Sunday, 8 February 2015

ten things that need to disappear in 2015.

So I'm wayyy behind writing this, but I can't continue my blog posts in 2015 without addressing some of last years fails. These are any trends from makeup, beauty, fashion and random showbiz stuff. I try to stay clear from really criticising people's tastes or opinions as we all can do as we wish. However there are just some things that overtime grate on me and I feel like just screaming "NO, just GO go away!" So with any hope, they will not make an appearance this year. 

1) Sports Slippers and Birkenstocks.
Oh god. No I just can't handle this for many reasons. Firstly sports slippers should not be worn everyday with socks, secondly Birkenstocks are just ugly and most importantly.. I HATE SEEING FEET! Urgh it's one of my phobias and it creeps me out. So if I have to see any more bloggers wearing them I'm going to throw up. I just did not get when this trend went huge. If I don't want to see my own feet, I certainly do not want to see anyone else's! Just put them away and leave the slippers for inside the home where it won't burn my eyes. Thank you!

2) Bucket Hats.
I don't care if you're Chris Brown (who I cannot stand) or even Drake (who I love) bucket hats are just a nono!! I've seen so many young boys wearing them, following all these rappers, and it seriously just makes me cringe! I did not like seeing bucket hats when I was younger- probably because my mum used to try and force me to wear it- so I do not want to see it come back into fashion for this generation. Give me a beret, top hat, cowboy hat, floppy hat.. JUST ANYTHING but the dreaded bloody bucket hat!

3) Ariana Grande Up Hairdo.
So we go from the boys wearing bucket hats to the young girls all doing this particular hairstyle. I'm not going to lie, I did like it at first. And how could you not, after all she did say she was initially inspired by the iconic Brigitte Bardot. But that's what Bardot was, an icon, but quite frankly Miss Grande has managed to turn this into something very tacky and generic. It's meant to be effortless yet I see so many people with layers upon layers of hairspray and overdone curls. It's like no, calm down and comb your hair out a bit. Trust me you'll be doing yourself a favour. 

4) Kim K Bashing.
You can have your opinion on someone but I think the Kim Kardashian West witch-hunt has just got to such ridiculous levels now. Not only did she take a lot of stick when she was pregnant- which I think is disgusting enough- now I see endless amount of comments on Daily Mail from a bunch of people saying things like 'She isn't fit to be a mother', 'I feel sorry for her daughter' and 'What a vile parent she is'. Like come onnnn!! Not only has that child got a wardrobe that anybody would die for (yes I'm jealous of a one year old), she's constantly surrounded by an army of protectors but it's also clear that they are obsessed with her. Just because you see one photo of her pulling away from Kim doesn't mean that she hates her mother. Seriously, my cousin is around the same age as North and he likes to run the opposite direction from me too. And yeah I am a Kim fan myself not going to lie, but even if you're not I think it's time to put down the pitchforks now. 

5) Skorts.
Not like I wore this myself, but that doesn't mean I want to constantly see it thrown in my face. I actually didn't mind these at first, but I'm sick of going in to certain shops (*cough* *cough* New Look) who are just overdoing them now! I see a whole wall covered in skorts, particularly the tartan ones and I just feel like yawning. Especially when I see the same skorts, knee-high socks and high neck top combo. It's just one of those things that shops latch onto too much too late and quite frankly I'm getting bored now. Next fashion hybrid please, we are in need for a new one.

6) Harsh Ombre Hair.

I absolutely loved ombre hair at the beginning of last year, but the more I look at it the more I'm craving a softer look. I have been obsessing over a few hairdressers on instagram (check out @larisadoll and @kristin_ess) and noticed that they've all been going for more faded beachy hgihlights rather than harsh ombres. Actually Kristin Ess in particular is the genius behind the new hairdos of Pretty Little Liars' Lucy Hale and Lauren Conrad. She's done a really choppy long bob with loads of different tones that just fade into their hair- I'm in love! So if you want to add a bit of something into your hair this year, avoid a bulk of colour on the ends, and get your hairdresser to add a few different shades lighter/darker from your natural hair colour. You'll be beach ready and effortlessly chic in no time!

7) Disney to Trashy Transformations.

We had the Miley Cyrus transformation back in the end of 2013 and then 2014 was definitely Ariana Grande's transformation time. I mean I know you want to get out of that stigma attached to the Disney image, but sorry, you shouldn't have gone into that business in the first place then. Does anyone else get sick of these actors/singers who get famous from something and then complain about it after. I don't want to hear you moaning about it or see you doing anything you can to rebel against it. It's just cringey and too try hard! 

8) Scary Nails.

This is one of the trends that I always wanted to try but never got the chance. I loved long pointed nails. I would screenshot pictures everytime Khloe Kardashian would get a new set of brightly jewelled sharp nails. But throughout the year they just seem to have gotten longer and longer and longer and.. Yeah so I think I'm just going to ditch that idea and stick to my short natural looking nails thanks.

9) Flatforms
I'm not going to lie- I did give in and buy a pair of flatform trainers last year. However I've done a complete 360 and hate them now. I think it has something to do with my sisters obsession with them that made me slowly want to vomit at the sight. Especially when I see flatform sandals- they are definitely vomit worthy. I just think they are ugly and so unflattering, making legs look bigger than they are for all the wrong reasons! I still love a mid-heel but in the form of an actual heel, not a flat one...  

10) #TeamKatieHopkins

I couldn't stand this woman from the moment she opened her mouth on tv, but I think this years celeb Big Brother has added fuel to the fire. Now I know that happened this year and not in 2014, but I just had to include her in here as I want to put a stop to madness before it even begins! I'm all for freedom of speech- but there's a difference between that kinda speech and hate speech. She's unnecessarily rude and says things for the point of getting attention, which I despise. I watched her show on 'fat' people and the whole experiment was a sham in my opinion (but that's a whole different blog post!). So it's clear to see that I can't stand this bully, but what really disturbs me was how many people supported her throughout the show. This woman was VILE to some of the celebrities and I'm not talking about Perez! Why, just why would you want to be Team Katie when that stands for everything that is corrupted with humanity. Urghhhh!! And Michelle, the woman who was quoted saying she supports the 'misfits' and outsiders. Well you were all too comfortable standing by whilst your little leader and her gang of mean girls were so cruel to Alicia. Katie Hopkins was lucky I wasn't in that house, that's for sure! 


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