Sunday, 8 February 2015

(master-class series 2) how to: get brows like mine!

One year today I began the journey of blogging. So to mark the day properly, I decided to do an edition of the 'How To' series with something I'm always requested to do. The routine of getting brows like mine. Now this post is dedicated to those exact people who want to know how I do my eyebrows- as I'm assuming they actually like this style. If you are not one of those people, please feel free not clicking on the bottom button below. Thanks, and enjoy!

I love when brows look a bit bushy, but that doesn't mean you should have messy ones! So thread, wax or tweeze your brows to get the desired shape. Every few months I will go to someone professional to get them threaded, and she always knows exactly how I like them. The trick is not to go to far with removing the hairs. And once you find someone you like, stick with them! Trust me, I wrecked mine once when I went with someone else on a spur- big mistake!

Brush Out.
Before I do anything to my brows the first thing I'll do is brush them out with a spooly brush. Nothing fancy and pretty much any spooly will get the job done- so don't worry about getting a really expensive one. All you want to do is just start shaping out how you want them to lie.

Get a brow cream gel (I've used Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in the shade 'Dark Brown') and outline the shape you want. The trick here is go very very soft towards the centre and more darker by the arch. This way it will look a lot more natural later on. And trust me I've had to learn this the hard way- during those times my brows would be more comparable to blocks!

Go back in with that spooly and brush all the harsh lines out. Trust me when I say you'll get the best overall result when you do this motion of softening and then building the colour up back again. And don't be alarmed if you start losing the shape here- you can fix that later on.

This reason I use a lighter cream gel before is so that I can go in with a darker colour after- one that near enough matches my natural colour. This way you'll end up with a really nice ombre effect. However so it's not so harsh this time, I went in with a dark brown/ black eyeshadow instead (the one I used here was a Mac one). Again go very softly, then apply more pressure towards the arch. Do very small, short motions to mimic real hair. To get the best results use a very thin eyebrow brush- mine's from Avon and was on sale for £1!

You want to start blending the colours together to let the transition look more natural. To do this get any old clear brow gel (I used an Avon one again because not only was it cheap but it keeps my brows in place all day). This way the gel will pick up any unwanted excess product.

You would have noticed that up until this point the products haven't really developed a solid shape. This is because you want this stage of the routine to do that part for you. If you try too hard to get a shape from the cream gel or shadow it will look way too harsh- trust me. Also another tip- when you're concealing, use a concealer (a few shades lighter than your skin tone) but your normal foundation on the top of your brows. This way you won't get the dreaded and obvious halo effect on top! Also I think it makes it easier to manipulate.

Blend Again.
Then finish off by blending everything in together. So once you've finished, then you can actually suss out which parts might need a little more colour on them. I mostly just try and perfect the ends on my brows to get a nice point. Also I want to add that personally I like to blend in the excess foundation onto the top centres of my brows. I like the effect of my hairs sticking up- after all you don't want to totally camouflage what's underneath!


So there you have it folks- the mystery of how Respect The Brows gets brows like these. I hope you've enjoyed it and will find it useful. I've tried to keep it short and sweet, but if you need any more information, drop your questions in the comments below!


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