Sunday, 8 February 2015

ten things I want to see more of in 2015.

So from the negatives to the positives...

1) Goodbye Juicer and Hello Nutribullet.
I used to be obsessed with my Juicer- that's until I received the Nutribullet for my birthday. Ever since I started going gym and eating healthily, I knew this handy gadget would help even more. So it was a blessing when I got it- because you know, that meant I didn't have to fork out the cash myself! However I do think I would have purchased it anyway, and so should you all. Its so versatile and the amount of things you can do with it are endless! So expect to see me using this in a lot more blog posts to come in 2015. And you'll be tempted to invest in this too, I am sure of it!

2) Taupe Lipstick.
2014 was the year of the kylie Jenner lip, but this year I want to see the taupe lip be embraced more! I've seen so many different beauty companies, like Lime Crime, Mac and OCC do lipsticks and lip liners in different tones of taupe and I am just in love. I think it's such a cool look for not only winter but spring as well. It's one of those colours that is slightly tricky to pull off, as it can make you look a bit washed out, but just browse around until you find one that suits you. And then if you're in a rush I think this shade would look great with a slick of liquid liner and some bronzer too! This will be a look I'll definitely be getting into more this year.

3) Jet Black Hair.
I said in the last post how I was over the ombre hair, and what better way to get rid of it completely with jet black hair. I am all for minimal styling lately, and I think black hair is the new accessory for this kind of outfit. Just think Morticia from The Addams Family! With a side parting and roughly straightened hair, it's the perfect punky rock hairdo.

4) 50 Shades of Grey.
...and no, I am not referring to the book. I have been going on Tumblr and Pinterest a lot lately to get some inspiration, and I have seen a lot of use of the colour grey. That's everything from clothing, hair, makeup and room décor. That is probably why I have a lot of grey going on in my bedroom and wardrobe at the moment- h&m are offering some great grey knitwear at the moment so grab them while you can.

5) Big Natural Lashes.
I stopped wearing mascara a while ago because it was thinning out my lashes. But lately I've been rocking really minimal makeup, and love adding a touch of mascara to finish it off. I think it makes eyes look really big, especially when you don't wear any eyeliner. To make my lashes look at little more special during the evenings, I'll whack on a few fake lashes on each eye. Just like the mascara I think individual lashes, rather than normal fake lashes, give a real natural look as well and just open up my eyes. I think this will probably be the look I'll be turning to most during this year.

6) Knitted Wide Leg Trousers.
Oh dear lord, I wish I could pull off this trend so bad! I initially saw Asos stylist Isabella Thordsen rocking these trousers with matching jumpers on her Instagram and fell in love, Since, I've seen Asos and Zara selling these type of trousers and I am dying to wear it myself. So tempted but I know they won't suit me considering how short I am- but that doesn't mean I can't stare in envy! If you are tall and have the figure to pull these off, please do jump on this bandwagon. They would look perfect with a matching knit top, an oversized denim jacket and trainers. So effortless yet so nice!

7) Fancy Vegan Food.
I have bought LOADS of vegan books at the moment and cannot get enough of them! Now I know this isn't something new, but I think especially recently vegan food has really started to evolve into the mainstream world. I think I probably follow more vegan chefs on my instagram now than fashion or beauty related pages! From the end of last year I started to get into vegan food, but I think this year I will be definitely embracing it a lot more.

8) Pointed Posh shoes.
Any time I'm online shopping the first thing I'll do in the search engine is to refine the results to flats and black to see what cool smart pointy shoes come up. And when I say pointy, I mean like really exaggerated not just a subtle point. I remember I used to hate pointed shoes, but I feel that some brands are offering some amazing edgy styles at the moment. Asos and Missguided have a whole bunch so check it out and certainly don't be afraid to go with something like this over some ordinary rounded shoes!

9) Box Bags
I used to only want to own big bags but recently I've just gone off them. I think it has something to do with a medium sized bag I purchased from good old Tesco, and I always get people asking me where I got it from and how much it was (£14). Since then I just think they are a lot more convenient and easier to carry around than larger bags. What really annoys me though is that not many shops offer a bag this size- they're either too big or really tiny. So please, this is a plea to all shops to make more medium sized box bags this year. Almost like a large lunch bag. Thanks! 

10) Malibu Home
I kind of regret rushing into decorating my room so quick, because the more I look at bloggers' rooms on instagram it makes me so jealous! I follow a lot of American bloggers on social media and their taste in décor is just so fresh and clean. I painted my walls a soft taupe colour and complimented that with dark floorboards. However now I wish I had gone for a light washed-out wooden floor with white walls. I am really into this whole Malibu beachy laid back vibe that I see on social media right now. They decorate their rooms with a lot of greenery and glass which I love. It makes rooms look so much bigger and brighter than they actually are, which can be an awesome backdrop for pictures. Especially for someone like me, who has one little window in their room, could have done with the extra lightness to be honest. So unlike me, take your time when decorating and think what will look best for your room. If you have a small, dark room like me with hardly any natural light, this vibe is the way to go.


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