's number 7 and in case you still haven't grasped already I AM NUMBER SEVEN (7)! And as I have never bothered to have a lucky number already, I guess I shall now select 7 to do the job for me. Has number 7 stuck in your head already?


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